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         I am the last of the Taelons to be born in a thousand years. And yet cursed am I, and cursed is this body, for I am not able to return what was given unto me, the gift of life.

         Night after night, I have been plagued with nightmares. Why must I suffer so? I sit alone, with my thoughts, and the thoughts of the others. I hear them in my head, mocking me for that which I cannot control. I try so desperately, to ignore them, but they only get louder the harder I try.

          My heart is full of shame. I look and watch these humans, how easily they reproduce. Only later, to abuse the greatest gift they could ever receive, taking it for granted, if not taking the lives of their fellowman or themselves. There are so many human females, who give up their young, saying it was a mistake. Rejecting their children, as I have been rejected by my own kind.

         I know the pain they feel. To not have what they call, a 'family.' I so desire to create my own 'family.' To know the completion of merging with another, but I cannot. There is no one for me, no matter what my feelings of attraction towards them. No, if I cannot give of mine own life, then let me return what has been taken away from mine own kind.

         I fight so hard, perhaps too hard. Now, I have chased away any hope of anyone understanding my motivations. They do not accept me anymore as I strike fear in the hearts of those that dare cross my path, or even dare, to show me love in return. I cannot be loved, I will not be loved. I wish I could give back this gift of life that was given me, for it is no longer a gift, but a curse.

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