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        I'm Qua Za'Ar, a science officer here in The Unification Movement. I work with Mi'raa a Taelon hybrid who is in-charge in the Taelon Philippine Embassy.

        I keep my own stories & poems about the Companions, especially on Zo'or and Da'an. I hope through this we can understand what is this new race called the Taelons.

Photos on this page are from Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict Official Site
and are copyright 2001, Tribune Entertainment Co.

However, some of the photos are taken by  Anna with the use of Video Cutter Software and Stella Gorman. All rights reserved.

All stories are written by Anna, Qua Za'Ar  and Kim Clarke. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.

Text & background were designed by the Unification Movement © 2001, All rights reserved.
For any suggestions, comments, complaints, or request please contact Mi'raa.