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         The professor realizes who the Juridian is , it's her old friend Midnightetak her only Juridain friend. "Midnightetak. Well, who ever they were they don't seem to be the Juridians I know. I don't know how long the scares will stay. I am glad they did not look for the other writing on my body. Do you know what they put in me?" Said the professor. "Inaction, a deadly liquid for Taelons. Harmless to humans. As for you, I am not sure. They don't want you dead. They wanted to kill off your taelon DNA. I disagree you should  become what you are destined to be." said Midnightetak. "Could you please remove that needle please. I want to know if they put something in me DNA wise. It won't hurt compared with what they have done to me." Said the professor
Midnightetak removes the needle. Takes a DNA sample from the professor's right arm. Then places it in the slot for the computer . The computer reads the DNA. Then it is displayed on the computer screen. "They put Juridian DNA, but it's a combination of I don't believe it. Half of the strain belongs to the Juridian leader and the other is yours. One more strain and I will start to evolve very quickly with in one year. But with one strain, it will take 6 years. I thought it would be longer. They did not need to put that stuff in me. The DNA would have taken any way." Said the professor who shakes her head in disbelief. "I will allow both of your friends in the cell, to come and see you. Also to help you prepare for the three messages you are allowed to send. You can only send one to your base, which will not be, monitored the rest will be monitored. The only thing I can suggest to help with what they injected you with is tea. The human and Gallifreyian drink." Said Midnightetak.Midnightetak goes off to get Ace and Tallon from the cell.

       Meanwhile on the other side of the universe."Welcome, aboard. We will be on the mothership shortly. All volunteers who fly shuttles are on recreation leave." Said the unit worker. With in a minute they were aboard the mothership. Three of them leave the shuttle. The American pilot the one only one for unit is waiting for them."Jay, nice to see you again. Has James arrived yet?" Asked Lake. "James , is in the observation area keeping her distance from Da'an and I don't know why. I believe she is waiting for Zo'or. Liam your needed in the power room. Lena could you keep an eye on Da'an. Lake, Da'an has been expecting you." Said the American pilot. All three go there separate ways. The American pilot leaves the mothership to go to the new taelon homeworld to see if they have any news on the professor. Lena first goes and finds James which is hard to do it's like trying to find the professor anywhere. "You, like the view of it's more beautiful on Mars. When they set up the colony there that is. "Said Lena. James turns around. Lena can tell by James's look something is not right. Like James has found something about her self that she did not know before. "How would you like to know the things I know." Said James. "I know Dr Eurbery delivered the three healthy taelon babies recently. I also know you are now carrying Ma'el. In another form." Said Lena. "That is the least of my troubles. Just as Lazarus was a pale imitation of Boone, Zo'or created for his own malevolence. Da'an and the professor share the same life  and light energy. They made sure there was a back up plan and I am it." Said James. "Whose back up plan? The Taelons ?" Asked Lena. "Of course not. It's nothing to do with the Taelons but it was just not a coincidence I have Gallifreyian DNA. I was part of the professor they didn't want. "said James then returns to looking at the earth."You can't be. "Said Lena. "But, I am." Said James. "I did not think, it was possible." Said Lena. Lena walks up to James and puts her hand on James's right hand.

        "But is it. I thought I would live long because I have Gallifreyian DNA. The process is slow I think you know what is going to happen to me." Said James. "The first human to evolve into a taelon. Oh, my. You become one , 1000 years after the professor," James nods," Why didn't you say anything before." Said Lena. "I will out live Sandoval and spend my days on the new taelon home world with Ro'ha. Dr. Eurbery Emessary did the tests many times. I can't change my destiny. I am actually looking forward to it. Unlike the professor who fears it. " Said a calmer but happy James. "There is a crack in the commonality." Said Lena. "I know. You and lake will have to keep it from falling apart." Said James who could feel the presence of Da'an at the doorway. "You can help with you being......." Lena stops as Da'an silently enters the room. "I can't." Said James who drops Len's hand and runs out of the room heading for the direction Zo'or is in.

         Da'an sees confusing images from James and does not understand there origin. He can see images of Ma'el , small children and a woman. Then the images are more clearer. The images shows the last years of Ma'el's life, the professor sending off Ma'el to the next world.  Every generation the professor turns up to look after them. Then it gets to the generation with the interfering timelord and Gallifreyian. finally, it gets up to the latest generation. It is James and she is the human descendent with Ma'el's DNA. The other generations had only passed on the DNA until it got to James a full descendent with Ma'els DNA that had which that thought was lost had been there all the time. "I think I understand why James, choose to leave." Said Da'an. "I did not want to say before, but she is Ma'el's direct descendent. She will evolve into a taelon. A proper taelon . So not all has been lost on the fate of the taelon race." Said Lena. "You seem to have a closer link with the professor. I have this feeling I will be." Said Da'an. "It is not a spoken connection. I wasn't going to show you what is happening to the professor. But since there is a great force out there. I must show you anyway. May I have you right hand please." Said Lena
Lena takes Da'an's right hand and holds it with both of her hands. Da'an can see images of what was done to the professor. A tear falls down his face and the professor also have a tear running down her face but many more follow. With out any sound.

        All Tallon can do is give the professor a soft hug and she is bruised badly."Just think of the joining to the commonality. Nothing like this will ever happen again." Said Tallon. The professor's tears turn into taelon like crystals. Which fall to the floor. In an instant Da'an with the help of Lena sees the crystals which are in the pattern of the stars near the planet she is on. Da'an's tear turns into a taelon tear stone. Lena picks it up and hand's it to Da'an and closes his hand. "Now, it's your turn. Go and find her. The stone will only open once you get a tear of hers. When the time is right you know what to do with the stone. If you have noticed, the professor has one. Lake and Liam will go with you to find her. If you don't , find her. Bad things will happen. I know it will. If you do find her. Nothing will go wrong and things go back to plan." Said Lena. "I think it might be best if you come with me." said Da'an. "But what about Liam, he is your protect is he not?" Asked Lena.


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