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      This fic was written to make absolutely NO SENSE at all, so if you're lost, it was intended. Think of it as an abstract painting where the nose is on the top of the head and ears where the eyes should be. ;-) If your not lost, dang...your good!


        Liam sat back, and remembered, when he first met Da'an. He looked different then, as opposed to now. Da'ans face seemed so pale, eyes wide-open, slight smile on his face. He was sitting in his chair at the DC embassy situated so the window was behind the chair now. With the window like this, it was as if Da'an was sitting in the garden, long stems of blade grass surrounding him, butterfly fluttering by, tiny yellow flowers blooming all around. Da'an looked as if he had circles around his eyes, though not tired rings like humans get, it was more like it was the natural shape of his face with the circles formed by natural raised ridges. Da'ans jumpsuit was even different looking. It was a bright electric blue, with a crinkly, thin, cloud-white film that covered the entire suit with slight tiny yellow specs all over.


         The Taelon energy problem was now solved, thanks to Da'ans efforts with the sacrificial Jaridian. Now, all Taelons had become an Atavus. However, they still did not leave Earth and still ran their secret little schemes. One of which, Liam was tracking down. There was one particular underground rogue group of "Taelons" that had identified themselves by leaving behind a flag with their new identity. It was white, and on the left two-thirds left hand side, was what almost looked like a confederate union jack, but altered to look more "Taelon" in a sense, and on the right one-third, a picture of an Atavus, just a little ticked off.

         It was late at night, and Liam was joined by Renee, Lili, and a few volunteers. They tracked this rogue group to large warehouse on the California coastline, on the beach. They found it, a large wooden crate, full of tiny small objects, they looked like kids toys. Shots were fired, Liam ducked, and Lili and Renee ran to the dark corner behind some more boxes. Everyone was firing haphazardly, not really hitting the target they aimed for. There were a few Atavus/Taelons there, and easily dodged all shots fired, and got away. For now, at least Liam now had evidence.


        Da'an and Zo'or had not regressed to Atavus form, instead, regressed even further, and were changing into humans. Da'ans transformation was almost complete. Da'an, now appeared to be a woman. Her hair was jet black, shiny, smooth and strait. Her bangs perfectly covered her forehead, slightly covering her eyebrows and the rest of her long hair, pulled back and rolled into a tight bun on the back of her head. Her eyes still retained the deep iridescent amethyst colour as well as their roundness, and her voice, unaltered by the change. Her face was soft with a slight glow and very attractive. She no longer wore the typical Taelon jumpsuit, but changed to wear a traditional Chinese woman's dress also called a Cheongsam with slacks underneath, and still kept the Taelon tradition of wearing platform shoes. The dress was tailored to fit Da'an, long sleeves and a high to the hip slits on both sides as the end of the dress rested just below her knees. The dress was a beautiful, shiny turquoise silk with yellow flowers arrayed in Chinese patterns. Slacks and shoes were made to match the dress as well. Her waist was slim and the dress accentuated her newly formed feminine figure.

          Zo'or was transforming as well, but at a slower rate than Da'an was. He still retained his Taelon facial features, but had forgone the Taelon jumpsuit as well. Zo'or was also wearing a traditional Chinese dress as Da'an was, with slacks, and matching platform shoes. Although his choice of colour for his outfit was a deep blood purple, that also shared the same yellow tiny Chinese floral design. What gender Zo'or was to become, was not apparent yet, however, his waist had become slender.


          Liam, still Da'ans "protector," followed him everywhere he went. Zo'or also, was inseparable from Da'an as their parent/child relationship grew closer the more they changed towards a human form.

          Da'an and Zo'or were out in the wilderness exploring nature when Zo'or had collapsed. It had been some time before Liam had arrived by shuttle. He approached their position, seeing Zo'ors legs peeking out from behind a large boulder, Da'an, obviously very concerned. Liam asked Da'an for what had happened, and Da'an explained away, in a very serious tone and expressionless Taelon-like attitude, Zo'or was in critical condition. It had taken a long time for Liam to reach them, it would take a long time to go back and Zo'or needed help now. Da'an walked over to Zo'or with Liam by her side. As he got closer, Liam saw Zo'or laying on a smaller boulder, tall grass all around. Although human looking, Da'an and Zo'or still retained the Taelon shakaravah and held on to a slight bit of core energy pulsing through their new veins. Da'an knelt over Zo'or and proceeded to shock Zo'or with her own energy, which helped bring Zo'or back to reality and the world of the living. Liam knelt over and took Zo'ors hand, noting how it felt different; warm more solid, but slightly electrical and brought Zo'or back to his feet.

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