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         "Well, Zo'or is Zo'or. I hear that Da'an and my current self followed you into the time portal. What made them follow you?" Said old Liam who was a little curious. "I have know Zo'or for to long, that I care to remember. Well, a scouting ship was spotted at the edge of the Milky Way and then spotted above the northern companion headquarters. I turned into light energy in front of Da'an/ Once I returned to my current form I shimmered out of there and into my altered shuttle. There was a report that Lili some how worked out how to get to David's earth. I did not know that the portal would stay open for longer than expected. I did not know Da'an and your present self would follow me into the portal. No, one from the mothership or your present self was suppose to know the gift Ma'el had left for me worked." Said the professor who felt that she was being placed in this conversation at the wrong part."Da'an wanted to follow and fine more about you." Said Old Liam."It's that curiosity could get Da'an hurt or even more." Said the professor. "You know from what I remember heard that Zo'or would of wished you were on the mothership when it was high jacked." Said old Liam. "Really, I don't think it would have been appropriate. I don't think it would be right if Da'an saw me destroying the clone with the lost taelon power from my hands." Said the professor."That which was lost, the shikarava." Said old Liam. "But mine is more a healer than yours." Said the professor. "I know . But you have kimera as I do." Said Old Liam. The professor stops. She knows some one is listening in but is not sure whom. "You, still seem shaky. Have you had your rest?" Asked Old Liam. "There are more coming and keeping ten Taelons from becoming atavi is tiring." Said the professor. "I know and it will stop when you join the commonality. As for the Juridian sound waves attacks." Said old Liam. "It may be a great birthday gift. To think I am still older than you are. You're what 204 years old. The attacks will on decrease until the war is over." said the professor. Old Liam laughs then stops. "Yes, I am 204 years of age. That's how long I have been alive. At this time I can protect you." Said Old Liam.

       "I still don't know why Da'an sent you into earth's past to protect me. I have lake and I have Lena. What would he want me protected from?" Said the professor. "I think from sieve self, Zo'or and from his past self still under the control of Zo'or. It could be many things. All he said was to protect you by any costs as she and you protected you did not know why. As well as the Juridian sound wave attacks. Since you carry all the DNA of Taelons of the past, present and the future they attacked you because they thought you were the link to the commonality. Instead you protected the commonality." Said old Liam. "There are so many things that Da'an must never know about me. Knowing what Da'an is like he will find out. Like the taelon writing on my arms. That is going to be difficult to hide from a couious and kind taelon. I know. You will understand they are sending scouts not just for the Taelons there coming for me as well. But more so. It's what I represent and what I will become. They want to prevent it." Said the professor. "What would they need to attack you for?" Asked Old Liam."I think the answer you already know. They already know of your existence it does not even bother them." Said the professor who still down she fades a little more than returns to her current appearance. "Your DNA and what you represent. It also has to do with that writing you body. At least James and Da'an have it written in their DNA instead. Oh my," Old Liam realizes what the professor means," It's because of that myth." Said old Liam. The professor begins to realize someone is moving around conversations that she has had with Liam from the future and making it more confusing but to make her say something that she is not suppose to repeat.

        "Now, do you feel safer being kimera. The Jaridains know of my taelon name. But I am in front of one they just call me the one. I think they are frightened at what I am capable of doing. Once I am apart of the commonality. Your father made me your guardian. I am not sure how doors will feel about that." Said the professor. The present Liam is at the door it was a good sign Da'an was not at the door."Then I will become the ultimate protector. Then the Juridians can never harm them again. With out occurring my wrath. Of course they would stop it from happening." Said the professor. "The fact you will still be an individual, even being part of the commonality and have the power of the universe." Said Liam. Only know that they realize he is at the door.
"You have no memories from your father Ha'gel about this. How do you know Da'an has no memory of that. Very few humans and Taelons know. I want to know how you came across that information." Said the professor.

        Old Liam knows when he speaks next to use the fake voice from last time his present self was here. "I could not get any answers from your taelon friends Tho'rn and Ko'sh. They should not hide information like that to a taelon protector. I over heard Lake Timberwolf talking to a Gallifreyian I recognized on the new taelon home world. The rest I figured out myself. When I was on that earth, I could not find my double. Taelons were everywhere." Said Liam. "They have the right not to talk about who and what I will become. Your father was right to make me your guardian. Since two of your biological parents is no longer living. If you must know I carry what is you kimera DNA. So, I could make sure I could keep a watch over you. The next time you see J , or her real first name of Talia say hi. I know many people. You would be surprised whom I know. Lake is your double on that world. If you want to know something ask. But you have no right to find things out that you have no understanding of. There is something about the Taelons you will never understand. I know you tried making contact with the Juridians. Just don't it will harm me than it would the Taelons. If I was on the mothership when it was high jacked I would destroyed the clone," the present Liam is surprised how knew that," I have my eyes and ears every where. When you're not on the mothership unit workers look after Da'an they are specially chosen by me. Unit workers are more loyal even without the CVI's." Said the professor who gets out of her chair and walks out of the room quickly.

          "I am sorry, if I said anything to offend the professor or yourself sir." Said present Liam. "If I were you, I would delay for a at least a week or two Da'an's visit to the embassy here. The professor is maintaining ten Taelons because of their link to the commonality is weak but for the time being." Said Old Liam. Current Liam Leaves the unit headquarters and returns to Washington in Lili's shuttle. Things turn blurry for the professor and until finally it goes blank. "Professor, wake up, please wake up?" Asked Ace who was really worried. Of course, the conversation the professor has with Liam from the future did not happen recently. But one month ago. It was brought on by something of one the Juridians had injected in the professor. The professor slowly regains consciousness. Ace hands the professor her glasses. the professor tried to stand up but is still feeling the effects of what she was given. "Where are we ? Ace , how the heck did you turn up here ? How did I turn up here. Oh, this is not good. David is not here. Let alone the one from the future who was sent to protect me." Said the professor who puts on her glasses on to see better even her vision is still slightly blurred by the injection. "You were on the b5 station. Then two guardians found you. They took you through a warm hole and I jumped in before it closed. I believe I heard the doctor say ace no." Said Ace who was glad that the professor was awake. The professor regains her balance and stands up. She can see the night sky throw the bars. She recognized where she was. Some how remembers being there before.

        Ace stands up and looks out of the window. Still in her usual outfit of short T-shirt, mid length skirt, tights , boots, and her bomber jacket. At least they let her keep her backpack, nitro-nine and baseball bat. Shame there wasn't any daleks to practice on with the baseball bat.
"I've seen other star systems before, even this is unrecognizable I know that , look. Tou knoq where we are now." Said Ace. "We are on a former taelon world. It has been Juridian occupied for over three hundred years. This is one of the few worlds that the peacekeepers  can't even get access to. This is the last taelon inhabited planet I last Qu'on , Ro'ha and Ko'sh before the arrival on earth in 2003." Said the professor who sounded a little down talking about the planet they were on. "But I thought the daleks invaded then at that time!" Said Ace who was shocked and angered at this. "They were going to. But the taelon mothership pushed it our of it's flight path. I need to know how many times have they drugged me and took me away. I know I am being tested I wish I knew why." Said the professor. "What are they afraid of ? I mean you're a timelord and over time become something else what harm could that cause ?" Asked Ace. "I think they can't understand that one born a timelord will die as a taelon. They think by going through my DNA, they can find something that was lost before the Taelons and the Juridians became two separate alien races. Even the Taelons had born on the new home world. I will even outlive them. Even the Juridian leader. You know if I take Juridian DNA I will over a few year evolve into a taelon." Said the professor.

     "I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't see what would make them fear that." Said Ace. "It's not that simple. I will be a taelon first and for most but with DNA of all other alien races. The difference between myself and another taelon is I will be still an individual even I will be part of what is the commonality." Said the professor. "When, I have been awake I counted the since we have arrived here. Over a hundred times. I would not know how many times while I was sleeping. I did not like the sounds coming from where you were. I could not handle it any more so I covered my ears. I don't know how long you can take this . I don't know how long I can take this. You still have the war with the Juridians still to happen. I wish to the doctor were here." Said Ace who was homesick for the tardis and for her other friend. "I know. He would give me a cup of tea just sit with me and watch the stars. I don't have that luxury any more. I have the taelon empire or what's left of the taelon race and humanity to protect. I can't go back to who I was not now or ever. I may have a small chance of freedom that is after the war and things have died down. The council is able to do its job. I will finally take my place on the taelon council." Said the professor who was remembering a time she can't go back to.

         "Can't you project your image to earth to get help to where we are?" Asked Ace. "The Juridians would know. They could not object to me contacting Boone. He will find anything in the message I send and fine me faster. By how the starts are we have been here for three earth days." Said the professor. "Would lake be someone who would borrow a timelord ship to come here. Because I don't know that Lena would think of that." Said Ace. "I hope what Lena saw did not make her any sicker than she was. Wait lake might just do that. She would still have my DNA in her detector. Do you know when I can record my message?" Said the professor. "The Juridian said in two of my hours. In what I could describe as broken English. I don't think they know who they are dealing with." Said Ace.

          On the other side of the universe, Lena could see and hear what was happening to the professor. It was worse than what the Taelons were doing much worse. Lake sensed what was going on. But only Lena cried it was something that she wish she could prevent there was nothing she could do at the moment. "I don't get the power of the universe until I join the commonality. By keeping, me here present that. I know you can here our conversation. You will pay for this. If the daleks find out you would rather the humans fighting you than the daleks. Any more of that stuff they are injecting me with could bring the explosion of the known universe. My life energy is just suppose to float around in space until the time is right and I take a new form. Then the universe reforms." said the professor. "You could come back as any of the humanoid beings you have in your DNA." Said ace that could not completely look at the professor's face. They were torturing her in the worse of ways. Da'an just knew something was wrong the professor's presence was fading. "Yes, any of them." Said the professor.


          "History is not meant to happen this way for you." Said Tallon. The professor is the first to turn around followed by Ace. "Tallon it's so good to see you ." Said the professor. "What have they done to you. I will have to g et to you to Dr Eurbery Emessary as soon as you are taken from here." Said Tallon. Tallon walks up to the professor and gives her a gently hug. It is so he can take some of the pain and pressure she is going through. It also helps her to send a message to the commonality with out the Juridians knowing. The taelon council on the new home world has their heads down and tries to send some life energy to the professor. Even Zo'or has the feeling of sadness for the professor. "How did you get here with out those Juridians from spotting you?" Asked Ace.

         The professor is helped to the floor and she begins to mediate as Tho'rn and the taelon council were calling out to here. "It was simple, I used shimmer technology of the professor's. Of course, I traveled here by space ship. I went from one ship to another. One the aliens on the b5 station told me where the transmission of the worm holes. The others won't be able to find that alien as it has returned to its carbon filled planet." Said Tallon."Is the professor, alright now ?" Asked Ace. "The professor will be once she sees Dr Eurbery Emessary. I just hope lake figures out where we are . Lake is the professor's protector regardless of which dimension she is from. Only for this part of the universe of course." Said Tallon.

         Meanwhile Liam remembers Augur has that map of the taelon and Juridian empires. While Liam, Da'an, Lili, professor and David were in the other dimension James and Augur had returned from the alliance meeting on Gallifrey. Liam goes to Augur's new place below the church. For the first time in my many lives, I was afraid when I was on that planet with those rouge Juridians. I never fully recovered from what they gave me until I became a taelon. Every so often, I would return to my former appearance then return to my current appearance. At least the Juridians would be under control soon enough. "Augur, please let me in." Said Liam. "What is it about Liam ? I have other things I must do today." Said Augur. "It's about the kidnapping of the Gallifreyian ambassador you know as the professor. Could you please put up that Taelon/ Juridian empire map." Said Liam. Augur releases the door and Liam is able to walk in the area where Augur is in. "How, long ago did my friend get kidnapped?" Asked Augur. "Your friend?" Asked Liam. "I can say this were friends before you were born and before I turned 19. Where was the professor last ?" Said Augur.

       "In David's dimension, last seen on the b5 station. That's what I think it was called." Said Liam. Augur finds where the b5 station was and where the closest Juridian base was. Because if his hunch was right the professor was taken by rouge Juridians. "What are we going to do ?" Asked Liam who was actually worried. "All we can do is just to wait and hope when they allow the professor to send a message there would be something we can use to find out where she is. Knowing the professor, she will leave plenty of clues. None of them obvious." Said Augur. "Did any one of the professor's alien friends or associates follow the signal with better technology than our own?" Asked Liam. "I did get a small amount e-mails of which had been sent via a few satellites and computer systems the last message I got was just before the point of no return for communications or the Juridians would find where he was sending to. Tallon was here according to my calculations and where the signal was the strongest." Said Augur pointing to the middle of the screen. "But that was a part of the taelon empire. That star system looks some how familiar." Said Liam. "It does as you were there last year when you followed the volunteers. That post was peacekeeper owned. The professor did not like having volunteers in her domain." Said Augur.

         Liam's palm corder goes off. He opens it. Sandoval is on the mothership. He was returned to his job with a CVI that gives him back part of his humanity while at work. "Sandoval, I thought you were on leave ?" Asked Liam. "I was, I should be until next week but the professor has to be found. Zo'or is getting worried cracks are showing in the commonality. I would advice if you can find Lake Timberwolf and Lena, I don't know her last name at this stage. Please, come shortly." Said Sandoval who seemed worried about the professor being missing. Liam closes the palm corder.

       Augur looks up from the monitor which shows Lake and Lena out side the church. "It looks like lake and Lena are waiting for you on the fronts steps. Do you think they had their resistance base similar to this former one?" Said Augur who was amazed. "Actually, it was underneath the earth council building. Have you been to David's earth?" Asked Liam. "No, it's just I have known the professor for a long time. She brought back photo's last time. I think you better take them to the mothership. I doubt it would be breaking any rules. Their friends of the professor." Said Augur. "What happened to holo Lili?" Asked Liam. "Apparently, James, she changed Th system. It goes from a holo dalek to a taelon like professor. When that visits, next I'm sure she could change it again. I like what James did. Ah, this one looks like Lena." Said Augur. Liam smiles as he leaves Augur's place. "I believe, were wanted on the mothership." Said Lena who stood up. Lake also stands up from the steps."Now, how did you know that ?" Asked Liam. "James, told us. She will join us up there." Said Lake. A shuttle appears from nowhere and lands. All three of them enter the shuttle. A unit worker is in the pilot's seat. Instead of a volunteer. Things had changed but not totally.

         For a brief moment both Da'an and Liam shared the pain the professor was suffering. From nowhere the professor, Liam and Da'an could hear Gavorian chanting. Of course Liam and Da'an did not know what it was.


       There was nothing I could while I was on the Juridian strong hold planet, which was one of the beautiful planets of the taelon empire. To think it all started with a simple disagreement. Now they both want full out war. I opposed it from the beginning. I was alive during the spilt of the taelon race into two. Da'an was barely a few weeks old when the split finally got to far and both sides pledged war. Many times, I had told the Gallifreyian government to step in but of course timelords don't interfere they just send watchers. I was a watcher at the time I had not even reached my 75th birthday when the split happened. Seventy-five are like turning twenty-five on earth. Because there is so much time difference by the time, I stepped down as a watcher I had been contacted by my mother who had become fully taelon by this stage. She suggested that I come and teach with the other Gallifreyian tutors. She had promised that my identity would not be found out. Except for the taelon council, they had to know. A young Qu'on wanted no war with the Juridians and work it out peacefully. But of course, that didn't happen and the Taelons lost several planets in their empire.One of them I was been held hostage on. Luckily, my only Juridian friend Midnightetak was there. He had confirmed what I thought. The Juridians had divided into to groups. One for war and the other to prevent me from evolving.

        The other group was much larger now and they were taking over the group who wanted war. They had now combined two hatreds into one. I warned them they would know my wrath. They did not listen. The scars they gave me healed but inside I did not. I even felt the presence of the soul hunter he was also after me. I could not let him near the Taelons or humanity. The soul hunter is half taelon and half Juridian but working for a dark force. Even I didn't know who or what he worked for. I had seen into his mind before. Zo'or's mind looked a lot better compared to what I saw. He could devastate humanity if he reaches earth. The boomers were a problem I had yet to deal with. For the time being I had to concentrate on sending my light energy towards the commonality, I did not want it to crumble any more than it had. The cracks if they get any wider they Juridians could have a clean sweep attack and they would no longer exist. A Juridian walks into the room where the professor is lying on a table tied down. "You know, I won't run away , I can't even shimmer with the stuff you put in me. What do you want from me?" Said the professor who was getting weaker by the hour. Even the professor's voice had sounded like she was giving up. The professor thought was Lake and Lena. "Oh, my. I would not think my own people could do this." Said Midnightetak.


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