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      Why were you in your natural taelon light energy state. I thought you could not do that at whim?" Asked Lake. "I don't know how. But I did it. It has to do with the fact that Da'an followed me into this dimension. His version and I are close friends in this world. Once I join the commonality, it will be binding in all dimensions. You know your double thinks I am competition." Said the professor. "Competition for what?" Asked Lake. "For Da'an's friendship. Da'an is still child like and so is your double from my dimension." Said the professor. Lake could tell by the professor expression and how she was feeling that there was a lot more thing the professor wasn't telling anyone. The professor was dealing with many things that would be hard to imagine.

         Lake holds the professor's hand with both of her hands. The professor goes quiet.
"Oh, no. No, no no no." Says Lake. Lake can see what the Juridians did to the professor they were trying to find something but what they were looking for was not there. Lake could not longer look what she could see. Even with things that the Taelons did. What they did to the professor was not something that ever should be done. Lake drops the professor's hand and runs out of the room. What ever she saw made her sick.Some how the professor return to her light energy appearance. Lili sees Liam in the main room and gives him the book she was told to give to him. Da'an walks towards the room where the professor is. He does not know what is calling him to the room.
          Da'an opens the door the room is full of light energy. The professor does not hear the door open in this state. The sight brings joy to Da'an he does not know who is the being in this state. At any time, the Juridians could pull the professor out of that reality and to their homeworld. Bringing Da'an with them. The professor's light energy danced around Da'an. Da'an seemed to be lifted into the air and kept suspended while the light energy went around him. Da'an could hear the commonality calling out for a taelon he had never heard of then they said the name Na'ad why did that feel like he knew that name. It was the professor's middle name.


           The sound wave attack was getting closer. So the professor's light energy puts Da'an down gently. The light energy leaves the room and finds David. Everybody seems to be asleep. The professor's light energy surrounds David and they both shimmer to the professor's shuttle and she returns to her current timelord appearance. The shuttle is on autopilot and is heading for the Mars colony where there is another portal, which will take them to the future earth so the professor can go to the babylon5 station. Where the doctor and Ace are waiting for the professor as it was meant to happen. The shuttle lands and they both run into the dome before the outside environment comes in. Then finally they jump into the awaiting portal, which hurdles them to the future earth of 2068. Depending of the events of the past, the station may not be there. Lena is feeling lot better she raises the alarm and wakes up lake. In turn wakes up Lili, Liam and the other humans and aliens in the room."What is wrong?" Asked Liam. "Did the professor's daleks turn up?" Asked Lili. "No, something worse. Has Dr. Eurbery turned up yet? I will settle for either Dr. Parkes or Dr. Belman. Lake inform the taelon council and the elders." Said Lena. "Oh, no. It's that bad. Is it me or can every one hear that?" Said Lake. Liam goes to the door to the far side of the room where he finds Da'an just sitting there in the taelon home world inspired room. "You better come into the main room, something has gone wrong." Said Liam. "I experienced something beautiful light energy every where. Then it was gone." Said Da'an. They both returned to the main room. "What is that sound and can it becoming from?" Asked Lili.

        "That is the sound wave attack that the professor has been getting for a long time. The stronger it gets it will start affecting Taelons. When I went to look for the professor expecting her to be meditating or reading in her room, she was not there. David is missing to." Said Lena. Lake returns from contacting all the people she could. "I have been told by the elders that only a few people can go and find the professor and David. They have noticed that her soul and light energy is fading in four hours time she will be gone." Said Lake. Dr. Eurbery Emessary arrives via the shimmer technology. She is in her future form and appears to look like a combination of an older Dr. Parkes and a young Dr. Belman."By the looks on your faces, the professor is missing. Why didn't I get contacted as soon as she entered this dimension." Said Eurbery. "I won't be going, I will return to my dimension it's the same as the professor's, as it is yours Da'an and Liam. If I were you Liam I would take that book with you." Said Lena. "We have been very careful of not changing events in the past that events in the future will still happen. I will go with you as I live more in the time where we are going than I do in this time. Lili you will also come with us. I need a fast thinker and a marine is very helpful. As history predicts you will be coming to but you have your reasons why you must go with us." Said Lake. "Could you please, Da'an, Lili, Liam, Lake and Eurbery please stand in the middle of the room. Thank you. The only way to get to the future is to go to mars where the time portal is awaiting you as it has always been. You will be transported in front of the time portal jump into it as soon as possible. Brennan will be waiting for you on the other end. She will take you where the professor is or the last place she was." said Lena.

       Three rings come from nowhere and go around them. Then goes up above them they are no longer there but in a secret place on mars. Lake jumps into the time portal first followed by Lili, then Liam, Da'an and Eurbery. All five of them are transferred from the time portal area to a ship that was just docking to the station. Meanwhile the professor was on the station with David.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Asked David. "Yes, I am fine. I have a few things I must attend to," The professor stops the place seems to be shaking and moving in odd directions. Then she takes control again of her senses," May be it's a good idea to stay with me instead of the Gallifreyian embassy help." Said the professor. The embassy help disappears. The professor puts her hand on head again. On the other side of the universe Da'an does the same.
The five of them spilt up and go into different areas Lili goes with Da'an they are going to the med.-lab but Lili wished that she was given a map. It was odd for her to see a lot more aliens in one area.

       It was normal to see Taelons on the mother ship and the rare Juridian on board frozen.
The professor and David enter the med.-lab. Dr. Franklin is surprised to see the professor again. Not since the death of Marcus, he had seen her. Da'an and Lili lag behind so they are not seen by the professor and David. Both of them slip into the med.-lab without anyone seeing them. Lili and Da'an keep low so they can hear what is been said. "Ambassador of Gallifrey, how are you Na'ad?" Said Dr. Franklin. "Can you not call me that when the doors to this part of med.-lab are open." Said the professor. "I'm sorry, Fergurson, it has been a long time." Said Dr. Franklin. "I believe I have the right to see my friend's body. I owe him a favor from long ago I think it's best that I return it now. Please bring Marcus out of cold storage please." said the professor. "Even with the current technologies no one being can't bring another one back after this long." Said Franklin. "How long have you known me, Ben? How long?" Asked the professor. "A long time, too long I used to think. Your right, I better get him out and that is my part of the agreement you promised last time you would give me a genetic sample of your timelord DNA." Said Franklin. "Of course. This time you can. I am not sure when the next time I will come around here again." Said the professor who grabbed her head again nearly fell to the floor but David grabs her before she does. "Are you sure you're alright Fergurson? I mean if there is something wrong you should not be trying what I think your going to try." Said Franklin. "I am fine. Just a cosmic twinge." Said the professor. Franklin brings out the tray, which has Marcus on it.

          "Do you want the device he used to save ivonava with?" Asked Franklin. "No, I won't be needing that." Said the professor. The professor rubs both of her hands. Then moves them above Marcus's body. Movement in his feet starts to show to the surprise of Dr. Franklin and Lili and Da'an watching from where they are. The professor places one hand above his face and the other over his feet. She turns to the taelon appearance and life energy flows from her and into Marcus's body. "Something is not right." says the professor."What is not right ?" Asked Dr. Franklin. "His soul is with ivonava. I am trying to convince his soul to return here." Said the professor. Marcus begins to choke and then finally breathes. The professor collapses and falls to the floor. After ten minutes, Marcus sits up. Dr. Franklin goes to see if the professor is alright. Dr. Franklin helps the professor up. "I will be fine now. As for Marcus he needs final attention medical attention on Gallifrey." Said the professor. "Thank you for repaying the debt. When the time is right I will see ivonava. I know the peace keepers need my help." Said Marcus who gives the professor a hug and then leaves with the awaiting Gallifreyian ambassador helpers who turned up just in time. "I believe you want a sample of my DNA. You do remember which arm has human blood in and the other has my timelord blood in." Said the professor. "Please , don't confuse me. Fergurson." Said Dr. Franklin. He rolls up her right arm's sleeve and takes a small scraping of skin and then takes a little of blood. Then puts both samples into the computer.
The professor rolls down her sleeve. "I have never seen such writing before. You are full of surprises. Professor." Said Dr. Franklin who reverted to calling her the professor again.
Da'an is surprised at what he saw his name was written on the professor's arm. Lili is not surprised she has seen it before. "There are things about me and things I have done that would make your hair go gray." Said the professor.

      "Ok, the test results are in. That's right not , that's not possible." Said Dr. Franklin he was surprised at what he saw. "What is not right, you better let me see if your confused at what you're looking at." Said the professor. Franklin turns the computer screen that the professor can see. Even Da'an and Lili can see. "There is nothing wrong with that. It's normal. Well normal for me that, is." Said the professor. "There is DNA here that I have never seen before and some I don't understand how it got into you. Your mother was Gallifreyian wasn't she?" Said Franklin. "Oh, she was know she is taelon throw and throw. Well, an ancient taelon as the current Taelons are all male but not in the human sense of male. I am female but not in the sense of a human female." Said the professor. "You mean she evolved. But that I thought that was just a theory about all Gallifreyians. So it's true." Said Franklin."Those who have the strong imperative to evolve, evolve simple as that. Even I have to evolve its part of my imperative. I can't change it regardless." Said the professor. Dr. Franklin separates all the DNA strains on the computer. "I can't recognize or separate this group. Can you?" Said Franklin. The professor moves only two strains away from the group cluster. "That two strains by itself is my individual taelon DNA no one else has it. That cluster group is the DNA of all Taelons living, dead and yet to be." Said the professor. "This is just not possible, for you to have DNA from all the known and unknown alien races and to be related to one whole alien race. That I hardly know. Wait, a minute I recognize this DNA strains. It's human. I am telling the computer to find your closest living human relative. I don't think any of the alien races here would be to please to find out their related to you. Professor you're the only alien none of them want to kill. We could have really used you in the earth- membari world and for the smaller conflicts." Said Franklin.

       "I know who I am related to. I just want it proven. Then I wish you to given them this and a these crystal messages. I wish I could see them in person but history has better plans for me." Said the professor. "That can't be. It's says your related to three people. That is not normal. Well in your case, I would say it is. I will let your, oh my your there grand child from there yet to be born child. I will let president of the alliance, ambassador to member and lender you came." Said Franklin. "I would tell lender when the president and the ambassador are not around. There are tensions between them as it is." Said the professor. "No, that is not a problem. How will I be able to send a message to you. If something goes wrong or general sending you a message?" Asked Franklin. "Here, I think these two devices will be handy." Said David handing Franklin two small devices. "What's the smaller one for?" Asked Franklin. "The smaller one is contact the professor in an emergency." Said David. "Oh, no. Oh, no." Says the professor over and over again. "Professor, what is wrong?" Asks David. The professor tries to sit down but some how is shimmered away from med.-lab. "David, you better go and find her. The last time this happened she did not know what had happened. Her personality had changed it took Kosh to bring it out of her. He is not here to help this time." Said Franklin.

         David runs out of the room and so does Franklin. "Should I get that information before it's wiped, Da'an?" Asked Lili. "Yes, hurry please." Said Da'an. They both get up from where they were hiding. Lili uses her palm corder to download the information. It does not take long it seems to be similar technology. They both hurry from the room and try and find the professor. David and Franklin bump into Dr. Eurbery Emessary. "What happened?" Asked Eurbery. "The professor was shimmered out the room we were just in and not of her own will either." Said David. "Dr. Franklin, it might be best to notify security please." Said Eurbery. Dr. Franklin heads for security. "I better contact Liam and Lake." Said David. Liam's palm corder goes off. "Liam, here." Said Liam."What has happened David?" Asked Lake. "I am not sure but I think who ever they were are after the professor." Said David. "If my guess is right. It's a rogue Juridian." Said Lake."How would you know?" Asked Liam with a hint of sarcasm. "Because when I held the professor's hand. I saw something that she refuses to come to the surface for her to remember. It made me sick it was that bad. The strange thing is it's worse than what the professor saw in Zo'or's mind." Said Lake. "I have sent to your palm corder the professor's DNA to help you to find her." Said David. "Ok, we will let you know if we find something." Said Lake. Liam closes the palm corder.

         All five of them seem to be going the same direction. Lake pulls open her palm corder and contacts, Lili. "Lili, here." Said Lili."Converge on this signal." Said Lake."Alright." Said Lili and she close her palm corder. Lake contacts David. "I think we have found something may not be the professor though." Said Lake. "Ok, it's getting stronger." Said David and turns off his watch communicator. Lake turns off her palm corder. All five all meet from three connecting corridors.
They could see two Juridians holding the professor who was going from her current state to her taelon appearance backwards and forwards like a yo-yo. The Doctor and Ace hurry even they know they are late. "You're not going to see your taelon to be again. You won't be able to find us. With her knowledge we will get to earth and kill all Taelons. The prophecy is not going to come true. " Said the Juridian on the right. "If you kill the professor there are beings out there will come after you regardless. Those beings don't normally get alone at all. When it comes to the prophecy. They are all on agreement." Said David. "I am Juridain who is part of a growing group who cares nothing about a prophecy. That is more than 3000 years old." Said the Juridian on the left.

         The professor regains consciousness. She can see the doctor and ace even though her vision is blurred. She can't look at Da'an. She can sensed that he can't understand what is going on.A worm hole opens up it is so strong that it pushes all of them back except the Juridians and the professor.They begin to pull the professor into the wormhole. "Liam read that book. Doctor. I am so sorry this has happened. By any means possible, stop them from changing the past for a future they want. David tell James plan B has to come into effect." Says the professor. The professor's last words before being pushed into the worm hole. "Come and fine me." Screams the professor. Ace jumps into the wormhole. The wormhole closes. The direction of where it was could not be traced. "Ace!" The doctor calls out. "What will happen now ?" Asked Da'an. "If were not careful and find her the universe about half of it will explode. This includes this area of space. We are in." Said the doctor. "That does not sound good. I mean I thought that was not possible." Said Liam. "Oh, it is possible. The professor holds a little more a than a small piece of space inside of her. She is herself an actual being capable of time travelling with out a time machine. I may be a timelord but I need a time machine." Said the doctor. "What should we do now ?" Asked Lake. "I think we should return to our dimension. There are clues every where that will tell us where Fergurson is." Said the doctor. Lake pulled out a time portal device and a time portal opens and they all jump into it. Franklin turns up but the time portal closes.

        Mean while on Juridian infested planet the professor is awaiting her fate. Ace is left alone because she does not a threat. "What have you planed for me? I want to know as a member of the guardians," mentioning a guardian really frightens Juridians," any minute now the master is going to turn up and say you can go and this has been a big mistake." Said the professor
"I don't think so. They haven't said anything to us for over three hours. I don't like them. That peaceful being back on the station looked friendly." Said Ace. "Looks can be deceiving." Said the professor. "What are you doing?" asked Ace. "I am giving that Juridain an image of something that they fear most even fear more than the commonality." Said the professor. "What could that be?" Asked Ace. "What I could do to their race." Said the professor. It frightened the Juridain who was guarding them.


        The professor returns to unit headquarters near the Gallifreyian embassy. The professor shimmers to the Gallifreyian embassy. The Liam in waits for her. "I hear that tallon has arrived." Said Liam. "And about time to." Said the professor who feels a little odd and nearly falls to the floor but Liam grabs her arm gently. "That is not a good sign. Are you alright? I hear that met the guardians with a little help from a Juridian cruiser. "Said Old Liam. "I am not sure what are my limits any more, mot since the Taelons arrived I would not know. A little help it was more than that. But it was Zo'or who brought me back. Because that attack I could not get myself out." Said the professor. "Why don't you sleep you haven't done that for 6 months. You need your four hours." Said Old Liam. "I saw something I did not know, when tallon showed an image on his hand. They are coming, I don't know how even with the millions of peacekeepers. I am waiting for Lena to return from Juridian space. She is the only human that I trust there." Said the professor. "You can't hide forever from Da'an. It's written on your face." Said Old Liam. "I still need to go and sort things out on the station. Da'an can't follow throw a time portal I adjusted." Said the professor. "Yes, it may stop Da'an at first remember myself, the present one will follow there is Lili also. She is now with unit until her position is given back to her as shuttle pilot. Doors has found his second wife?" Asked Old Liam. "Yes, ages ago before when he was here. He returned a week later and met a museum worker. I have assured existence now.," said the professor. "We got a call from David's earth they wish for you to return." Said Old Liam. "When? If it's not now . Then why?" Asked the professor. "Very, soon just after you return from the station. The Juridians have started to arrive there. Boomers would be more appropriate there." said Old Liam.

         "How did Zo'or think he could get away with this ? That is another mess of his I have to clean up." Said the professor who for a minute or two felt a little more than faint. It was like she was fading.


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