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         The professor's message had been received. The beacon sounds and tallon knows that the message has been sent. Boone is in the communications room, Doors also in the room is looking over the detailed report from the returning peacekeepers. Doors is helping because he can't go back to earth for a long while. Of course, Kate is in her garden on the moon the professor gave to her and William to live on and raise a family. Another house had been built for Doors and his second wife. "David, quick we have a message from the professor." Said Boone. Boone types something into the computer. Which displays timestamp and where the signal came from. David runs from the other side of the complex and into the room. "How long ago was this message sent?" Asked a worried David who wished his friend was safe, well and not in a Juridian complex in a universe he had never seen or been to. "About two hours ago. Once I work out where she is I'm going to send it James on the mothership." Said Boone. "Tho'rn said she was in bad pain. I just can't bare to think of the professor that way." Said David. "It's not along message but I believe that it was allowed because I think Midnightetak is there." Said Boone. Boone starts the message.

       Boone can see how much pain the professor is in as well as  the bruises and cuts. The message is distorted, fuzzy and the sound is odd with some interference. "I am not here because, I want to. Because of who I am and what I will become. Here, is where I am, "The next thing they see is a star system where the professor is," As you saw that is where I am. I can't say anything else. Or they will come back and continue what they started doing to me a few days ago." Said the professor. The message fades and ends. "The professor is fading again. Has this been a long term fading, happened before?" Asked Boone. "Only once or twice since I have known her. She said it was something to do with her future self and I should not worry. But this time the commonality is cracking. If they don't find her the commonality is going to break and you have over 100 atavi on your hands." Said David. "Da'an isn't going to like to see what they have done to the professor, not one bit at all. Even with all the things, the professor has done for him. I don't know how he would cope. Well, the computer has found the direction of the signal. I will send the information to James on the mothership." Said Boone.

         James is in the observatory on another level. It looks out at the earth. James's palm corder sounds. She opens it."Boone!". said James who was glad to see her friend. "I am looking forwarding the message the professor sent me. Don't open the other two you have been sent. They contain viruses, which will destroy the mothership. Make sure you get online with the Gallifreyian embassy for the new star chart of were the professor is being held. I will contact the mothership officially. I don't think Zo'or will appreciate it." Said Boone. James laughs then stops. "I won't mention this conversation. Have been contacted by the guardians or the elders recently?" Asked James. "Not, exactly. I did receive an e-mail from one of their humanoid workers. Since the commonality is cracking and they need the professor the guardians are backing down for the time being." Said Boone. "How does the professor look?" Asked James
"Not good. I'm not sure how yourself or Da'an is going to react to this. It was only a month ago that the block on his memories was removed." Said Boone. "That is not good. The joining could happen in the next week or so. The professor needs to recover with the help of Tho'rn and the taelon council." Said a sad James who knew how bad the professor was feeling and bruised. "According to the elders she must join the commonality. I think there right or you and I would be looking after some Atavi." Said Boone. "How long do we have? Even Zo'or is worried more than the Juridian war. If the professor is fading the universe is not long after is going to fall to pieces then explode. Even the doctor is worried about the state of affairs of this. He's not totally worried about Ace as she can look after herself." Said James. "The thing is the professor can't shimmer out of there. From hat I could tell there is were needle marks on both of her arms. they must have pumped her with something lethal." Said Boone.

        "I saw a brief image that her telepathic part of her sent what they gave her would kill a taelon or a human. As for the professor, I have no idea. Uh-oh. Volunteer approaching. I'll see you on the bridge in a few minutes" Said James. James closes her palm corder quickly. The volunteer stops walking. "Your wanted on the bridge by Zo'or." Said the volunteer who seemed like the life had been removed from him. "I understand. Lead the way." Said James who hoped Da'an would not ask to many questions of her. The volunteer takes James a different way to the bridge, which is a lot faster than the normal way. She wishes Boone could be on the mothership but it is not possible as if he put one foot there he would be killed. When James and the volunteer turned a corner Liam joins her with a unit worker. the volunteer leaves them. "So you got the free human." Said James."And you got the drone." Said Liam. "Like lambs to the slaughter house." Said James. "And so are the days of our lives." Said Liam. They both laugh , the unit worker doesn't listen in on their conversation. "That was a good ice breaker. You have the easiest of Taelons to work for." Said Liam. "I don't know I would of been happy if I worked for Ro'ha but Ko'sh is nice. But you work for the taelon the whole world loves." Said James. "I hear you , Augur and the professor are friends." Said Liam. "My friendship with Augur only has been for ten years. The professor has known Augur since he was a child." Said James who knew that Liam was asking odd questions. "Pretty old human, with plenty of face lifts wouldn't you say ?" Asked Liam
"You know full well the professor isn't human . Kimera." Said James. "How did you know that ?" Asked Liam. "The professor didn't tell me. My Taelon ancestor did," Liam is shocked at this," There was only one taelon on earth before the rest arrived back in 2003. I'm surprised you hadn't worked it out about me. You really need a life outside of work for a taelon." Said James. "A traitor, to humanity would say that." Said Liam who was a little angry. "I am not traitor. I know what is best for humanity. I should know I have lived longer than you. With over a couple of million peacekeepers and more joining humanity is safe from the Juridians at this stage." Said James who was not impressed that her integrity and loyalty was being questioned. "Let's see what happens now." Said Liam who calmed down. All three walk onto the bridge.

       Six years had passed since Talia J. Street had seen the professor. Sources told her where the professor was. For a human who wasn't suppose to be in this dimension she was doing well for herself. Doing deals with other alien races, selling out other ones. This time she was being paid to find the professor and keep an eye out for her. Talia was about 15 minutes away from where the professor was being held. It wasn't the money that compelled her to seek out the professor it was something else. She could not put her finger on it. It could do with the fact the professor found her as a young child on the streets and gave her a home to live in. But that was another time. From her locator she could see that tallon was there on the planet infested with Juridians.
"Ah, Tallon. At least she has someone to talk to." Said Street. Finally, she was transported down to the planet. Now to find the professor but not let the professor see her. The Juridians who were keeping the professor did not keep their word they did come back. Tallon and Ace were put back in the cell they were in earlier.

         All Midnightetak could do was not look. The professor let out a scream that the whole universe heard it and it lasted for ten minutes. Ace and Tallon could only cover their ears. The taelon council heard it, so did the synod members, Liam, and the other beings on the ship including Street. Street knew that sound was not good. The rumors were true. The Juridians were attacking the being that was holding the commonality together but barely. Street thought to herself were are you James, Lena and lake. Even Lake and Lena should be here by now. If they don't I may have to go in myself and try and get her out myself. But there were no daleks near by. Lena, lake and Da'an could see what was happening to the professor. Even Zo'or lost the ability to speak which was strange even for him. Lake realized that they must find the professor after seeing the message so she could be stabilized. Finally the screaming stops. The Juridians go away. All Midnightetak could do was put a light blanket on the professor but only leaving her head showing. Lena disappeared she was sick. Then Lena could do was beam the life energy of some of the synod members to the professor.

       Ace and Tallon were released by Midnigtetak. Some how street gets into the building and finds the professor. She covers her mouth it is that bad. "You are still my ticket home. No wonder you were upset when they destroyed the taelon homeworld." Said Street. Street can hear Ace, Tallon, and Midnightetak coming down the hallway and she hides. The professor finally opens her eyes. The professor gives one of the Juridians a mental image of what she will do to the Juridian home world. That Juridian jumps out of an airlock into space and explodes. "They are going to pay. They are really going to pay for this." Said Tallon. "I'm going to do what they did the taelon home world." Says the professor whose face was full of tears as it never normally is.


         Nothing would be the same again. The Juridians did not who they cross when they attacked me . I had hope that they weren't going to put me in the memory chair again. Even Ace does not know I was there. I have a feeling tallon new. I didn't tell them I was having flash backs of sort. Not the kind that Zo'or can instantlly make me have. This was worse. They wanted to see what I had done in the last 749 years and past that to see who was my taelon relative who start of this.
Of course, it was painful more than the cuts , bruises, and injection combined. I could even see the events from the next few years and I could not let them see it. Instead, I put up a false memory of dalek invasion. It only confused them. There were things I didn't even want the Juridians to know. The things I did before I returned to this reality. There is only so much you can hide while being on the memory chair. I would have preferred to have gotten more bruises and cuts then go back to that. I feared and worried more for the taelon commonality, which was cracking and crumbling while I was on that Juridian infested planet. There was nothing I could do , I had to return to the new taelon homeworld and soon as possible as I was fading , too much. If I get any worse Da'an will start being effected and the fall of the Taelon race will be on my life.

        On the mothership. Unlike normal Sandoval was not standing beside Zo'or instead he was staring out one of the windows did not face the earth. Lili had arrived earlier on the mothership. She was verified to work there again because Lili had been at unit instead of been found in a resistance hideout or headquarters. Lena, Lake and Da'an were on the bridge. Da'an and lake were in deep conversation. Lena was trying to contact the professor on a telepathic level. Lena was sitting on the floor next to of the main walls. James made sure that she did not make eye contact with Da'an. It would be a long time before he would know and understand not has yet to happen of course it had happen and you can never change the future regardless if you had a timelord for a friend. I did not think the commonality would crack if something should happen to myself. There was suppose to be another taelon to carry the burden with me. It was pointless and it was to late by then. Some how more than a few from David's dimension cam over in to this one. I scanned one or two different Juridians I saw their plans for humanity. It was far worse than what the revised overall plan of the Taelons. I actually feared more for humanity and the taelon race than for my own life. I had arranged that Midnightetak would not be hurt or targeted when I send the main attack force on the Juridian homeworld. I wasn't going to let them win this time, not ever. Even the Liam from the future or my present Liam wasn't exactly disappointed but more devastated when he saw me. Once you sat in the memory chair, you can never recover. Then what would they call me. I could only look at my palms of my hands when I was on that planet.
I could hear the commonality calling me it was getting stronger but they were getting weaker. Zo'or did not look well thought James.

        James made her way to the helm control area she was not stopped but Liam was by a unit worker who just shock his head at Liam."Incoming signal received. "Said James. Everyone turns to see the signal in the middle of the room, except for Lena. "Boone! What news do you bring, us?" Asked Da'an. "I have received a message from the professor and I am transferring it to you. The sound is partly crackled and the image is partly distorted. Don't open the other two you were sent as they contain viruses, which will destroy the mothership. I bid you farewell. I hope you find the professor. Any new, the taelon council would like to know." Said Boone. Then Boone's end of the communication is switched off and Zo'or wipes away the image. "Playing the recorded image now." Said James who had a feeling it was not going to be good. Even Lena stands up to watch. Zo'or can't watch he just can't handle seeing his closest enemy in such pain. Da'an blushes but he is sad. The message ends.

        "Up loading star chart of the professor's last whereabouts as spotted by the peace keepers from the Gallifreyian Embassy." Said James. "Please, download the information into two shuttles please." Said Da'an. James walks over to Sandoval and puts her hand on his shoulder. "You would think we would of heard something from someone not even spies of the Gallifreyians if the Taelons find out that she gave me my humanity back. I could not stay as the person I am on the mothership. I would be what I had become as a shadow of a pitiful human." Said Sandoval. "The good thing is Ace is with the professor if I am not mistaken tallon would some how get there." Said James. Lili finally gets Liam into the hallway. "So, when are you going to find the professor? If you haven't noticed it's effecting all the Taelons here." said Lili. "What do you care about the professor coming back alive?" Asked Liam who wasn't exactly calm but not angry either. "If the professor didn't arrange for that American pilot Sandoval would have put me in a shuttle and set it for the Juridian homeworld. Myself and others have things riding on this. If the professor doesn't come back were done for. Humanities hope would be gone. Yes, you may be part of the hope for humanity but you can't do it all yourself. For once, we have someone on our side who has known the Taelons and the Juridians. The professor isn't human but your not one totally yourself." Said Lili. "What makes you so sure?" asked Liam.

        "Even doors is supporting the professor and how can make sure humanity is safe. Doors doesn't trust an alien normally." Said Lili. "He's officially dead and suddenly the resistance is support unit and the peace keepers. This I don't understand." Said Liam who was a little confused. "It doesn't have to be understood. I mean Boone is helping humanity by training Gallifreyian peace keepers who want to protect the earth." Said Lili. "I think your right in away. Zo'or some how can't survive with out someone to prevent him from going to far." Said Liam who was less confused. "We shall leave shortly." Said Da'an to Lena and Lake, Liam thinks Da'an is talking to him. Two shuttles are prepared for the search for the professor. James notices Liam heading for the corridor she catches up with him. "You know you can't go. Those Juridians are different they are not the ones who contacted you two years ago. They will kill you on sight. They would do the same to me because of being the direct human descendent of a taelon. I would go , I am to find my friend and family." Said James. "What do you mean by family?" Asked Liam. "I am her father's direct human line. Which directly links me to the professor and to the Taelons just like you. The only difference I don't carry Juridian DNA. As for Deedee I don't think Ron has to worry any more." said James. "What happened to his wife?" Asked Liam. "Just after she went into hiding, about a week later she was killed in a car crash but they found she had advanced cancer on the brain she would have died sooner or later. He was told about her funeral he didn't go. He only recently mourned for her. I keep human because I don't have a CVI. Yet my mind acts like one while at work." Said James. "You seem to know a lot about the resistance activities. How is this possible?" Asked Liam. "Unit employees easily slip into the resistance so easily. That's how we found out things about doors. You are very difficult but it's meant to be difficult to let everyone think your human be very careful around Zo'or. I should know he told me." Said James
"What do you mean? He told, he has no human confidants." Said Liam. "I'm not all human just like you." Said James. "Your what Ma'el's direct human descendent?" Asked Liam jokingly. "Oh, but I am. That is why Zo'or hasn't made me get a CVI or prevented me  to return to earth. " Said James who gently pats her stomach knowing little Ma'el will be handed over to Da'an and the professor. Liam senses something more taelon within James he puts his hand in front of her stomach then realizes what she is carrying. "You're carrying a taelon child!" Said Liam who was calm but angry. "This is not the first and not my last, my last in human form." Said James. Da'an, Lena and Lake quietly slip away to the shuttle bay, enter a prepared shuttle and head to find the professor.


        "Now, I am confused." said Liam who was calm but confused. "Remind me later, to have a talk with you. As for the being, I am carrying is a gift for Da'an and the professor. The taelon I am carrying will have what the Taelons you know doesn't have. I am carrying is Ma'el." said James. "That can't be possible." said Liam who is shocked. James grabs Liam by the arm. "Tell no one. But it is possible. If Zo'or finds out about this pregnancy he will personally kill me." said James warningly. "This is one thing I could not repeat." said Liam. James now grabs Liam's hand.
"What I am going to tell you only the professor may know. Once I reach a certain age I will start evolving and be the first human to successfully become a full taelon , a female taelon. Only three taelon females survive. One of them is the professor's mother. My place will be with Ro'ha has been made." said James. "This changes everything I ever knew about the Taelons. But the professor said her mother was dead and died a long time ago." said Liam. "Something are left unsaid, especially when it comes to a taelon and timelords. When two alien races lived on two planets in double planetary orbit, they just don't share trade and commerce. If you must learn things about the professor go and see the elders on Gallifrey. They will tell you about the mistakes they made and why the professor doesn't visit it very often. Since the taelon arrival, she has only returned twice. Whatever they did, she never forgave them. Before the Juridians arrive, go to the taelon home world. The ancient ones the ancestors of the timelords are still living there. The planets have gone back to double orbit around the taelon sun. When the planets are in line there and in the Gallifreyian space. One of the events that those like myself and many other alien races will take place." Said James.

        James let's go Liam's hand and they return back to the bridge. Da'an, Lena and lake are in the direction of the professor's last known whereabouts. "Da'an's gone." said Liam quietly. "I know . If you go be careful, really careful." said James. "It can't be that bad." said Liam. "Take Lili with you." Said James. Liam notices that James's hands are taelon pale he grabs one of them. Liam sees images of the professor and his father Ha'gel. Then sees images of Ma'el and descendents through out to the professor. "You two are intrinsically linked. It's in your hands." said Liam who lets go of her hand. "Yes,  we are in more ways than one. If you must go, go. I'll watch over Zo'or and prevent him from doing anything bad." said James. "I don't think in his state I doubt it. Keep an eye out on the Boomer situation. Doors was right the Australians were never under taelon control." said Liam. James had a feeling that he could see her thoughts because he was never told that knowledge about the Boomers. "There was a reason for that." said James.

         Meanwhile on the Juridian infested planet on the other side of the universe. Ace had fallen asleep and tallon had left the area midnigtetak was on guard could not see in. Street did leave her position in another room as she feared being found. The professor first gets a shocking image of her past. The effects of the chair take over. She screams and begins to remember. It was 2014 and things went wrong. Seriously, wrong. The Taelon and Juridian race had gone because I had made the mistake not to return to earth as quickly as I should have. When I arrived, it was too late. I was only keeping the taelon council and the Australian companion Ko'sh connected to the commonality. Even my cousin the doctor and ace knew how upset I was. I demanded the guardians, the elders, and some beings I had wished never to see again. I was in much pain. I had lost my connection Da'an and many of the Taelons. I did something that no Taelon nor timelord should have done. But I thought both humanity and the Taelon race would need another chance. I reversed time to prevent what had happened from happening again. I will pay for it if it doesn't work as the guardians will do worse than what the Juridians did. "I didn't think you ancestor Ma'el would have this in mind. For this emergency. This should have happened." Said the doctor shaking his head in disbelief. "I know, cousin, he must of known something like this could or would happen. What makes it worse James went missing when most of the Taelons in the mothership and Liam went missing all those years ago. I think she may of being hiding with them. If she is in hiding here or on Gallifrey. Lena is long gone only lake is left now." said the professor.

         Lake arrived via the time portal. She could tell how badly effected the professor was and that lake could not go back the time portal simply disappeared never to return to this time again. "I knew I should not of left you when I did. You made a promise to Ha'gel and I made a promise to protect you. You could not of known this was going to happen. None of us did. I do know you could have stopped it from happening, if you were asked to stay here on earth." Said Lake trying to reassure the professor. "I should of known something was wrong, but I didn't sense anything was wrong at all. My taelon senses should have kicked in. My Juridian DNA was working on evolving me into a taelon. Something must have interfered. With my ability to detect if anything was wrong." said the professor. "The remaining Taelons are very appreciative of you helping in fooling the Juridians it was just you emitting the taelon DNA." said Lake. "The being whom I shared life and light energy is gone. Da'an is gone. The future of the earth and the future of the universe was in our hands and I h ad to return to Gallifrey because some Pratt opened something that should never be opened. I said goodbye to Da'an our usual way knowing I would return. How was I suppose to know. That one part of my soul is gone. I can never be the being I was. I'm going to do the unexpected. I am going to turn back time back to 2007. If it works, I will collapse on the floor in that year it means it has worked. Very few humans and Taelons will have memory of this." said the professor. "You should not let it get to you." said lake who was worried about the professor. "But I am still a timelord, I can fix things by doing that. If I don't I will explode. I have already lost Da'an and David I don't want you gone as well. I just can't take that risk again like that." said the professor. Lake notices the professor's transformation to evolving into a Taelon is nearly complete. "I have to do this before I evolve as I am still a timelord in all matters who can do this." said the professor who was determined in doing that.

         "I understand its something that you must do." said Lake. "Those beings you asked for are here. They need to come into our reality." said Ace. "Get the polarities ready." said the professor.
"Polarities, set." said the doctor. "Good, it shall begin." said the professor. "I just hope you know what your doing." said Ace a little worried. "I'm going to make sure this never happens again. Safety measures are they set." said the professor. "Safety measures are set and double checked." said the doctor. "Don't worry Ace, I know what I am doing, "The professor crosses her fingers for a bit," Fighting daleks are simple. I have done things far worse and better. There are things no one knows about me. There things I do to make sure the earth and humanity is safe and well protected." said the professor.Liam is in the other shuttle with Lili and follows Da'an's shuttle keeping a reasonable distance not to be tracked.

         Outside of the memories Da'an, Lake and Lena are getting closer. Da'an is feeling and experiencing what the professor can see. Their link is getting stronger. Which one day never broken by any way. "Lake, were getting close Da'an's link with the professor is getting stronger in fact it's directing him to which location she is in." said Lena. "Luckily, this is the professor's shuttle. We will have to wait `til he opens his eyes to tell us something on where the professor is." said Lake. But the shuttle was being directed by Da'an some how so they weren't lost. "I wish Tallon would make contact with us shortly." said Lena. Back to the memories. "If this doesn't work we are going to have timeloops. It's nothing new to me. I don't want anyone reliving the day over and over again for eternity." Said the professor. "Not, time loops again. That's what got me in a mess last time." whined Ace. Ace had a right to complain about timeloops it was one mixed with time winds that brought her away from earth. "I hope your right, about it working." said the doctor who was worried as he did not want to relive a timeloop as it has happened many times before to him.

        "Everything has been set. I wish I could read the taelon-kimera combination language properly that Ma'el set out. I don't think this was meant to be seen by Zo'or and any high ranking Taelons. May be Tho'rn, the professor and may be Liam was meant to understand it. I mean I am his double." said Lake. "I know it was his choice to learn part of his kimera heritage but it was Ma'el's taelon side dominated his decision to keep my being  brought into existence and my taelon heritage a secret for so long." said the professor. "We haven't got long professor, there every where and we must do it now." said ace that could hear the invading Juridians landing. On the professor's face was pain humanity was under attack she could feel the human of her father being destroyed. Already part of herself was destroyed when Da'an had disappeared back in 2010 and two months earlier in that time. She had searched for him and the other Taelons but no luck. It was lucky that Ko'sh the Australian companion was safe on the new taelon homeworld when the other Taelons disappeared. The master was right there are no rules, once the boundaries have been removed by force you must follow your own rules of conduct. "Everything is ready, you may step into the circle it shall begin." said Lena. The professor steps into the circle arms raised. Lighting comes from the professor , outside the winds of time are moving, closer towards the earth. Time itself was slowing down second by second it was about to reverse. Nothing was going to prevent this from happening.

         Lightning from the time winds go into the secret cave area Ma'el had made and into the professor. Which starts up and begins to work at an incredible speed. "I didn't think lightning could from time winds ." said ace as raining and actual wind begins to come into the cave. "It's actually a natural occurrence. This is what happens when too many timelords interfere and Taelons get power hungry." said the doctor. "Ko'sh and the taelon council are not like that." said Lake. "I wasn't exactly talking generally every single taelon. May be Zo'or it could be a small few." said the doctor. "Don't make me think of him, the master was a lot nicer than Zo'or." said Ace.Time was reversing minute by minute. "Could you stop the universal politics' about which alien race is more power hungry. I am trying to concentrate. If you I don't I could cause time loops for many life times." said the professor who intruded and linked her to the universe itself.
"Sorry" said both the doctor and Lake. Ace notices time out side is finally reversing. "It's working, it's working. We're finally saving the universe, doc." said Ace. "ACE!, please refrain from calling me doc. You should be a where the gravity of the universe is at stake. that being in that circle is doing that to give, you , humanity, and the Taelons a future. Or the professor would of exploded an hour ago." said the doctor. Gavoraian chanting and egima music continues to be heard all over the universe. Some one was going to pay as the universe continues to crumble.

         The professor's signal has reached the shuttle which Da'an, Lena and Lake is in. James and Sandoval head for earth but their location is unknown. "Do you think they will notice the slowness of time on the mothership?" asked Sandoval. "It will last until the professor is returned to this universe. I doubt Zo'or will notice the difference besides it's your day off. The universe can handle itself for a while." said James as she turns her back on the mothership. James pats her stomach with her right hand as her left is holding Sandoval's right hand. Luckily, he does not notice. She smiles, it will be soon that the baby would be handed over.

          The shuttle lands in an undisclosed location. "The professor is in that universe and on that planet." pointed lake on the small computer, which showed a map as Lena who was flying the shuttle. Da'an's eyes are still closed. "Do you think he can hear us ?" asked Lena quietly as she puts the shuttle into autopilot. "I am not sure. Only the professor can hear anyone in meditation and even when sleeping she can hear someone talking at the end of the street." said Lake quietly. "I can feel her pain, it's just , the professor seems to be somewhere else. It would be different if she was in the guardian's realm reality. The professor's slipping away. On another level, she left us a long time  ago. Would you know why?" asked Lena. Da'an opens one eye and continues to listen. Lena nor Lake notices this. "I was told very little, it's something to do with Zo'or. I tried asking the professor but she would either change the subject or shimmer out of the room quickly. What ever he did it effected her badly." said Lake. "But you're her protector in our world. Ii am still Da'an's protector in ours. In our world, it is important to protect the one and the hope. Here it's way different and more dangerous. How as I suppose to know those Juridians would slip into this dimension. Take over the current Juridian government." said Lena. "There was nothing we could do. The Juridians who kidnapped the professor have a vendeta against her. They relent her existence and the existence of Da'an. I know this because Talia got this information. I hate to think what she did to get that information." said Lake. "Probably, sold someone out." said Lena. "As usual. If I am not mistaken, she may have found out where the professor is. Can you sense her at all ?" said Lake. Lena concentrates for Talia's presence. "The little snitch is on the planet where the professor is being held. It's very difficult to ignore her thoughts. She has been very, very busy since she left our dimension." said Lena. Time was reversing hour by hour now.

          "It's working, whatever the professor's doing it's working." said Lake glad things was now being fixed. Ace could see the Juridians walking backwards towards their ships from the mouth of the cave. The damage they had done was know being reversed.


       "They're walking backwards how come it's not effecting us." said ace that surprised at what she saw. "That's what happens when time is reversed. The professor put a shield around us in this cave to prevent the Juridians entering the cave and attacking us." said the doctor. "The polarities are holding, soon we will see a flash and all of this will be a distant memory of what should never happen again." said Lake. "Which part of the time will we return to?" asked Ace. "Ace you and the doctor plus myself will return back to 2008. As for those who are missing like James, Liam and most of the Taelons in this part of the universe will including the professor's return to 2006. If nothing goes wrong at this end of time and the returning time zones only 10 beings and humans will remember this. For the rest of humanity and the Taelons this would never of happened. Only the ten of us will remember and place measures to prevent this from happening again." said Lake. "Will the daleks be ticked off as usual when time reverses to a select time ?" asked Ace. "That would ,is normal and reversing time doesn't change their anger of being pushed out of the way to invade the earth." said the doctor reassuring Ace. "Time reversal is increasing, we are getting close. We are almost there." said Lake. The professor began to fade in the memory. "A few more minutes and we're returned to our time streams." said Lake. "That good." said a cheerful doctor. Ace was continuing to look outside until lake's voice got louder. "The professor is fading, it means she has partly returned to her time stream." said Lake with a little worry on her face. Ace was the first to fade out quickly. A beam of light was on Ace. "I'm going, back doctor. See you shortly." said Ace. "I will." as the doctor said that Ace waved good bye and she was gone.

      Ace had returned to 2008 to the Juridian infested planet. The light was now on the doctor. "I must go. See you in another life or regeneration." said the doctor and he was gone. The doctor had returned to his tardis in 2008 to find Ace. Lake was next to leave but a flash of light went through the room. When she uncovered her eyes, the professor was gone. The professor had returned to 2006. "What, I thought I was next." said Lake as she said it she returned to her reality to the year 2003. The last thing lake said before the time reversal was complete: The professor sent me back to the arrival. I just don't believe it. Then lake hit her left hand on her thigh , laughed, and thought this is how it was meant to happen. The professor felt heart beats interrupt her somehow.

        Back in 2006 before the reversal had completed the professor collapsed. Time had reversed it was back to 2008 as if nothing had happened. As if the last 6 years had not happened. The professor wakes up still in the chair, the Juridians had placed her. It strangely looked like a dentist chair. The presence she can feel the presence of Talia J. Street. She opens her eyes finally. Pulls out a laser gun she had picked up on the b5 station and aims it at Talia. "Talia, come out from where your hiding." said the professor in a strange sweet calm voice which seem to come from nowhere and it chilled Talia. Talia gets up from under the table which is unseen by the professor. Talia is now standing in front of the professor who still did not put her weapon down. Talia had crossed the professor years after the professor had helped Talia. "How did you sense, me?" said street whose blonde hair had grown since the professor last saw her. "Once the effects of the injections stopped, I got my clarity back. Your presence , I know so well. It is something hard to forget." said the professor. "Things have changed since we last spoke- I heard you were in the area. I didn't know how bad your state , you were in." Said Talia walking around the chair the professor was in. The professor was still bound to the dentist like chair. "Would you stop walking and keep still." said the professor. "Is this better." said Talia Street as she stopped once again in front of the chair the professor was in. "Better. I have no doubt, how you got here. You followed tallon. There is no other explanation for it." said the professor. "Your ,not the easiest of being to find. Even with your DNA patterns," looks to make sure no Juridians not including Midnightetak from over hearing," don't worry they may already know from all the sorts of bruises, cuts and needle marks. Those butchers make the Juridians of this dimension, friendly. I guess you wouldn't know about things like that." said Talia Street. "That was then, this is know. No one knows what I did. It was also deliberate. I needed to hide for a long time, from......" said the professor stopping.

          "I know your little secrets, your heritage and what the timelords do to prevent anyone finding out that your not just like any other timelord. You're more taelon than anything else. For your case, there is nothing wrong with it. I have nothing wrong, with it. As Tou know my secrets." said Talia Street. "You can be still be bought for a price. I thought you would have learnt by now." said the professor. "I wouldn't dare sell the secrets of your heritage besides it would hurt poor Da'an's heart to know." said Talia Street. The professor didn't like Talia saying heritage as if it was a bad thing. "Your hiding from," Talia pauses," Zo'or. I don't doubt it. You have had far worse enemies than him. I would not know that you would want to hide from him. He's just a Taelon." said Talia Street. "Zo'or isn't just a Taelon. There are things about Zo'or that you don't know and things he doesn't know about me would break any trade agreements. Trust of beings and humans that I had gained. Zo'or is beyond what is a taelon is. He is a hybrid in a skin of a taelon. He is part Juridian. I am as much related to him as he is to me and the long lost Juridian who is his part descendent. You are too young to deal with what I deal with." said the professor-warning Street."You can be merely 200 years old in timelord years. "said Talia. The professor bends forward closer to Talia. "I am far much older than that. In earth years, I am over a thousand years of age. My timelord age is 749, I'll be 750 any day now. I have seen many civilizations come and go. Friends grow old and die. There is nothing I can't handle. Absolutely nothing. "said the professor who slowly laid back into the chair more. "But that is impossible. I didn't learn this at the academy on Gallifrey." said Talia Street. "Oh, it is. For the things I have had gone through. I am in my seventh life. I have had many faces. I was there the day you were born, first day of school and the first time you hacked into a computer system. The things you know only a timelord could teach you. If you want to come back to earth to live in my dimension. You must be Zo'or's security guard at all times you are on the mothership. I think you can handle that." said the professor.  "Your worried that Zo'or isn't telling you every thing. High amounts of money, I don't need it just enough for my living expenses. A warehouse in the Australian section of Washington dc. Is that possible?" said Talia Street. "Of course, it is." said the professor.


       In the shuttle Liam is piloting, Lili receives a flash of a memory that never happened to her recollection. It was of a future that would never repeat again. Of course, Lili pushed that memory of being sent away from earth out of her mind. In Da'an's shuttle Lena had fallen asleep but Lake was piloting the shuttle and noticed that a signal was being sent from the planet the professor is on. It was from Midnightetak their only Juridian friend. Lake quietly wakens Lena and tries not to disturb Da'an. "What is it lake?" asked Lena who rubbed sleep from her eyes. "A signal has been finally sent. It's the from Midnightetak." said Lake. Lena sits up. "He must have been able to get on the surface of the planet with out the rogue Juridians noticing." said Lena. Da'an wakes any way. Which startles them. "How long, now?" asked Da'an. "Not, long now. Da'an." said Lena. "I don't know how were getting her alive off that planet." said Lake. "What are we going to do until you are rescued?" asked Talia Street. "I don't know . I just hope those Juridians don't come back. I know Midnightetak has sent a signal out to whoever is passing this way. Oh..." The professor stops, the fading continues to worsen as she puts the laser gun away. "Professor, no. Hold on you must. You can't let that future you tried to prevent from happening again. I'm sorry, that I left the time gate open I didn't think they would follow me through. I didn't think this would happen to you." said Talia street that was sorry for what she did. "You didn't know what they were planing. They double-crossed you. There is nothing you can do now. If I can get to the taelon council on the new taelon homeworld, I can recover. I can never be whole again, not for a long time." said the professor. "Your not just angry by them but you heart is set on revenge." said Talia Street. "Nothing is going to change that. Midnightetak will be part of the new Juridian race not part of the old." said the professor calmly and temporarily stopped fading.

      Pain returns to the professor's body. Some how electric impulses are electrocuting her. "Midnightetak, help, we need help here." shouted Talia Street. Midnightetak rushes to the room from the other side of the facility. "Oh no. this is not suppose to be happening. Shock attacks of electric impulses.  The Juridians of this dimension should never agreed to this." said Midnightetak. A strange presence is felt by the commonality. Da'an recognizes it to be a Taelon long far thought to be have passed on. It was MA'EL. Ma'el appears next to the professor. "Your the ancient taelon who came to earth." said Street who was surprised. Ma'el bows and smiles. He moves his hand above the professor's body. The electric shock pulses leaves her body and goes into his hands.

       Inside the shuttle of Da'an. "Ma'el is near by on the planet that professor is on. I don't know how this could be. Lena may be you could, please verify if this is so." said Da'an. Lena closes her eyes and concentrates . She lets her mind travel to the professor. Lena looks through the professor's eyes and she can see Ma'el and can't exactly believe it. "Yes , it is true. He is there. I don't know how or why he has turned up now. Only I know of Ro'ha returning. This is a mystery to me." said Lena.The Gavorian chants continued. "Ma'el hasn't been alive for more than 2000 years now. It's impossible." said Lake. Anything is possible now, things have changed." said Da'an."I guess so." said Lake. "I understand, what I must do. I am grateful for you returning at this time." said the professor to Ma'el and she smiles as he is only four that make her do that. Ma'el says something in ancient taelon to the professor even Talia street does not understand what is being said. Ma'el puts down the cape the professor hasn't seen since she said goodbye to him on the taelon home world . On her feet, he puts the cape. Ma'el says something that makes the professor smile for a few seconds and laughs but that causes pain. He gently holds her right hand."What's so funny?" asked Talia Street. "Ma'el just suggested I leave this planet in the appearance of Zo'or. I didn't think he knew I could do impersonate him and other beings. The voice of Zo'or is still difficult to impersonate." said the professor. Ma'el lets go the professor's hand. They both do the traditional greeting. Before Ma'el leaves he brushes a tear from the professor's face it hits the floor but it has turned a small taelon stone. He says good bye and fades into nothingness. "Do you think he will ever turn up again?" asked Talia Street. "I don't know. I hope so, I really  hope so. " said the professor. The presence of Ma'el disappeared from the commonality once again. "We've found the planet, we better hurry once we have landed as the planet is heavy surrounded." said Lake. "If were able to land I better get the portable portal from the Gallifreyian Embassy." said Lena. This surprised Da'an. "You brought your own portal?" asked Da'an."I thought in the circumstances it would be best." said Lake.

        In the other shuttle which is behind them, "What was that?" asked Lili. Lili had seen light energy leaving the planet ahead. "I believe it was a taelon life energy. Whose I would not know." said Liam. "Liam, the peace keepers are going to storm that planet after the professor is taken off the planet. The rogue Juridians must be there." said Lili. "I have not known there to be rogue Juridians if they are so, they must be from another dimension." said Liam. "I hope your right. Quick Da'an's shuttle is about to land." said Lili. Da'an's shuttle lands. Lake, Lena and Da'an leave the shuttle. Liam lands out of the way. Liam and Lili leave the shuttle with in a few seconds their shuttle is destroyed."Now, how are we going to get home?" asked Liam. "Simple, get a ride with the peacekeepers. They are always go into the uncharted territories in the disputed Zone." said Lili. Lake sets up the portal. All three stand in the middle of the portal. With in a few seconds they are in the complex. Lena pushes the portal, which came with them into the centre then out of view. Lili and Liam go into the back way into the complex it is much quicker. They bot find Ace and tallon in the cell and let them out. "I'm glad to see you." said Ace. Tallon said nothing. He left the cell after Ace. "Where's the professor?" asked a worried Lili. "You don't want to see her." said ace warning Lili and Liam. The rogue Juridians come back into the room where the professor is street hides once again. Liam could hear screaming near by. Ace covered her ears as she new who it was and said no, not again. "I must stop them." said Tallon and he runs to the room where the professor is.


         Liam, Lili, and Ace run following him. On the other side of the complex Da'an, Lena and Lake are nearly to that room as well. All six of them enter at the same time. Midnightetak could only face the other way he could not handle what was happening to his friend. The Juridians had just put another injection into the professor and was about to put another in. The professor was surrounded by Juridians only Talia J. street could see her. The pain was unbearable the professor was crying silent tears. "Put the needle down. The professor has not harmed you yet, but I am sure if she survives she will ." said Liam who was feeling rather protective of his guardian for the first time. Sending Liam is serious, the Juridian with the needle puts it down. Another unseen needle is placed in the professor's left arm to which makes all her body in pain. This time the needle she was injected with was not the poison but an excellent for the small Juridian DNA that was implanted in her. Alarm bells were going , the peacekeepers had landed they were storming the planet. Da'an walks closer to the Juridians. He had never been this close up to one before. "Let the professor go." said Da'an with compassion and concern in his heart
The Juridians did not move. Liam moves forward a little more. "You heard what Da'an said let her go." said Liam getting angry.

        Finally Midnightetak turns and speaks. "If you don't let her go , she is going to explode taking us, take this planet and the this part of the universe with her." said Midnightetak. All the Juridians except for Midnightetak leave the room slowly. Da'an is saddened at how the professor is badly effected. The professor turns her head to try to prevent Da'an to be less sadden
than he already is. Liam, Lili, and lake remove the binds and electric shock leads. Lena takes Da'an a side. "You will get a moment with the professor before we leave with her. Then in the shuttle it will be going rather fast to return her to the new taelon homeworld. I'm going to tell you something I should not but in this case is the exception to the rule. As you have known there has always been two Taelons to make sure the commonality doesn't crack and fall apart. The professor took the place of one taelon years ago. When Qu'on was killed she took on responsibility for the whole of the commonality. I'm sure you're beginning to find out who is the professor." said Lena. The professor sits on the edge of the dentist chair holding the cape that Ma'el gave her. Lili, Liam, Lake, Midnightetak, Tallon, and Lena divide up to watch out for rogue Juridians. Talia Street stays hidden for the time being. Da'an walks over to the professor , he remembers that he has that stone on the chain. Da'an takes off the small cap on the stone and gently moves one of the professor's tears into it and closes the stone. It can never be reopened again. The rest of the tears fall to the floor and turn into taelon stones of different colors. Da'an just holds the professor's hand as nothing can be said. Lili comes into the room " Quick they're coming back." Da'an let's go the professor's hand. Liam comes back into the room. In front of them the professor alters her appearance to that of Zo'or.

        "Aren't you a little short for Zo'or?" said Lili with a little laugh. "Oh, don't make me get my baseball bat ." said the professor. "You don't sound like Zo'or." said Liam who thinks the professor's new appearance is amusing. "I haven't learnt how to do that yet." said the professor who is not amused. They hurry to the portal except for Liam & Lili. The portal is set for the shuttle, which leaves the planet at a remarkable speed. Luckily, Liam, Lili, and street following blend into the peacekeepers that are leave the planet. The rest of the peacekeepers remain. One of the leaders turn around she looks like Beckett. "I see your safe. We can drop you lot off to a base near here then be sent via a portal to the Gallifreyian Embassy as Zo'or still checks who uses them even this far out." she said and turns back around. Liam tries to walk up to the woman who looks like Beckett but Lili grabs one of his arms to prevent him from moving. "Stop, it Liam. She isn't your mother just someone who looks like her." said Lili. "Why do I get the image of the professor saying she is ours now, all ours." said Liam. "Don't worry. The simple explanation is that she is from another earth. Just like those other nine humans among the Gallifreyian peacekeepers." said Lili reassuring Liam. Da'an's shuttle is getting closer to the new taelon homeworld. Talia Street followed Liam, Lili and the other leave peacekeepers into an extended shuttle it was the biggest she had ever seen. She pulled out a peacekeeper hat she had nicked off a peacekeeper back on the planet. Surprisingly Talia was hardly noticeable among other peacekeepers. Talia noticed Lili in some ways she was like the Lili of her world but in other ways, she wasn't . Even Liam wasn't like lake. but Talia would have to be around these people until the professor could return Talia to her earth. The alliances in the universe had changed. Even the daleks ship which had dropped Talia street off on that planet. Those daleks would forget their anger at the taelon mothership for pushing them out of course to go and take over the Juridian infested planet instead. Because if the professor dies early the dalek empire and any others would no longer be but a speck of dust in a small fragile universe.

      "The universe is collapsing and the professor is dying. Not all of what was done to her can be reversed." said Lena. "There is only one thing that the Juridians are advanced in. I have poisonous toxicants. But telling from the read out there was an excellent given to her to some how to make one part of DNA fuse with the rest ." said Lake. "Why, would the Juridians do that?" asked Da'an. "I am not sure, those Juridians were different as for Midnightetak he is what a Juridian should be in this dimension. In this case he does not want war." said Lena. The professor was laying on the floor of the altered shuttle, continued to fading back and forwards from her current form to her taelon like appearance. Da'an in his chair which is next to the professor turns to talk to her. "Is there something, I can do?" asked a concerned Da'an. "You have done all you can. As there is nothing else you can do now." said the professor. "There is more to you, than meets the eye. You seemed troubled with something ,upon your soul." said Da'an. The professor remains silent as more pain surges through out her body the injections are continuing to change her DNA structure it is also killing her. The sounds of cracking through out the universe continues also.

         The professor screams. Both of her hearts stop. Lena and lake realize what is happening.
Lena checks for two pulses, but nothing could be found. Da'an gets out of his chair. "What is wrong?" asked Da'an. "Her hearts have stopped, it must be because of what they injected into her." said Lena who realized that it was changing the professor's genetic make up and the professor's timelord self was dying. As it makes up part of her and her personality. Of course, Lena kept this to herself. "This is not good, both of hearts have never stopped before." said a worried Lake. Lena looks up to see they are just about above the new taelon homeworld.
"Good news, were near the new taelon  homeworld." said Lena. Da'an bends his knees so he can sit next to the professor and hold her right hand. "Is there anything we can do?" asked Da'an. "All we can do is hope that the council are strong enough to sustain her." said Lake. Something was flowing from Da'an and into the professor, it actually worked. For a moment, the professor disappeared. then she was standing behind Da'an. The professor turns to the taelon natural state which surprised Da'an. Then she falls throughout the shuttle and on to the new taelon home world. Leaving the coat Ma'el gave her behind. "What shall we do?" asking Da'an who got up from the floor and sat back in his chair. "We, will go down to the planet for a short time. You will need to return to earth as your presence would be missed." said Lake. Da'an nodded in agreement.

      On the other  side of the universe Liam, Lili and street were preparing to leave via the shuttle with a couple of unit workers who had come for them to take them back to earth. "I can't get that image of that woman who looks like my mother." said Liam."She may look like your mother but she isn't, she isn't even from our dimension. I found out that she isn't from David's dimension. But from a different one. They are here by their own free choice. Have you noticed that sound." said Lili a little distracted by the cracking of the universe. Liam slows down and begins to hear the universe cracking. "Yes, I can now. What can it be?" asked Liam. "If I am not mistake, the universe is coming apart." said Lili. "Do you know when it will stop and start to put the pieces back." said Liam. "I hope so. I really hope so." said Lili. The professor stabilizes a little but not that much.

       The shuttle lands. Da'an, Lena and Lake walk to where the professor is. The taelon council is surrounding the professor with their energies aimed at her. Tallon and ace arrived a few minutes before via a portable time tunnel. Only one sun was up, the three moons had risen four hours before.Tallon walks over to David. "Will, what they are doing work?" asked Tallon. "I hope it will work or hell will break loose. I would rather have the daleks invade or the eye of harmony open instead." said a very worried David. "I see. I wish, I could help but I am not a taelon. You know many alien races are worried and they hope she becomes a member of the commonality soon. Or even there own empire will no longer exist" said Tallon. "We are all hoping for that so the universe will return to normal as it can be ." said David. Liam, Lili, Street and the returning unit workers and the peacekeepers stand in the middle of the portal it transports them closer to earth.
To their surprise, Liam, Lili, street and the only unit worker arrive back in the milk way on a planet near the earth. Lili looks around and realizes it was not the professor's moon base above the new taelon homeworld. Neither they were on earth only Lili realized where they were. Boone had transferred them to that place because of what was happening on the new taelon homeworld.
"Were not on earth are we. I recognize this place. Were on mars. I don't recognize that portal it's not current taelon technology." said Lili. Talia keeps quiet it is not the right time to announce herself. Liam examines the portal. "If I am not mistake, it was when Ma'el left the taelon homeworld. I see there are some alterations. But I don't recognize the writing." said Liam. Only part Lili recognized was something to do with the professor. the taelon equivalent of the meaning of the one. Hanging around the Gallifreyian embassy, you learn to pick up taelon words. "It has something to do with the professor. The unit of David's earth said something about the professor putting a taelon safe haven on mars and reestablishing an atmosphere as well as a breathable air." said Lili.

       "Why, would the professor need to have this hear? I mean she has many things that she hides from us and the Taelons." said Liam. "We all have things we hide, even you. Why do I get the impression that you don't like the professor by your tone of your voice. Read the history book I gave you in David's earth." said Lili. "she, says she knows things about the Taelons including why they are here." said Liam. "Wouldn't you. If you have known them for over six hundred and sixty years or so. I mean the timelords remain one of the many races the Taelons have not joined with. We had one word from a Juridian and a rogue taelon, Be'li. We have an alien on our side whose people have no interest in humanity other than to trade every 15 years. I went to Australia via a shuttle because of my job. The professor prevented me from being arrested with the other resistance members. The only American pilot jay for unit prevented me from doing something that I would have regretted. I could have been dead by now. There is only one portal in Australia and it's in the Australian companion Ko'sh's office. Any new project there is left open to be seen by everyone. If it's not liked it doesn't happen." said Lili. "But most of the official projects are Da'an's." said Liam. "You know he isn't running one on the side since the forge program crashed. This time the professor's vote was taken among the synod members and the project was abandoned. The rest is Zo'or's. " said Lili , she was going to stay two portals but didn't want to alarm Liam. A flash of memory that never happened gave Lili an insight that Sandoval wasn't working solely for Zo'or any more but now for the professor instead.

         What street was hearing was nothing new to her. She had heard it all before. "I will send you back with this portal but it will send you and myself in different directions. Please think of the direction and you will go there." said the unit worker. "Okay. If you say so. This is a trip." said Lili
"What kind of trip." said Liam. "I would not know. With the Taelons and the professor around it is." said the unit worker. "And it is a trip. Here we go." said Lili standing in the middle of the portal. Liam and street join her. The unit worker sets the co-ordinates and also joins them in the middle of the portal. The portal sends the four of them into different directions. Lili to unit headquarters, Talia to the Australian section of Washington, DC. Liam to the flat planet and the unit worker to Gallifrey.Boone arrived via a portal on the new taelon homeworld and is now talking to David. "To think no one on earth would believe how Ro'ha has changed to a better taelon." said Boone. "I know. He has devoted most of his life to help the professor in the future of the taelon race." said David. "What is with the clouds going over the professor's green eyes?" asked Boone. "I don't know, I have the only way to explain it. It could be taelon." said David who wasn't actually sure.


         Da'an was now watching what the council was doing to help the professor. She had left her body. Above the council is the professor's taelon like state. Even Da'an is moved at the beautiful sight above him. May be there was something more to the professor. The excuse it has something to do with the ancient ones the descendants of the timelords won't work now. It was the fact that the professor has something in her heritage thought Da'an or may be something else entirely. The powers of the universe was now flowing into the professor. Boone goes up to Da'an and brings him back a bit away from what was happening. "There is something, I don't comprehend. What was the professor doing standing over me in the mothership and on the new taelon homeworld. Can't or do you know why?" asked Da'an. "A year ago , when Zo'or got the volunteers to arrest the resistance members and yourself. What ever was done your was absorbed by the professor. She actually carried you to a shuttle, which took you to the new taelon homeworld. She nearly died giving her life energy to restore you. As you were probably aware, I was a resistance member. The only difference is I was misdirected. The professor cares much more about humanity as you do may be more , than she does for herself. Even preserving the taelon race. Your scientist couldn't solve the mystery why your race was dying. It takes the last of your kind," Da'an is shocked because Boone means the professor," Yes, that's right you know who I am talking about. There was 3 message crystals not one. Even though, I found one. Ma'el, left three. One for the synod, one his descendants and the last one for a very important event. Think why there is something about James which is different , something taelon. What do you sense from the professor? Something that should be timelord but you couldn't put your finger on it. Think what did I miss or that we missed in Ma'el's tomb. Apart from the giving gifts to humans." said Boone. "This can't be. The tomb was constantly checked for a few months. There could not been anything missed." said Da'an. "Your mentor was also one of that created a new genetic line on earth. It will soon come full circle as it should be." said Boone. "You cannot mean!" said Da'an.  "What Zo'or has known or even speculated is true. Ma'el of course you know is a taelon of old." said Boone. "You mean he fathered children." said Da'an who was a little more than shocked and surprised. "Yes. His descendent will evolve into a taelon, she will is a human, then evolve into a taelon hundreds of years from now. Your future is linked with the professor. you will know soon enough." said Boone. "I thought, I was the last taelon to be born." said Da'an. "You are in a sense. If you must know, the professor is evolving even more so since, she was kidnapped. The professor may not of been born a taelon she will die as one." said Boone. "Is there anything I may do?" asked Da'an. Boone shook his head as he did not know. The professor could hear the beautiful singing of the guardians it was Gavorian chanting. It was calling her to their dimension but it was not the right time. Da'an goes over to where the professor's body is lying and holds her right hand. The professor returned to her body. She wasn't all there on one level on another she was. The professor could see from appeared to be a distance a smiling Da'an but everything was going fussy again. Tho'rn gave her glasses it helped a bit. All the professor said "What is my taelon name it can't be forever denied to me."

        The commonality was now stable not whole but it soon would be. James knew little Ma'el would be on his way and some how to try and make sure that Sandoval never found out. Dr. Eurberry Emessary had monitored the pregnancy . The baby would be taelon thanks to her Gallifreyian DNA. The planets were almost a lined, the guardians, the elders and other aliens races were waiting for such a long time. In fact since the birth of the hope followed two thousand years later by the one. They had been awaiting several centuries now.

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