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       The professor knew she would soon take up the third place. Da'an and Liam were also part of it.  Why couldn't I of been a normal timelord. Thought the professor. There was something more to this. Why would Zo'or bring me out of a sound attack that bad. It's not like he saw me at the funeral of William Boone all those years ago. I wished I could have stopped the Juridian clone. The professor knew the trial would be inconclusive. Ro'ha came over to see if the professor was all right. He gives her a hug. They both speak in whispers. "You saw, them didn't you. They are in another dimension." Said Ro'ha. "Yes, I did. They said they would come back for me and finished the tribunal." Said the professor. "Don't worry, I will make sure I will go with you. They would need an explanation why I am a live at this time." Said Ro'ha. "Tho'rn did a nice thing for me by bringing you back. But I don't think some how Zo'or appreciated it." Said the professor. Ro'ha laughs at this.

          Zo'or is not amused. Ro'ha returns to his seat. Everyone is seated and the professor prepared for the next round of questioning for Zo'or. Da'an wonders why the professor was not at Ro'ha's trial or why the synod did not ask her to represent him. Da'an believes the professor could of done something for Ro'ha. It was a shock and relief to see Ro'ha alive. The synod was divided before the trial, know they all supported the professor. Even Zo'or's many supporters no longer supported him. From the tribunal of what Zo'or had seen he know understood the importance of the professor. She was not just there to make sure he did something that was against taelon nature. She is there to prevent the downfall of the Taelon Empire and the destruction of earth. Zo'or had come to realize, the earth was important even to the taelon master plan.


        "I would of preferred you to see Joshua Doors, but then he requested to see Qu'on." Said Zo'or. "Why me?" Asked the professor. "It was about time he met the Gallifreyian ambassador. It was Qu'ons idea that you see Joshua Doors but it was to late for you to be contacted at short notice." Said Zo'or. "I don't think that will be a problem now." Said the professor who could hear Joshua Doors screaming across the universe. Her look on her face disturbed Zo'or as it reminded of himself watching a human being tortured. Some how Zo'or just knew that the professor had Joshua doors in the unit facilities on earth. That looks on the professor's face that would be something that would take thousands of years to forget. Luckily Da'an did not see it. Of course, it was the taelon DNA finally interlocking with her other DNA strains. The professor could be three things good, evil and neither. That was part of a trait of an ancient Taelon before joining with Ha'gel's race. To the disturbed Zo'or he thought what was this alien in front of him. Not a diplomatic timelord. But that what perfection does to one race trying to get perfection for their own and getting something that was unexpected. "Did you destroy the Russian facilities?" Asked Zo'or. "I wish I did but when I got there someone had already did it for me. Besides, no you know I am better than that." Said the professor who stopped looking at Zo'or and returned her face to the calm appearance she started with.

        Meanwhile on earth...........

        James finished talking with Sandoval who was now resting. The old Liam was already in the professor's office. It was the middle of the afternoon it was a Friday. The human staff had been sent home for the day as for the Gallifreyian staff only a few stayed around for security the rest had gone to the new taelon homeworld for the trial of Zo'or. She goes to see old Liam who was in the professor's office. James walks in and closes the door to the professor's office so none of the unit staff will over hear. They both sit down. "Why have you asked me here? I would do better fighting on the taelon empire border or on dalek inhabited planet having some fun." Asked James. "Some thing we thought that could never happen before the professor be part of the commonality. The guardians made contact with the professor after a Juridian sound attack but on the new taelon homeworld. They were apparently using the professor to bring the guardians into our reality , to our dimension which in turn would give them access to all the Taelons and destroy them." Said the old Liam. "This is not good, not good at all. The alliance will hear of this. They will not be impressed. They have asked that Jonathan Doors to be made a member of the alliance. As we already have Augur. Does she know about my place with the guardians?" Said James.

        "Partly, but the professor has more pressing issues to attend to. When is the next meeting of the alliance?" asked Old Liam. "Shortly, I would have preferred it to be after the trial. They have approved Da'an's induction to the alliance. They can see he is the future for what the taelon will become." said James."I won't be there. Once Da'an looks at me he will know who I am a lot quicker than remembering the professor. But let the alliance know my two votes are for the increase of the peacekeeper fleets and if I know what the professor decides. They must have at least two taelon council members to watch Zo'or on the mothership." Said Old Liam. "I will inform them. The alliance has decided that the meeting will be on a Gallifrey. As the last time we had it , on earth a Juridian cruiser turned up and appeared in the northern American skies. Some how they found out we had the meeting here. Luckily, the professor was on earth at the time or we would not have a chance in hell of surviving." Said James. "I guess you are going now? If I were you , I would visit the professor's moon. As my present, self and Augur are there . I am not sure how long they will stay put." Said Old Liam. "I will. Make sure , the brat is still in his cell. I will return soon. I am not sure how long the meeting will be. Once the trial is over , we must return Sandoval back on the mothership with the new CVI the professor made." Said James. Who ran out of the room and into the car park. James jumps into the specially made shuttle and heads for the Gallifreyian space. Old Liam walks down the hallway to a secluded and sealed off area.

        He could now hear Joshua doors screaming. When he gets to his door Old Liam hits the door and says" keep it down in there". The dalek warrior leaves Joshua Door's cell and goes for a cup of tea and some biscuits. Old Liam enters the cell. Joshua Doors cowers and backs into a corner. "No, I am not going to hurt you. Please sit, down if you can. "Joshua sits down." Do you know why you are here ?" Asked Old Liam. "I am not sure. But, those unit workers as they called themselves. Said I was brought here for charges and something to do with making my father look like a criminal in front of the world. Nothing new. I would of thought." Said Joshua. "You, know you were convicted fairly in a court preceding. I am not sure what the professor will do to you. I think the fair thing to do is hand you over to Zo'or but, I know I am wrong. You will spend your life fighting an alien race that you have never heard of. You will be fighting for your life. Unless your father and the professor , and including the earth can forgive you. You will return to earth if not , you will never see it again." Said Old Liam.

         This time Joshua doors said nothing. He was actually frightened by the idea. And why didn't anyone tell him that there was another alien on the planet with her own embassy who apparently had nothing to do with the Taelons unofficially. He had heard other Taelons talking about this professor who had more access on the mothership than a volunteer. What he didn't understand why were their unit workers on the mothership. They didn't have CVI's but then again they were working for Da'an. What was odd to Joshua that the fact that Australia and a small circle of nations were not under the control of the Taelons. Even projects are banned. Unless the professor is in charge of them. Even then, she lets the public know what she is doing and publishing the reports. "I am going now. You can have a rest. The dalek warrior won't be back for awhile. " Said Old Liam who left Joshua Door's cell. Old Liam went to the communications room. To see what of the latest events of Zo'or's trial. James lands on the professor's moon. Augur and Liam hurry out to see who it is. Thinking that the professor has returned. Augur is happy to see his friend. "James, here to visit me and my friend Liam?" Asked a happy Augur. "I wish it were a social call. Augur the meeting will start shortly. It's important that you are there this time." Said James. "I understand. I am sorry Liam but I have to go." Said Augur. "What you're just going to leave me here?" Asked Liam. "You can go down to the new taelon home world just don't say anything while the trial is going on." Said James. "But I have been waiting here for two weeks." Said Liam frustrated."I know and I am sorry you have been waiting for this long." Said James.
Before James leaves, she sets the portal co-ordinates for the new taelon home world.

          Augur and James enter the shuttle. It goes off to Gallifrey, which easily be seen from any of the moons in the area. Meanwhile back on the new taelon homeworld. The trial is now nearing the end but not quite.Liam is now on the new taelon homeworld and seated behind some Gallifreyian diplomats. He still can't believe that portal was quicker than the ones on earth. Boone stands up. "The final topic of discussion is Ha'gel and some of you are thinking he supposedly caused my death. As you can see, I am not dead. Professor." Said Boone. "Thank you, Boone. Ha'gel where do I start. hmm," the professor is pretending to stall", I recognized the pod, and I let him out for a little while. I exchanged DNA with him. Then I put him back. Excelled his pod further in time to make sure just in  case the Taelons arrived early. I think Zo'or knows how I was feeling that day. It was the day after I was banned to return to the taelon homeworld or to see let alone speak to a taelon. But I guess that changes when you arrived earlier than expected. I was letting history happen." Said the professor. Zo'or looks into the mind of the professor she shows him something that disturbs him and a warning to keep out of there. It was nearly time for the council without her to discuss Zo'or's fate.


            Tho'rn stands up. It seems he has had enough of the trial. "This trial has gone as far it as it will at this time. The council will now agree to discuss what has been said over the last couple of days." Said Tho'rn. The council go off to another part of the moon, while the professor stays behind and sits in front of Zo'or so he can not leave. "What makes you so sure the ruling will be favorable?" Said Zo'or. "It all depends on what I say. And you thought you're the only one with the power. But I don't let it get to my mind." Said the Professor. "I sensed something from you, something......." Said Zo'or who stopped in mid-sentence. "Something, unlike yourself." Said the professor. "Yes." Said Zo'or. But it only frightened Zo'or which normally takes a guardian to do that. The professor gets up on the table. She is sitting crossed legged on the table in front of Zo'or. The professor is wearing her silver suit, taelon blue ground length coat, and her cape is on the table on her left. "I am getting sick and tired of pretending to be the official neutral ambassador who does nothing but be at building openings and new government ventures in the states for new taelon technologies. There are a lot more thing, than even you know that I do." Said the professor. "I know of some of your many things that you do for the different alien species." Said Zo'or. "I am a terrorist for some. I am something more for the Taelons and you can't admit it. Come on, what am I for the Taelons? But I think Ma'el said it best. I am one of the greater of two hopes for the survival of the taelon race. Now, why did you ask for my help four years ago after making it possible for the integrating of Taelons on earth." Said the professor. "We were nearly abilatherated by the Juridians. It was Qu'on who has asked if you could be contacted. Your not the easiest alien to find. Our resources were stretched, you were our last hope." Said Zo'or. "I keep the Juridians at bay. I prefer you to not have sent volunteers via the portal system to one of my bases. The peacekeepers did not know what was going on. What the hell was Major Kincaid doing with them. Was he spying on me for you. To make sure I was doing my job well!" Said the professor. "I did not know the major was there. I was making the best of a situation by using the volunteers from Da'an program!" Said Zo'or. "By doing that if something goes wrong I am left to clean up the pieces. It does not make your more loved by most of the world. By doing this." Said the professor. "What makes you so sure, your can sway their opinion it make it favorable?" Asked Zo'or. "You don't have the power to call up the guardians do you ? No, you don't. They could do something worse than I would ever could do to you." Said the professor. "Why do you have Joshua Doors imprisoned near the Gallifreyian embassy?" Asked Zo'or. "Ah, so you heard his screams. The fact that I get your anger and that something more I got from my taelon DNA. Something like that can't be hidden." Said the professor. Liam and Boone return to the trial area.

         "Excuse me professor, but Lili is getting restless on your moon." Said Boone. "I don't think it would be appropriate for her to be here would not be good. How did she handle being around the American pilot." said the professor. "She still believes him to be the a former actor of the show with submarines." Said Boone. "I was having a chat with Zo'or. He can't believe I can prevent the taelon council from becoming atavi. I felt Da'an being removed from the commonality a year ago. It was not a good day for me." Said the professor. "Well, he's wrong. The council is stable with your help. But you have been brought into the commonality things will align." Said Boone. "You were undisputed when Da'an turned into a ativas so you could not help him." Said Zo'or. "I would not be disposed if you had not suggested to go to the Juridian home world. A lot of good it did me. The Juridians did not listen to me so I bombed one of their major part of their empire. You didn't think I had a dark side but it only comes from you, Zo'or. I guess you would never this again in a being who will be a taelon." Said the professor who showed her glowing hands to Zo'or who is a little a back he does not know what if she will fire on him. "I don't think the professor is going to kill you. She would have done it along time ago." Said Liam. "Just because I know how to kill a taelon, that does not mean I want to do it or ever want to." Said the professor.

        The professor could see the signal on Gallifrey the alliance meeting was going well with no interruptions from pesky Juridians. "Were did the council go?" Asked Liam. "Deciding my fate." Said Zo'or. "Excluding me , you two," The professor calling out to the two Gallifreyian peace keepers," Watch Zo'or for me. Visiting Lili, I must go." Said the professor. The professor hops off the table, taking her cape with her. Walks over to Boone making sure Liam can't hear her. "Liam better come with us, there is no way I am leaving him with Zo'or, this isn't the mothership. Liam may say the wrong thing and could loose what I have worked so hard for." Said the professor. "You will return shortly?" asked Zo'or. "Yes, I will. I won't neglect you. Liam, Boone let's go to see Lili. I don't think the American pilot can handle talking for  so much longer after two weeks with Lili." Said the professor.


        All three walk off to the portal. The professor enters in the code. With in seconds they are on the professor's moon. "Where have you guys been? Professor, why have I been on this moon of yours for the past two weeks. I could be doing something constructive. Then Talk to some American who looks like that actor from the submarine show." Said Lili who was glad to see them. A few seconds later David arrives via the portal system but from Gallifrey. There was a secret portal in the house of Lungbarrow that no one knew about expect for three people. "David, nice to see you again. How are you ?" Asked Lili who seemed really glad to see David as they had become friends since the mothership was in control of the professor. "I'm well. Things have improved on earth. From reports, I received. Another 20,000 Gallifreyians have joined the peacekeepers. So earth has more ships ready and waiting for the Juridians. We are not going to take any chances. Next time don't send any of your resistance people with volunteers next time. Because some peace keepers got confused and was not sure what was going on." Said David. "David, I think it would be reasonable and up date Lili. About what is going on with the alliance. Boone will you walk with me? Liam you may go with David and Lili or just look up at the night sky. It's different from earth but similar to the sky Ha'gel use to look at." Said the professor.

          Boone and the Professor walk off into another direction. Boone and the Professor stop walking. They can see Gallifrey in front of them. "I don't know how long I can take this. I am being pulled in so many directions. I am not sure who I really am any more." Said the professor who sits down on the purple grass and looks at her hands. "Your more together with yourself , than Zo'or is assure of himself. I think you can't believe the fact Zo'or is really on trial. You can't stand the fact you can't deal with him yourself." Said Boone. "That's easy for you to say. You're human. You are right. I would rather hand him over to the Juridians. But it's not as simple as that. It's more complicated." Said the professor. "Of course, you would feel his death. And even without the commonality." Said Boone. "For my case, it would just numb it. Nothing more. I felt Qu'ons death more. But if anything should happen to Da'an. Most of the universe would pull itself apart . Then bang. Very little of the universe would survive. When you have most of the universe in side of you. I would explode afterwards. The picture changes." Said the Professor. "Your still worried about the out come of the trial , aren't you?" Asked Boone."Yes, I am. I think I will have to make my vote count even though I said I would not interfere. Of course I want revenge against Zo'or but this way is not one of them. There are other ways of dealing with him. I have been using them since I was told never to make contact with any taelon." Said the professor. "But that changed when they arrived , too early. That explains , it. You were testing Zo'or by tampering with the mothership. But I hardly saw you on there." Said Boone. "Well, I did while you slept. Timelords have smaller sleeping times. I was there more times when you were awake. If it helps I wore a cape." Said the professor who is know looking at Gallifrey. "Ah, your the one who visited Zo'or. You are full of more mysteries than I know." Said Boone. "I want to show you what the moons, Gallifrey and one sun at night looks like. It looks better in the purple/orange taelon sky." Said the professor. "Sure." Said Boone.

         They walk to the portal unnoticed by Lili, David, and Liam. "You, really, care about preserving the taelon race." Said Boone. "I, do. It is something beautiful. When Zo'or is out of the picture. He only shows the Taelons in a bad light. Zo'or isn't exactly jaded. But he is only lost and sad. I don't think even at this later stage he can helped. He can only help himself. I will help him to become a better taelon when he comes to ask me. Not before." said the professor. Boone noticed that the professor was once again smiling like Da'an. They were so a like. But he thought that was something very few people and alien beings noticed. He thought how could two different alien beings who grow up in different times and cultures could be so similar and in some ways so different. No two beings could be a contradiction in terms. The professor puts in the code in the side of the portal. The only American pilot for unit walks up to the professor making sure Lili did not see him. "You escaped, from the marine." Said the professor in  a sarcastic but funny way. "Yes, I did," he laughs, then stops," I am going to return to earth. I have been requested to the unit head quarters. James asked me to keep an eye on Sandoval, before and when he is returned to the mothership. So no one of Zo'or's loyal drones don't change his CVI. We don't want to loose him." Said the American pilot. "Your right. At least with my adjustments with the CVI he appears to be loyal to Zo'or while at work and when he is away from work . Is only interested in James." Said the professor."Oh, I almost forgot to give you this." Said the American pilot who hands the professor a clipping from the Gallifreyian embassy newspaper. It reads " The engagement of former Volunteer Annie to Maryious a employee of unit and of the Gallifreyian ambassador. Both families are full of joy of the news. A formal apology from a taelon spokesperson to Annie was issued three days ago" The news article was dated four days ago
"I am glad. But I am not sure how appropriate it is inviting two aliens to the wedding." Said the professor. "Well, they did say you were invited but as for Larry the Australian Taelon. No. The family on both sides prefers you. That's just there opinions. I have sent a message to James she has to listen to the radio. Sandoval has paid an Australian radio station to play a song and say a question. I am glad he is thinking for himself again." Said the American pilot who ran quickly to the special shuttle he was issued. Both the professor and Boone jump into the middle of the portal. In a few moments later, they were both on the new taelon home world. Da'an unnoticed slipped away from the council discussions. It is not known if a taelon can be bored by such things.

        Da'an's ability to sense the professor had improved. She brought him here. He knew she had returned. The professor and Boone went to the far side of the taelon new home world. It took them a good ten minutes. Da'an was far behind following but making sure he could not be seen. Boone sits down on the strange looking bench, while the professor chooses to stand. Da'an finally reached where Boone and the professor were. He kept to the shadows preferring not to be seen at this time. "I think your right, the view of the moons, the sun and Gallifrey are wonderful at night. It's sort of the same way I feel when I look at the earth's moon. You have something on your mind, I don't mind please tell me. I have very few worries now a days. " Said Boone. "I kept hiding in the shadows, doing many things for many alien races, through out my life.  There are something's I wished I never have done and some I should have done. Even from this distance, I could even destroy the Juridian homeworld and empire. I just can't at this time of my life. Very soon, I will disable their systems. For my 749 years, I have felt many deaths . I do not need to have more deaths on my soul. Up and `til now I did not want to be known. Some how the Juridians have found out who and what I will become. Just like Zo'or they fear and don't understand my presence. It's not a nice way to find out your own people's dirty little secret. It's normal for a timelord to have 12 strains of DNA.  Not the many millions of millions that I have. Were do you put your loyalty. It makes it more difficult when you're related to one entire race not a small piece as for the rest.  My loyalties are divided. It's easy for you, Boone your loyalty is to being part of humanity. Humanity pulls me one way. Another way pulls me by the taelon race. I am pulled a third way to make sure nothing goes wrong and no changes are made. I still have to report to other beings. I am still not free, once the war with the Juridians is over then, and only then, I can be free. To be part of the council and maintain peace while being part of it." Said the professor. This is surprising for Da'an. All this is new for him. He continues to listen unnoticed. "Surely when your part of the commonality, the Juridians would be prevented from attacking you. But what about the history books and Tho'rn ?" Asked Boone "History books are wrong! They were written that way to prevent me to remember something that had yet to happen. Also to prevent the Juridians and the Taelons from getting the upper hand. According to the history books you read. Written by timelords say there was no fourth party in the taelon/Juridian/human war. But they were written by timelords who went to the future as the Gallifreyian involvement was covered up. Except some how I turned up around 2010 just before the war, began. The Taelon Empire was almost crushed before I was contacted to help. "Da'an can not believe his ears and can't believe Zo'or would lie and say the empire was still strong when it was not," I will reduce the Juridian population to a controllable level. Gallifreyian females would be sent in to help the population. No Juridians can leave without permission from the peacekeepers. Humanity has only realized what a timelord can do." said the professor. "With the destruction of that Juridian cruiser. The Northern Hemisphere realized, there really was a friendly alien. Once doors got in contact with you, you became a player in the fight for earth." Said Boone. "I was contacted on the behalf of Qu'on who had no idea that the taelon empire was crumbling. Zo'or did not let Qu'on ever know how bad it was. After Zo'or put his ego away he told me what was the taelon races sadness. It was no the fact they needed breeders. It was the fact from a race, which had four million beings, was reduced to five hundred thousand. Even with my help not including the Taelons on the mothership, the colony and the council on the new taelon homeworld. The taelon race has less than 300 Taelons. Of some I have brought back to the colony and out of the few I brought back I took two here.

          To the new taelon homeworld. All the ones I could bring back could not understand why Zo'or was synod leader. Most of them were surprised that I did not take my so-called proper place on the synod to make sure Da'an or another taelon would be synod leader. To keep the balance. I told them I could not. I asked of them those who don't support Zo'or make it impossible to get things done. In the colony Zo'or has very few supporters. News about earth is few and far between. When I can see them they wish to see Zo'or removed from the Synod." Said the professor. "What about the Australian companion as synod leader? He is among the many who back the taelon synod." Said Boone. "Ko'sh or Larry as I call him need more support from the colony representatives. Many of them still support Zo'or and exist on the mothership. Bel'i was running away from supporters of Zo'or they are cruel but not cruel as Zo'or he is worse at times. Because of the great distance were they are. They are able to remember who I am. All of Zo'or's supporters off world are weak of course in a different ways. Just because I staying on earth you would think I would have had a choose even Da'an does not know all of that has gone on since the arrival." Said the professor. Da'an leaned closer to hear better but the shadows kept his presence hidden. Even the professor did not realize how close he was but then again, she had a lot of things worrying her. "Da'an can't of been blissfully aware" Said Boone. "He did not know, you were in fact alive and only one light year away. He barely knows were his workers on the mothership are from or sent by. Nor the fact I have more than a million ships ready to protect earth. I may be protecting the Taelon Empire. But the bringing back to life of the taelon homeworld is more important, "Da'an is surprised but smiles as the thought that the homeworld was once alive fill him with joy. The professor turns to the shadows Da'an moved back so he can not be seen," It would make every living taelon happy," The professor's alien green eyes can see Da'an's glowing eyes," Da'an!." Said a shocked professor who thought Da'an had been there for a few sections. The professor jumps a back. Her voice was more of a happy surprise in it. The professor knew it was time that she give her response, she was going to do something that she would not of done in a million years. She was going to free Zo'or but under her terms.  The council still was debating Zo'or's future. But Tho'rn new the professor will step forward and say what she needs to. He was letting history happen. Boone gave the professor a look of reassurance. The professor smiled at the angelic expression of Da'an. He had no idea what was to take place.


         "Boone, I have to tell Tho'rn and I don't want to." Said the professor. "I know it's your decision, it's not going to effect things on this side of the universe. It's going to happen regardless. Treat it as history happening." Said Boone."I have being history happening. You said let it happen. So I am. But I could loose support among many people and aliens a like. I don't want it gone. I'm going to see the council, Da'an I suggest you slip yourself among them. I think Tho'rn has noticed you're gone." Said the professor her future taelon self could see from the future this is going to be more difficult than the war with the Juridians a lot more. Her future self could only watch, as the only being who could help her with other issues was the older Liam. He was sent from the future to the past to protect the professor. "If you have a problem, it does not need to sit idle. Sometimes it will fix itself." Said Da'an. "Thank you, Da'an but this is something I have been dealing with for a long time. Since I was banned from the taelon home world,  "Boone gives the professor a look," it's alright Boone, I am letting history happen." Said the professor. "But how could be banned from the taelon homeworld, You could only be at least 200 years of age and not old enough to know of the homeworld." Said Da'an. "I am not that young. You do not know that timelords have their own separate time zones. Timelord years are different. In fact, I am nearing my 750th birthday. Convert that into human years around 1000, 2000 years younger than you but old enough to know things about the Taelons that no other alien beings should. As for my banning ask Zo'or. He is the taelon I have known the longest time."  Said the professor who shimmered with in seconds, she was in the council discussion area. "What did the professor mean by  750th year?" Asked Da'an. "Meaning that is how long the professor has been alive for," Da'an seems to go off somewhere but his body is still. Da'an begins to remember things, places and events he thought could not be retrieved," Said Boone. Da'an saw images of his young-self hiding behind a pole. He can see what is to be a young professor and Zo'or. The difference was the professor had hope in her eyes. Zo'or is probing her mind, learning about earth. The hope leaves the professor's eyes forever. Da'an realizes where he is and opens his eyes. "Would it be a problem if I went to Zo'or, Boone?" asked Da'an. Da'an steps he remembers Zo'or putting the mind block on his memories. He can't believe it but it explains many things to himself that he could not understand before.

           Boone hurries to find the professor to warn her about Da'an confronting Zo'or. The flashes of memories he could not understand were able to be understood. The block had been removed when it was removed he did not know. The professor had a feeling that Da'an was going to confront Zo'or and it was best that she go. Even Tho'rn thought it was in the best interest for the professor to go. Tho'rn nods and then the professor shimmers and she is gone. Boone arrived at the council area but he was to late . So he decided to take the long walk to were Zo'or was being held. The professor shimmered in the shadows. She found the gun she had gotten on Z5 station. It was not loaded but it could stop what ever was going on. The professor walked closer to the trial area. Da'an and Zo'or were in a heated discussion. "You cannot talk like that to me Da'an" Said Zo'or. "You're not on the mothership and the council are in charge here. Not you. Since you removed that block, I know you placed it on my memories. How could you do that to a fellow taelon. That is something never did. I have come to see you what you really are." Said Da'an. "Have no right or proof of this accusations or the events you speak of. Why did the professor say to ask you about her been banned from the taelon homeworld and why were there very few memories of my young days." Asked Da'an. "Not all of us have good memories to remember that sort of thing. You were young and it was the best thing I could have done for you." Said Zo'or
"I would have preferred to live with the truth. That is something you refuse to recognize". Said Da'an. Zo'or is at the breaking point and uses strength he never knew he had.

       The professor's weapon sounds and it gets their attention. "Keep, away from Da'an, Zo'or, "The professor walks up to Da'an and helps him up," What ever else you had planned Zo'or don't even think it. As I can retrieved it so easily." Said the professor. "As for your question on why the professor was banned ......" Said Zo'or. "It is something that Da'an must find out for himself." Said the Professor. The rest of the council was approaching the trial area. The professor was preparing herself for what she was about to say. The professor puts down the gun in her other hand. With in a second it had disappeared.

        The council take their seats and so does Da'an. Today was not the day to tell Da'an it would be something that he would have to find out. Zo'or sits down. "For what I am about to say has taken me along time to come to this decision and those who don't agree I am sorry if it goes against what you believe is right. I say this not because I want to but because I have to. Once the wars with the Juridians are over I will take you to the gateway, I will leave you there. You cannot return until the lords of the ages , the guardians and the elders say you can . You won't be lonely for taelon presence. Bel'i will be there. He is there for other reasons. Once in a cycle I will return either with a visitor for your or an item with in reason. You will learn many things at the gateway. Some Juridians will be places at the gateway but they won't be anywhere near you. Unless you want them to. The gateway is a large place, the size of several universes. It can be a place of learning for a being like my self. Or can be a place to hold beings like yourself. I don't know what would happen there to you. This is the only way. The other way would be your death but even that isn't appropriate not at this time. Take it or leave it. Your options are very few." Said the professor. Doors stands up. "What will happen to Zo'or in the meantime?" Asked Doors then he sat back down. "He will be allowed back on the mothership but will not able to leave it with out my permission or with a peacekeeper or even a unit-worker. He will be under my watch when I am there and under the watch of unit and peacekeepers. There would nothing I don't know that goes on there. On earth the resistance has a public voice and not charges against them." Said the professor.

       The professor could hear the beeping at her moon base. Tallon had arrived and about time to. There was nothing more that could be said. Zo'or was placed in the professor's shuttle he knew there was no where for him to go. The council dispersed. Da'an joined the other Taelons on a larger shuttle. Liam returned back to Washington and Lili went to the unit head quarters with David. It wasn't the right time for her to return to Washington.The professor said to Boone that she would return. Tho'rn was pleased that she was honest and it changed nothing of history. The America pilot returns Zo'or to the mothership. Selected Volunteers are placed back on the mothership with a lot more unit workers and a few peacekeepers. The professor shimmers to her moon. Then takes the portal to Washington. The goes to Boone's old office. The professor walks out on the balcony."Nice to see you came, a little late than never." Said Tallon. "You can take that appearance off, I prefer to see you the way you are." Said the professor. Tallon removes the hood of his cape, then wipes of his face. He is blue skinned and nothing like a taelon. "Are you ready for the coming years and the war?" Asked Tallon. "I am ready, but for the war I do not know. It could effect the friendship I have with Da'an." Said the professor. "It won't, it will improve it." Said Tallon. "You have been sent by the council of the future." Said the professor. "I have , by the alliance, the council and those who want you alive." Said Tallon. He opens one of his palms and an image appears it's the time portal in the Gallifreyian embassy. The professor reacts to the image that she can see in her mind.  "Oh, no, not that. I did not want to see that again." Said the professor a little more than shaken. It was the image of millions and millions of Juridian cruisers above the earth and something else."I think it was a good idea that I come at this time. Have the sound attacks increase lately?" Asked Tallon. The professor gives tallon a look and a mental image of what they do to her.

         "You're the one able to survive attacks like that." Said Tallon. "They are using me to get to the guardians and finally to the Taelons. Any more stronger ones and they will get into the commonality throw me and very few Taelons would survive. It's even off putting to the resistance. I know what is expected of me know in the next few years. Nothing is going to stop me from protecting the Taelons or humanity." Said the professor. "There may be not a lot humanity with the boomers or the virus that cruiser had let out before you destroyed it. The virus was the biggest destroyer of the Taelons on the empire-acquired planets. Bel'i was affected. If your not careful , your going to have another outbreak like with the first infection and this time you will be affected." Said Tallon. "I know what needs to be done. I will inform the right people and those among the Taelons who can be trusted. Boomers! When did the boomers get released?" Said the professor. "It was the last instruction of Zo'or before he was taken to the new taelon homeworld." Said Tallon. "I don't believe it, the boomers! have been released. I will have to get rid of them before any human is armed." Said the professor.

         Da'an returns to Washington. He now he knows he must find out why those time portal is so important. In the distance Joshua doors continues to scream. He is being taken to a dalek-infested world. The earth will not need or know the name Joshua Doors again.


       A week goes by since the trial ended. The professor and David are in the modified shuttle near the northern companion headquarters. "I am not sure that I really should go throw with this David. I have this bad feeling and it won't go away. Please check to see if there are any Juridian small scouting ships around." Said the professor."Trust me , things will be fine, Na'ad. From the reports, they are to far away to even harm you. Nothing will go wrong." Said David. "Make sure when Da'an meets up with me at the Australian companion headquarters,  Ko'sh does not call me what you just did. There will be the right time and place for him to find out." Said the professor."What Na'ad. It's your middle name anyway." said David. "Na'ad is not a name a timelord should have. Even I know that." said the professor. "There is never a good time and place for anything. What about the daleks and they're impulse to time travel it stuffs things up for them. It's going to happen whether you like it or not. It may happen today it may not." said David
"Just the possibility of the knowledge it could happen today just alarms me." Said the professor
"Thanks for letting me pilot the shuttle this time." said David. They could see Liam on the top of the building waiting for them. "I did not ask for an a guided way to the embassy by wonder boy himself." said the professor. "I think, I can tell the difference. Old Liam is the Liam you feel safe with and the present Liam you don't feel safe with him." said David. "Liam, the present one is not suppose to find out who and what I am to become. It took him one hundred years of learning and understanding who and what I became and why I was sent to earth to help." Said the professor
"Just don't worry about him." Said David. "He sees me as a threat. Because he just knows Da'an are friends in this life time and in the first life time so long ago." Said the professor. "At least you have returned to the appearance you like not like the last one when you looked like Angelina Jolie in tomb raider." Said David. "I did have fun in my last five incarnations. But I know the fun is over." Said the professor. "The fun is only postponed. You can hear that music can't you. Your wearing a Gallifreyian made music caring set and small head set." Said David. "I would of thought you noticed by know." said the professor. "How appropriate, David Bowie's Hallo space boy. So about the Taelons and a little about present Liam. Don't give me that look I only meant it's very little to do about the present Liam." Said David."Just wait `til I have joined the commonality they could hear this as well. They won't even understand it. Ko'sh, or Larry as we call him does." Said the professor. "He is part of your family. Were landing could you turn the music down or Liam would have a need to listen to that song and find it's deeper meaning." Said David. "It didn't have a deeper meaning back in the late 20th century. But know it does. It's one of the most popular songs in Australia which enabled David Bowie to retire." Said the professor.

        The shuttle lands. Liam turns to see David walking out of the shuttle first carrying a gift from the Australian government and the professor walks out of the shuttle carrying some thing he recognizes and should not. The professor is also carrying an ancient taelon gift.

       She thinks the gift will bring a memory to the surface and Da'an will remember. The first gift is the usual Gallifreyian gift of data crystal with historical events of the ancient Taelons and their first meeting in their first life. Both David and the professor follow Liam to Da'an's part of the embassy. The professor knew the way it's just she did not want to say she had been there before. With shimmering and projection, you can get away with a lot. Liam stops just before Da'an's office. The professor can see into the office and before it. "What happened, are you renovating or something?" Asked the professor. "No, while Zo'or was on trial some rogue resistance members decided to trash the place. We have fixed up. I believe James helped to keep the design to how it was first created." Said Liam.David pulls the professor to the side of the hallway away from Liam. "You were right, it was just reported a Juridian scouting ship has been spotted near the earth's moon." Said David. "Am I in any danger?" Asked the professor. "Not at this stage no. Our Liam will let us know." Said David. They return back in front of the present Liam. "Presents I didn't know Da'an has a birthday any time now." Said Liam. David knew that the professor and Da'an share the same birth date not year. The professor blushes.

          "Professor, you seem to know more about Da'an than your letting on. Because you just blushed like a taelon and your not taelon. Well, not yet according to the writing on your arm." Said Liam. The professor wished Liam did not say what he said like that it was like he was mocking her. "Come this way, please." Said Liam and he walked into Da'an's office. "I know Boone did a better job, and he is working for you and living a free life now. Let's just play this as it goes." said David. The professor fakes a smile. She does not want to go throw this and she knows something bad is going to happen. The professor finally relaxed but not too much in the presence of Da'an. David walks up to Da'an with the gift from the Australian government. It's a painting of mars with a taelon embassy on it. "This is a painting, which was commission by an Australian painter and arranged by Ko'sh the Australian companion." Said David who hands the painting over to Da'an who looks at it for 5 minutes then gives it to Liam. "Thank you. According to your government, there will be a taelon embassy on there with in the year. It's nice to see what it will like on mars." Said Da'an. The professor hands David the gift from Gallifrey the data crystal and hands it to Da'an. "That is a data crystal of history and events that aren't allowed in the normal timelord books." Said the professor.

          Then the professor herself does the unexpected and walks up to Da'an and personally hand him a ancient taelon memory crystal. Da'an notices something in the professor's eyes that is taelon. Even in a timelord, emotion is not always shown in fact it's a rare occurrence. The professor mouths happy birthday but David stops her. It would say that she knew at more than she was saying. David moves away from the professor he could see in the watch computer that the scouting ship was above the embassy but invisible to any radar systems. David knew what was about to happen and there was nothing he could do. Liam was beginning to hear the ship above the building even he did not see in advance what was going to happen. Da'an takes the taelon stone. The professor walks back till she is in the middle of the room. She is beginning to hear the sound wave. The sound wave appeared as light energy in front of Da'an. It was streaming down on the professor. It was only then that Liam saw what was about to happen and for the first time there was nothing, he could do. David could read on the professor's mouth not again. A scream that only David and Tho'rn have heard came out of the professor's mouth it was not a human scream but something more. James could hear it and she was on Gallifrey.
The professor falls to the floor then is brought up by the sound attack in light form. She goes from her current natural state to her taelon state. This not only shocks Da'an but surprises him.
Da'an gets up from his chair and walks up the vanishing professor. The professor's arms go up and with in seconds she turns into light energy form which goes around the room quite fast. Her taelon tear stone falls to the floor. Da'an grabs it a memory comes to the surface. He sees his young-self sad, his tutor and friend is leaving. He looks up it's the professor. She tells him not to cry and they will see each other one day soon. The professor opens top of the stone and let's Da'an's tear fall into the small opening of the stone. Then closes the stone. Da'an hands over the stone to David.

       10 minutes have gone by. "Professor, we have stabilize the area. The scout has been destroyed." Said David. "What is going on? I have never seen this phenomenon before." Said Da'an. "Something that no taelon could not live throw. If the Juridians are successful they could attack you next." Said David. Finally, the professor returns from circling the ceiling. Light energy flies to the last spot she was standing. Slowly it was forming her appearance. First the taelon appearance, then her current form. This happens over 10 minutes. For Da'an it is a beautiful sight. As for the professor, it has become a regular occurrence since the Juridians are getting closer to earth.


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