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          "Before, I found out the council needed my help. There was James and myself. We have an almost complete human who has over her life to be an ancient timelord in some ways like an ancient taelon to a point. And a being caring all the DNA of all the Taelons whether they are lost or not. The Gallifreyians I choose were perfect. I could have started my own taelon race but I'm not creator of the universe. You cannot appear to be or act like a god to humanity. You heard me. I have been keeping close tags on you than you think. They will start to ask questions a lot of questions. Sooner or later. They didn't ask when I fixed the problem you started with the hunt for Jonathan Doors." Said the professor. "Marshall law was Thompson's idea not mine." Said Zo'or. "From the master to the horse. I bet you liked your little puppet. I needed that a week ago, as for Thompson he was safe but the real government people arranged for his kidnapping. Don't blame things on humans, not all of them know better. You made it possible for Bel'i to no longer be. If I had been allowed to see Da'an earlier Bel'i would not been an issue. He know who I was and even in my first life as an ancient one back before the taelon homeworld orbited the sun by itself but in double planetary orbit. With the ancient ones home world, the distant descendants of the timelords. Many different races were awaiting my arrival this time. I had been told I became the second timelord born and actually being born and not from a loom. My parents were one Gallifreyian who was not a timelord and a half-human. I was the myth, which had come to life. From what my father's second wife who I over heard before I was 50 had said to one of the timelords who lived in same house of Lungbarrow. Two thousand years before the hope had been born. Were you worried the myth had come true. Is it why you prevented it so far." Said the professor.

         "But how I can not longer prevent it. I was wrong about you. You are a taelon but in another form. But what was Ma'el keeping and thinking he could get away with what he did." Said Zo'or. "Ma'el did the things that were required of him. The rest proves he was an individual and I'm proud he started my existence. Which technically means the taelon race did not end with Ma'el or yourself,  "looking at Zo'or's eyes who began to see a lot more than he had before," Mullets are like family, like family you can't throw then away. I have excepted over time being related to one species, to every single in that species. You have notice traits. My anger comes from you. But my compassion comes from my father as for patience that comes from my timelord DNA. As we wait a long, time to seek out revenge. But Tho'rn has taught me that it's best to keep my enemies at arms length. As for you, I have had to be closer. I have my eyes and ears everywhere. All I have left for you is pity and I feel a great sadness from you it has been with you since you left the homeworld." Said the professor. "I have never had a great adversary as you. But I can't still think why you did not take the opportunity to kill me." Said Zo'or. "If I were to kill a dalek or something more the less, it would not bother me. I would still feel your death. I hear the commonality, I can almost feel it." Said the professor. "I know it's calling out for you. Even the Synod and the commonality is distance from me when Thompson ordered the Marshall law." Said Zo'or. "Too much power for you to handle. When will you ever find peace within yourself." Said the Professor. That had stuck a cord with Zo'or. The professor now seemed distant as she could hear screams of pain it was Thompson he soon would be dead. The professor could hear Joshua doors screaming no and nothing else. The resistance must have handed him over to the unit workers in the states. Joshua Doors would soon be in the unit headquarters. Already a Dalek warrior was zapping him every 15 minutes.

         Meanwhile in unit, headquarters James was seeing if Sandoval was all right, who know seemed more human than he did when he was dragged off the mothership.The old Liam was there. James was outside his cell but could not hear what was being said outside. "Liam, is he alright, I mean you have made sure he has not seem you while he was under control of his old CVI." Asked James. "Actually when we could tell the new CVI the professor put in. He started asking for you. He really must care about you. For some reason he asked for some paper then he wrote a letter to Da'an saying he was sorry that he had stopped protecting him. Are you carrying two of the three Taelons?" Asked old man Liam. "Actually, all three. In weeks time they will be removed on the mothership. Dr. Euberry is going to help me in a few months time. To give Da'an and the professor a child. Ma'el. It was not possible before but it is now." Said James. "Are you going to tell Ronald about this?" Asked Liam. "Only child for Da'an and the professor. It won't be to long before their friendship will return. I am glad I am here as Zo'or's trial will start in a few hours." Said James who opened the door to speak to Sandoval.

           The old man walks off to another area. The members of the council take their seats as Tho'rn heads off to go and bring Zo'or to the trial.


         "I do not know or ever will." Said Zo'or.

        "But Taelons are content most of the time. Unless something drastic happens. Your mourning for Qu'on was only a day. It took me a month to mourn him. As my mourning for Ro'ha it took me a week. I wish I were there to see him off, "the professor puts her head down for a second and then brings it back up," he was one of my dearest friends. Your little empire will crumble eventually. With my help, the Taelon Empire is gaining ground. If you did not ask for my help the Juridians would have wiped you and humanity out three years ago." Said the professor. "I must know did you bring my child, Zo're into being for spite or was it for another reason?" asked Zo'or. "No, I did because ever you, your DNA must continue. The difference is I added a little of my own taelon DNA so she will not be violent like you. I treated Volunteer Annie who was at the rough end of the attack. I told you of the benefic meditation to remove your anger. As for Annie, she is working for unit without her CVI and other implants. I am glad you did not hit one of the unit workers." Said the professor. "You need me ?" Asked Zo'or. "As much as you need me. If this keeps up it will be for a lifetime. I will out live you and so will Da'an." Said the professor. This put fear in Zo'or and it was something that he did not like this new emotion could be dangerous. "I see." Said Zo'or who seemed a little confused and on the other hand impressed by his adversary.

        They could see Tho'rn approaching them from afar. "I will be your council, but as a member of the taelon council I will also be your prosecutor. I have asked that I be kept out of the final decision of your end. I know my destiny and that is not apart of it." Said the professor. "Will, you be taking me to trial in chains?" Asked Zo'or. "No, I will be holding your arm until we place you at the stand." Said the professor who was beginning to fade the Jaridians were near the sound wave was approaching even Zo'or could feel it arriving but is still not sure what it is. "Tho'rn does not have me in the highest regard." Said Zo'or.  "He knows what you have done, even to me. Tho'rn had me in high regard as he knows and understands...," The professor stops and nearly falls to the ground. She puts her right hand on her face. Face goes pale then it turns into the natural Taelon State. Even Da'an's hands and face go to the natural taelon state. This puzzles Da'an. The sound waves are weak even Zo'or can hear them," What I will become. You have noticed I am like a taelon in natural state. It happens because some Juridians have something against me. Taelon DNA I have and the sound waves are aimed at my energy pattern. If I intervened on the final decision your life would be in my hands." Said The professor who is leaning against Zo'or's cell. "What would you do with my life?" Asked Zo'or. "You would have to two choices leave Da'an alone forever, or I put you in a shuttle and leave you to your own devices. The destination would by my choice. Not yours." Said the professor. "Why not put me into a shuttle and set the destination now." Said Zo'or. "I can't and those who truly support you, that would end up putting you on probation. That means your safe on the mothership with myself watching over you. You can't leave the mothership for a function unless I am there. Once the war with the Juridians is over and the earth recovers. Your fate will be finally decided." Said the professor. For that one brief moment Zo'or thought he saw himself in the professor. This made him calm down.

        "Da'an still has yet to know who you are. When he does, I would be ready for his accusations. But yours are easily anticipated and excepted. I could not meddle with you again. I do regret misleading and brain washing Da'an as you put it. I feared the myth becoming true. I had chosen not to believe before the events of the last month. I believe but still do not except fully." Said Zo'or.The professor knew Zo'or meant he could not except her evolving into a taelon, even with hair. The professor's face returns to her normal appearance. Da'an could feel the sound waves at least it did not effect him. He now new it was the Juridians sending it. Who it was for he did not know. But for a brief moment before the professor returned to her natural form Da'an's hands and face reverted to the back to the humanoid appearance. Tho'rn was now standing in front of them both. "It is time." Said Tho'rn.

        Tho'rn opens the Cell. Zo'or stands up and walks out. The professor gently grabs Zo'or's right arm and Tho'rn grabs Zo'or's left arm. The three of them slowly walk to the middle of the planet. Where the trial had been set up. Joshua Doors had finally been transferred to the Brisbane unit headquarters. From the end of the floor, James could hear his screams every 15 minutes. So, James leaves Sandoval for a few moments. James walks up to the humanoid dalek warrior. "Can you probe him every half hour as I am trying to help agent Sandoval recover." Said James. "I will do so." Said the dalek warrior who seemed more like a drone than the volunteers with their CVI's and other implanted technologies.

        James returns to Sandoval to help him to continue with his progress. On the new taelon home world, the professor stopped walking. Realizing this so did Zo'or and Tho'rn stop. The professor could hear screams of pain from the other side of the universe. It was the screams of the former President Thompson. After ten minutes of screaming, it stopped. Former President Thompson was dead. They had finally caught up with him and this time it was not any taelon who had arranged his death but someone with in the real American government who had arranged it. The professor resumes walking and so does Tho'rn and Zo'or. The trial area was now in view. The rest of the council, Da'an , David , Doors and Boone stood up. The other beings in the outer area continued to sit. Those who were standing looked at The professor, Tho'rn and Zo'or. A shocked look was on Da'an's face as he saw Zo'or being brought to the stand. Tho'rn let go and the professor put Zo'or behind the stand. Then went to join Tho'rn and Boone outside the circle of chairs for the council.

          Boone is the first to talk. A translator has been set up for the visiting diplomats. "We are here today, to see that the crimes, Zo'or taelon synod leader has done on earth, against his own fellow Taelons and one timelord. The trial is not only to find that Zo'or is guilty it is also to find that power and corruption is something that a taelon of his background should not have. I am here as a citizen of the universe since I am officially dead thanks to Zo'or. As you can see I am not dead thanks to the professor." Said Boone. Zo'or is surprised that Boone is alive to his disbelief. "I have according to custom brought back a taelon that was forced to take human a DNA strain. This made him something else a pre-ancient taelon. Less dangerous than an atavus. Since the guardians are not here. We can continue without them at this stage." Said Tho'rn. "Please be seated." Said Boone.

           Tho'rn goes to his seat. The council members bow. Including the professor. "The trial begins now. I first call up Ro'ha, former synod member of the great taelon empire." Said the professor. Ro'ha gets up from his seat from the outer area. He walks up to the professor. They do the usual taelon greeting. Ro'ha gives the professor a hug which is not normal for a taelon to do. They both blush. The professor's hair turns a taelon blue. Then finally Ro'ha grabs the professor's hand gently. The blushing stops. Ro'ha smiles. Knows her time to join the commonality is soon. The professor smiles to like Da'an. Which angers Zo'or no end. "It's almost your time." Said Ro'ha whispers and only the professor can hear him.

        "You may begin by giving evidence and the asking of questions." Said The professor who turn to see a smiling Da'an which made the professor blush then return to her natural form.
Ro'ha walks up near to Zo'or and stands directly in his eyesight. This unnerves Zo'or. Ro'ha prepares his mind for the task at hand. Zo'or does not know what is going to happen.


        "I had, repetitively asked Zo'or to be posted in Australia as the representative of the Taelons. But you said there were tasks that are more important for me. Time went on until you asked for a volunteer among the Taelons who weren't assigned on earth. I accepted not knowing what it was for. Before you came to see me off to the next level. The professor came to see me," Zo'or could see this in his mind," On the second and final visit she removed the anger from the human DNA that I could not control. The professor absorbed it. I was left with the human DNA but without the anger. I feel the professor is truly more taelon than you are Zo'or. Why did you at first, think I was the best candidate to take the human DNA? Or was there another taelon more better suited or was I another one of your inconveniences to your over all plans. It was not a step forward in helping the taelon race but a step back before the Taelons gained reason." Said Ro'ha. The sounds from the outer areas of the trial of shock could be heard. Even Da'an was shocked at these revelations. The professor was not surprised. She new of all the projects even the ones Da'an did not know about. The professor new Zo'or to well to be shocked. This was nothing new to the professor. "You, weren't the best taelon for it. I was the best candidate as the professor said it would neutralize my anger and it would not of worked to plan. Any taelon not part of the master plan is disposable. Like Be'lie. I did not come to have to have mere conversations with humans. It was my idea to come to earth to save the taelon race from extinction." Said Zo'or. The professor remembers that conversation. Zo'or wanted to make sure Da'an was not in complete involvement the little the better Zo'or wanted. He wanted someone who was objective in the project. To think the professor was the only one that could of helped Ro'ha and made the project a success but it was a failure because Zo'or rejected the professor's theory, at that time.

       Who knows what Zo'or's thoughts on the matter now. Thought the professor. Then again Zo'or's mind was no place she wanted to be. But since she was the only one who was telepathic the professor had no choice to do so to make sure Zo'or was not lying. In fact, Zo'or did not know that they professor was doing this. It was not the instructions of the council but of the guardians. Too much of this could be drastic to the professor and to who ever she shares her life energy with. Very few people and alien beings new she was doing this but they were worried that the strain could be too much. As a Juridian, ship was spotted near the end of the Gallifreyian space. Boone, David and Tho'rn knew. If it gets any worse Da'an could be affected. The Juridian ship that was heading for the new taelon home world is a planet destroyer that just happens to have the sound wave on board to use against the professor. The Juridians on the ship believe if they take out the professor then they can destroy the Taelons. David and Tho'rn know of the consequences if that happens. Many alien races that never liked each other would come and destroy the Juridians.


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