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The Great Divide (Kim Clarke)


Atonement Strastosphere
Atonement Strastosphere

To think this was my account of the events that befell the earth. I am much older than I was. I was nearing my 750th year and I had been living on earth now for nearly 12 years. I was watching over James, she has so much potential being the direct human descendent of Ma'el the great taelon who visited earth so long ago. From an early age, she foretells the arrival of the Taelons. I was the only one to believe her.

It was my idea to let come to Gallifrey and learn at the academy as all her learning had stopped on earth because there was nothing else for her to learn. She had peacekeeper training like I did when I was her age. Of course, the nightmares stop as the Taelons arrived and James would have a calming sleep. From my earlier discussions with one of my closest of taelon friends in the council at the time, I was assigned to be a tutor for a young taelon. I was told that they would be visiting earth 2014.

To think no one knew what Zo'or was planning and I had a feeling I knew what it was if I didn't have timelord DNA I would be sick in the presence of him. The future is what we make they say. Sure I would like to meet that idiot who thought that up.

My future regardless, is unchanged able neither was Da'an's and the human friends we both made on the way. I was determined that Zo'or would not get absolute power.

A few years before the official Taelon arrival, I had arranged for the unit headquarters to be moved to Australia because it would be easier for them to deal with a Dalek invasion. David, my friend had noticed that I appeared to becoming ill. I couldn't tell him anything or the fact if I was right the Taelons were coming too early for my liking.

If the Taelons were coming early, then "They" had started a war with the Taelons it must have been going on for 400 years. That of course is not a good sign then again her agents had disappeared and not be heard from again.

A near unreadable visual message was received it must of been nearly 400 year old or more. It was from the Taelon council they were asking for my help to get them off the taelon homeworld. I was hoping that they were still alive. Two hundred years before I had terraformed a moon to look and be like the homeworld for visiting Taelons.

With a breathable atmosphere. Things seemed to be normal on my moon base, which was near my home planet of Gallifrey. So, David, James, and myself went off to the homeworld. David was the first to leave my space ship the air was always breathe able.

"Professor, I don't think you want to come out here. The council is find but I think they need medical attention and youre the only one with the knowledge of taelon backgrounds." said David.

James proceeded out of the space ship and saw what had been done.

"I think, David is right professor. I think it may be a good idea to stay in the ship." Said James warning me.

Regardless what they said I left the spaceship I looked around it was not the same place I had left. I quickly helped the council into the ship. James went back in to help some of them.

"David, could you go back into the ship please I want to be alone right now." I said to David.

But David didn't enter the ship but walked behind me. Tho'rn was standing right beside me. We had been friends for years before put his blue hand on my shoulder.

My feelings came to the surface, I screamed.


The year is 2006 for the rest of the world and AC 3 or after the companions year 3. I was beginning to remember things I didn't want to. The last thing I remember was the probe had landed and I faded out.

The unit base was moved for many reasons more than 12 years ago. In fact, the impending Dalek war we were all getting ready for it. It took a few years for the Australian people to realize we were not alone. It was not big secret that I wasn't human but that wasn't an issue with them.

12 years earlier

Even on my moon, alarm bells rang. Something wasn't right. They were 20 years to early. I felt the commonality coming closer. For some reason I had a feeling that Zo'or had survived the first attack. The base was less than 2 light years away from earth.

"Professor, an identified object has entered earth space. Can you tell us what it is? Asked one of the Gallifreyians

Fergurson turned on the video communicator.

"Please, get me first Brigadier Bambera, Then the taelon council. Then ask David to come into the laboratory when he's available, but tell him it's urgent, thank you Galana". Said the professor.

"Will do. The Daleks have been pushed of course, by the look on your face. I'll start operations terra firma after I contact those people first." Said Galana

"Change the order, get me the taelon council make sure you get a hold of the American associates tell them to monitor the rim of their universe, nothing more at this stage. I don't want them to know to much at all.", said the professor.

"I'll get right on it. David is on his way". Said Galana.

A few minutes later

"Taelon council are ready to speak with you in a few moments they are on the new homeworld embassy the far end of this galaxy but will return to the new homeworld in the next few days. You will have to be brief as the satellite has lined up, 5,4,3,2,1."Galana stops and connects the transmission to the professors laboratory.

"We great you, your concern." Said a taelon council member

"I wish it were, something trivial as a interplanetary issue. But It has come to my attention that one of the remaining four ships is heading towards the planet called earth and I wanted to know why it's 20 years earlier. The peace mission was for 2014 not for 2003 on that earth year." Said the professor concerned.

"We do not know or have approved a ship at this time. It was meant to leave 50 years ago to reach earth for the year 2014 it must of left with out us knowing." said the council member. "Your not on the new homeworld, your signal is weak. The Juridians have already invaded most of your empire. Were ever you are must be important but the Juridians could find your signal." The professor stops "You felt the many deaths, the professor's hands and hair turn blue like a taelon," I know how it effects you, we did not know on that day you came what was left. We will return in a few days. We understand your concern for our safety." Said the taelon council member. "I had offered Zo'or beings who would bare taelon children. Zo'or threw back the offer. That was when they were half way here..."Fergurson memory flashes back to were Zo'or used telepathic abilities to intrude and go into her mind without permission. Telepathic abilities were to be long gone in taelon DNA. To find were earth is and how long it would take to get there.

"What are you, doing you have no right." Screamed the professor.

"I want to know if the story of earth is true, says Zo'or.

He continues to develop deeper in her mind until finding his answer. Ma'el would of course be the one that Zo'or would send on a one way trip. The professor drops to the floor.

"Now get out of my sight, you are not to return here. Da'an will be taught by me and he will never remember you." says a laughing Zo'or.

The memory painful as it was, was fading. The council saw the events and they all knew to well what Zo'or was capable of doing. Of course the professor was apart of the commonality but mainly the out part so that supporters of Zo'or would not send the assassins for her.

Even she is known as the one by most of the synod and the council." I am sorry a disturbing memory came to the surface." Said the professor.

"Don't be sorry, you share a bond with the Taelons. When you find Zo'or, bring him to us so we can punish him and you will chose a suitable punishment." Said the taelon council member. A feeling of content fell over the professor it had been pass on by the council to her.

"I will go to earth soon and prepare those who work for me for the arrival as well as the countries I look after. Zo'or has made sure it's impossible for Da'an to know who I am so he will never remember me. The new homeworld I hope to get some of the other taelon survivors theyre to live on the moon. I will restore the your homeworld to the beauty it once was when I was a tutor". Said a calmer professor.

"It was not your fault Taelons learnt universal English. When one learnt the whole commonality knew how to speak it." Said Thorn.

"You and the council know of my background. Having Taelon DNA with the other alien races, you have all helped me to understand what I am and what I will evolve into a Taelon with hair. I just won't be blue but is the same I am known. It will upset Zo'or to know that I have DNA of Taelons who once were, that are now and those who have yet to come. To think that the ancient timelords the ancient ones liked the ideals of perfect beings like yourselves over time they became like you in some ways and I was the master product the ultimate perfect being. If I were perfect like they wanted me to,
I would have had Juridian DNA put in me. I have taken up the satellite time." Said the professor.

"You will find peace when you regain your friendship and more with Da'an. The one find Daan, the hope." Said Tho'rn.

"Da'an means hope. I just hope Da'an's soul has not been corrupted by Zo'ors stories of false hopes and false victories may have brainwashed Da'an. I bid you farewell. I will see you on the new homeworld where I find out more of Zo'ors plans." Said the professor. The image disappears from the video screen in the laboratory. David walks into the room.

"Fergurson, are you going to be alright? "Fergurson faces David. Her face is almost unreadable of a timelord face but with the hair that turns blue he knows so well." By the color of your hair that the color that Taelons are just by guessing the taelon mothership has pushed the daleks out of their course and stopped their invasion plans." Said David.

"Who's going to be the one to tell the daleks, they are not going to be happy about this. As you guessed, yes I am a little worried, as a small group of Taelons the war has devastated the populations so badly. They are on their way to earth and what makes it worse Zo'or is on that ship." Said the professor a little worried.

"I understand your more worried about Zo'or not the other Taelons. I doubt the assassins will be sent know. The brigadier has been informed, but made a comment on Dr James McCoy who you put in the old unit position of scientific advisor." Said David.

"Don't worry, Dr James McCoy is my ancestor and I training her in peacekeeping and sent her to training with them. James and I regardless are joined to the Taelons. James is harmless she's more human than I will ever be. Tell the new brigadier not to worry James has been working for unit for years. Said the professor with a strange smile.

The video link was flashing a message had been received.

"I'll except the message." Said the professor.

"This is andraes the Taelons have entered terra firma's boarder. I will return to the terra firma base after the message is received. You were right, professor about Zo'or and his plans. The Juridians have retreated slightly. I will not reveal anything more until I have returned to earth if I am being tracked. I know the importance of this stage. Andreas signing out." The message fades into nothing.

"Prepare my shuttle for departure for earth. Ask the earth representative and Juridian to take over until a Gallifreyian has arrived while I am on earth. Get Kurack to bring the taelon council communication technology so they can communicate with me on earth." Said the professor walking out of the room.

Every section turns into battle stations.

"Battle stations." Says David and the he leaves to join the professor.

Fergurson is looking at the new taelon homeworld.

"I don't like the situation, I don't think I could handle when they come to earth. The closer they come, the more I feel the commonaltys presence and their thoughts." said the professor.

"Your condition, has been declining since the taelon mothership was spotted heading towards earth. Dr Eurbury Emissary knows this is worrying you." Said a concerned David.

"We must go ahead, to earth and prepare for the arrival and make sure there are fleets prepared. When the Taelons leave that will be the hint the Juridians have taken the advanced technology and will be on their way to invade earth. Protecting earth in the fleets responsibility and mine." Said the professor.

They both enter the shuttle and head for earth.

One and half years to go.

In the Brisbane headquarters of Unit. Outside timeloop opens up, an old man comes out of it and heads toward the building, and he enters it. He takes the appearance of American called Major styles and joins the others in the meeting, which had been going for over 2 hours.

"Major styles, I don't know how the rest of the world is going to handle the arrival." Said the professor.

"The Australians would handle it fine, but I do agree. We have discussed this with the American centre council. You will be there as well for first contact and making Australia free and not in their control." Said Major styles.

"To think they will sell their peoples rights. I think I know why you say that Australia should not be involved. It's the test which you found that James and myself aren't exactly who we say we are. It should not matter to you or your colleagues that James and I related to a taelon. You know we had 8 years and you did nothing until now. I warn you be careful in what you agree to. You are signing away millions of lives here. They will wait above for one year. The meeting is over., said professor.

The group leaves, except for major styles the professor realizes he is not what he seams to be.

"Professor, I thought the Taelons were peaceful beings.", said old man in the form of Major styles.

"Yes, they are, "The professor smiles", The council does not approve of their early arrival but my problem is with one taelon and is the reason why all the Taelons are here. I hope... Said the professor.

"Da'an's name meaning hope and yours the one." He said.

"I know youre from the future, don't bring it up unless you do so in front of David or me. The hair turning blue and the hands just like a Taelon. I go that my from my Taelon DNA. So, am I successful with my fleets? And did Da'an survive?" Said Fergurson with her hair still blush as she realizes who this person really is.

"Yes, you will be successful. Da'an is fine. The remaining Taelons are on the new homeworld. I suggest you create a program called happy families for humans wanting to carry taelon babies in a sense a breeding program." He says.

"What will stop the war?" Asked the professor pretending to be interested.

"I don't think you want to know." Says Liam.

"Tell me it's importing." Professor is pretending to plead.

"You will complete your helix of DNA with Juridian DNA which will close the loop." Says Liam.

The professor grabs the majors left-hand remnants of kimera power still remunerate.

"Liam, I can't image how old you are. Why have you come, to earth's past. Tell me. "Said the professor.

"No, one must know that I am here. Making sure things happen and nothing goes wrong. I have been sent from the future to protect you. I had made that promise to Da'an and I will keep it." Said Liam returning the old man appearance for safety.

"But I am not all taelon, but then again you will know what I will become. But your not even born yet" said the professor.

"That is why it's important I keep this appearance of an old man or events in the future will change." Says Liam.

The professor walks away. The meeting in the spaceship above was approaching.

One year, two weeks later to arrival, the Professor had gone into a state like that of an early Taelons. Her life force was encircling her body. A Juridian probe was on it's way it was sent ahead to prevent the Taelon's arrival instead through mir satellite it produced sound waves that only the professor could hear. The Taelons were only two weeks away, all they felt was a slight disturbance to the commonality nothing more. David walks into the room. "Somebody get Dr. Eurbury and quick." Said David in alarm this would not be the first time nor the last.

One year, ten minutes to arrival, David walks into the communications room where the professor appeared to be in meditation of course it was something else, similar to the Taelon Energy State. Unlike the events of two weeks ago, this was normal. David walks up to the professor. "It's time Fergurson." Said David tapping the professor on the left foot. The professor returns to normal appearance. "Oh, I am sorry. I was communing in the commonality quietly and what were you saying? Said the professor with a smile. "It's time, the American alliance for the greater good arrive soon, I can go with you to the ship but they must not know that human is aboard at this stage." Says David, "Stop the universe, I want to get off. I am not going to like what I am about to do. Worse still I am not liking the fact that I must see Zo'or once more. I know what he has planned. Said the professor sadly and her smile disappeared. "I guess, the assassins are still after you?" Asked David. "I wouldn't know any more. " said the professor facing the window, which showed a night sky in Brisbane.

"I understand, he caused you pain and he still does but thousands of humans will too. It's not your fault. Once the official arrival happens. I will make sure in all my power you get to see your friend Da'an but were he will be I am not sure." Said David with understanding approach.

"I am worried Zo'or will stop any meeting. Once he's done with any alien Taelon or not he will not at anything to get rid of them by any means possible. Then again, I am the Gallifreyian ambassador and representative of other species. That only stops him for the time being, I quite a where of what Zo'or can do." Said the professor disheartened. Both David and the professor leave the communications room and head for the shuttle.

The others have already entered the shuttle. David enters the shuttle and sits behind the pilots seat. The professor follows and sits in the pilots chair. "Ambassador Fergurson of Gallifrey." Said Joel Stevens.

"So, am I the only free alien on Earth or am I the only one. I guess you will send the ones you have hidden?" Asked the professor. "At this stage... yes but we sent the others as you called them away. Four years ago, we tracked the beings that are known above the planet." Said Michael Peters. The professor proceeds to put the shuttle into flight and into autopilot.

"I have been tracking them for more than 12 years on earth and 2 years before that on my planet. Don't criticize or contradict me I am much older than you are, I have more than 500 years of life experience. I have seen things that would make you have the worse of nightmares that would get you locked up for life. From our agreement, which I don't completely agree with. You leave Australia and other small countries with in the border of 300 km are part of the free nation treaty. Unit has jurisdiction in those areas and any area on any nation where there is an Australian embassy is Australian property. Want to ad anything else or have I missed something? They have agreed with the contract to quickly for my liking. " Said the professor a little angry.

"Yes, will your embassy in Australia, we have discussed it and agreed that you can have any support from the puppet government and any technology we wish to trade through you to other worlds." Said a worried Joel Stevens.

"I want the space program, it's going to be uses less to the American shortly. All the people who worked for NASA I want to be Australian citizens in two years time not any earlier or later." Said the professor Facing Michael Peters. "Y E S ... of course." Said Michael Peters with fear in his words.

"I warned of this. Ok, the being aboard are called the Taelons you are the first humans they have ever met. I know I have been going back and forwards for this agreement because they know me and trust me. You have to gain their trust. The Taelons don't speak English so I will translate after 10 minutes or so. I can understand Taelon and write it not speak it for love nor money. One thing you must know you don't know whom you is dealing with. If you must smile don't show your teeth and be careful what you say. At this stage, anything can be a threat if it comes out of any of your mouths. I know what to say I have known them for a long time." Said the professor.

"We have had the agreement converted into the language you specified and there are enough in English for the rest of us. Your copy is in Gallifreyian it was done especially." Says Michael peters calming down.

The shuttle is close enough to the mothership for the professor to land it manually. The professor enters the shuttle-docking bay. Docking bay controller appears on the screen of the shuttle. The professor nods and so does the Taelon and the image disappears. All of them left the shuttle one at a time except for David to guard the shuttle as it was not completely Taelon design.

Taelons were every where; they appeared to be doing different types of jobs. The real world leaders were surprised that the aliens were blue. Thought that the professor was used to their appearance but they were not.

A Taelon came up to the professor she greeted them and the professor touched the hand of the Taelon. The Taelon appeared more pleasant to the leaders. They said something to the professor, she followed, and they followed her to what could be described as a conference room.

The pleasant looking Taelon left. Zo'or was already in the room. The professor greeted Zo'or pleasantly in front of the others. Touch Zo'or's hand and he gain the better pleasant appearance. The professor bowed and so did Zo'or. Zo'or smiled at the professor which terrified her as well let her know it's time to play the game. "Before we start the final proceedings could I have the Taelon contract in their language and the press statement which has the two paragraphs of what we jointly discussed earlier for what we would like them to say." Said the professor noticing that Qu'on was not there. Joel hands both documents to the professor and the professor hands them over to Zo'or. The professor sits down. Zo'or nods and then gestures for the professor to stand.

The other just don't seem to know what is going on. Zo'or and the professor raise their hands so that they touch. Of course Zo'or remembers but lets the professor know that her death is not important anymore and the assassins have been stopped. The professor removes her hands and sits back down.

"I am sorry, about that, they is how they get to know others. Its one form of welcome. I don't need to translate now. His speaking will be slow at first. "Said the professor Zo'or approving what she is saying. "I am... Zo'or. From the earlier discussion in the computer communications and the professor coming on your behalf. That you agree we have nearly all the power in America and in as for the rest of the earth, the zone around the country called Australia and the small nations that have agree to be under the protection of the professor will be free we have no need of that part of the earth. No Taelon influence a space program if you wish even go to that red planet. You have our demands." Said Zo'or he was smug as ever which did not help the professors mood. "One more thing, as for the Satellite system and computer systems leave the Australian and circle of nations alone. As I need a direct link to my home planet." Said the professor. The conversation seemed to be getting away from the topic. "That is part of the agreement. Professor, what is your governments opinion on our presence here?" Asked Zo'or.

"They have no actual interest in this part of earth's history. But I must know what your is? The council doesn't know you here since I am a member of the council at this time. I won't say anything, you should know I keep my word." Said The professor noticing this was angering Zo'or and saying too much even in front of the real world leaders didn't help Zo'ors increasing anger.

"What do you mean, Professor?" Asked Joel. "There are somethings you need not to know. I have been alive for than 500 years. I know a lot more about diplomacy with other alien races than you do. "Said the professor. "The Professor is right. "Said Zo'or agreeing. Zo'ors comment surprised and worried the professor that would probably be the only nice thing Zo'or will ever say since they share a history arguments and one moment of sadness. "If we all agree, you will see the Taelons in less than a year. "Said the professor. They all get up. The professor bows to Zo'or. The same Taelon from before takes them back to the shuttle. For there, return to earth. The professor hands over a disk to David knowing what it means to do for the year ahead.

"You, know what preparations need to be done for the arrival." The professor said to Joel. "We will need your help with the agreed items on the agreement." Said Joel Stevens. "I can't help you now. But I will anything like projects send documentation to my office." Said the professor. The professor sees the group off. Joel shakes the professor's hand. "Until a year from now." Says Joel Stevens. "Until a year from now." Said the professor.

The shuttle disappears from the docking bay. Zo'or is waiting for the professor back in the conference room. The professor walks back to the conference room. The other Taelons are not worried that the professor is still there most are glad or close to that emotion that she has remained behind. You, did well, I am not worried if you told your human friends in that unit group of yours they are awaiting for those daleks that the mothership pushed a side. I have no wish to get you killed." Said Zo'or whose anger was dimensioning. "That is good to, know. I am not wanted by the notorious Zo'or. Why wasn't Qu'on in on the meeting or was this your idea? Who is the poor soul that has to read that press statement. "Said the professor gaining ground again. "Qu'on has more important issues to deal with. Da'an will be the one to read the statement. Knowing you would think he would be perfect. Humans will think all Taelons are like Da'an and will believe every thing". Said Zo'or. The professor was known facing the window, which showed a beautiful image of the earth.

"Not all, have you forgot that the Australians will be disappointed they were ready for a war. They will know Taelons have different personalities. As for the Australian companion, I want this Taelon. "Handing Zo'or a name", a relative of mine you could say." Said the professor. "Not a problem. I gathered you were going to stay. "Said Zo'or now facing the image of earth.

"Who was going to help most of the companions for each country get acquitted with earth or the fact that they will have to deal with what a human is. said the professor.


Inside the unit head quarters Brisbane

"The radio messages are being transmitted in every human language in a few days we have to go and met up with the professor who will have the Taelon ambassador for Australia. They have arrived. Please ask all the television networks to play the recorded message and ask them to tell the nation that they daleks have been delayed. Said David. The old man Liam comes up to David. "What message?" Asked Liam. "The message that the professor recorded telling that the daleks have been delayed and that they are not alone. Basically telling them a little about the Taelons. The Australians already know that the professor isn't human. The rest of the world does not. I don't think they could handle the fact there are two alien races here. The Australian people had been getting ready for the last 15 years for the dalek invasion. I was glad I was not the one to tell the Dalex warriors they weren't to happy about it." Said David. "Were, will they find the professor?" Asked Liam. "Somewhere in the northern territory the rest of the Taelons won't arrive for the rest of the world for another two to three years." Said David. The professor and the Taelon ambassador for Australia are transported to their location. Both suffer from the heat and collapse. They are taken back to the unit head quarters.

Three years later

"David arrange for Sarah Boone my old friend for a visit and give her the contract just incase." Said the professor then collapses. The communicator went blank. The Juridian probe had landed. David comes into the communications room. The Satellite connects to the professors moon base was cut. He found her on the floor. David turns on the communicator. Will, someone from the main staff get Eurbury quickly as the professor has collapsed. The probe must have landed." Said David in hurry.

Two Hours later

Dr. Eurbery and David help the professor to a chair. "Do you think the probe is effecting her the same way as the last time? Asked David. "If the collective is being effected they professor would not be fading in and out of this dimension. Keeping the knowledge of her existence is very difficult from Zo'or let alone Da'an. I am not sure what I can do. It's not like last time." Said Dr. Eurbery. "Is there anything we can do?" Asked David. "There is two ways, get her to the closet Taelon, but the ambassador is on rare visit to the mothership the other way is to...." Said Eurbery fading off. "The other way?" asked David. "The other way, simple use Da'ans commonality frequency for a short time and he would never know of this or notice it. Which at this time is a good thing." Said Eurbery. "Let's do it." Said David full of excitement. Dr. Eurbery raconteurs Da'ans frequency into sound waves. Then places the head phones over the professor's ears.

Four hours later

The professor finally comes out of what ever it was; it was difficult coming out of it. Da'an feels an unknown link in the commonality then it is gone. Lili had destroyed the probe. "Are you alright?" Asked David. "Your signs are normal, well what is normal for you." Said Dr. Eurbery.

"Did, Sarah sign the agreement and is Boone coming yet? Oh, can you check for residue of the probe, I want to know how long it's been traveling for. "Said the professor. "Yes, she did and happy about it. You were right; they were going to kill her after all. She has returned from your moon. I don't need to know how you knew about the probe. Boone had warned us. We didn't know it was activated. I know that look, it was Juridian in origin and yes that report from Zo'or has arrived two hours ago to be exact." Said David. "Has my appointment with Da'an being approved?" Asked the professor.

"How, can I put this professor yes and no. He's very busy now. It will be quite awhile before you can. You know what Zo'or is like about you visiting your friend." Said David.

"It was for Tuesday two weeks time. I wanted to see Qu'on but I am always been told he's busy. Very few Taelons know who I am anymore let alone my background for all they know I am 100% timelord nothing more. I'm nearly 750 years old to think I new Da'an when he was a young one. But that doesn't help me. Said the professor. "I understand". Said David. "I have been to many places in the universe but no place is darker than Zo'ors mind. I have been there a couple of times. I didn't like it and there were things that would make a grown human male scream and cry." Said the professor shuddering. "From a medical view why don't you going into the Taelon peaceful mode shortly." Said Eurbery. "Eurbery, are you prescribing rest? Boone will be here and I need to speak with him." Said the professor. "When you go to the Juridian homeworld you will understand when I say you need rest." Said Eurbery. "You two have fun later, I have to met up with Boone. "Said the professor with a smile.

Boone arrives alone a unit worker brings him into the professor's office where Sarah is also there. "Sarah, I thought you died." Said a happy Boone. "No, I was here when it happened and then I went to live on the professor's moon." Said Sarah "Happy to see Will again."

So, youre the Australian friend Sarah was talking about but are you human?" Said Boone. "No, I am a timelord. But I am sure that the American people have found out through your late night news programs. I am going to offer you something just in case the situation happens. It means you get to live with your wife on my moon in complete safety." Said the professor. "What do you mean just in case?" Asked Boone. "I know Zo'or wants you dead. The agreement is I replace you with a clone that will live for 15 minutes just like the one I replaced your wife with. Letting whom ever arranged it believing her to be the real Sarah. When the situation with Taelons are over as in the Juridian war with earth. You will be able to return to earth. Do you want to sign the just in case agreement?" Said the professor. "If you say this is true. I will sign it for insurance. I mean you saved Sarah's life. Yes, I will." Said Boone. The professor hands of the agreement. Boone reads it and then signs it. "I will see you soon, will. The professor did a lot for me to see you today. " Said Sarah. "I will leave you to together for a few minutes then Sarah has to return to my moon near my home planet. You will under when it happens why I am doing this putting my neck out. I could easily have assassin after me if Zo'or finds out." Said the professor warning.

"You have known them for a long time the Taelons?" asked Boone. "Yes, I do. Any communication you want to send to Sarah I will be the go between. It's less obvious then someone else. Don't tell anyone about this. But if you feel that your time is getting less leave a message for doors to come here on you computer make it easy for Lili to get the message." Said the professor.


"One of our unit workers have found Boone in tank. You better get the clone up their Fergurson before the wrong one gets killed." Said David.

Some of the unit workers or commonly known as Da'an army helps the professor with the clone. They reach the tank in a secret holding facility. The volunteers don't budge a muscle seeing the unit workers. They put the clone down and help the professor with Boone out of the tank. "Set up quickly with a portal and set the destination my moon base and quickly I don't want this to take long I heard Zo'or say that would be here soon." Said the professor. They place the clone into the tank and a make it appear that Boone is still in there. The unit workers help cover Boone and place him on the portable trolley, which is in the middle of portal. The professor stands next to the trolley. Then one of the workers sets off the portal the professor and Boone disappears. So does the portal back to the Australian Embassy with the unit workers.

Moon Base next to the Gallifreyian home planet. Boone is known in a space like bed. "Dr. Eurbery, will this work. They said his vital signs were good." Said the professor. "In this environment, it will work. I have to go the council wish to see me." Said Eurbery. "Ok. I will stay with Boone I promised Sarah. She will be here soon." Said the professor.

A few days later

Boone wakes up. He notices the professor holding his hand. "It's alright. Your signs are normal. According to the news, you're dead. As I predicted Doors doesn't care." Said the professor. "That's good old doors for you. So, they think I am dead. But Sarah does know I am here?" Said Boone. Sarah, will be here soon. She established a garden on of the other moons near here. You know you can't go back yet." Said the professor." I understand. But the last few months before this Sandoval seemed to be slipping. No longer caring about Da'an. I would of thought his CVI would of compelled him to care." Said Boone. "I had noticed it to. I have free range of the mothership being who I am. He's under Zo'ors control. This is worse. While your here, you may read anything no restrictions at all. I have to pay a visit to the mothership. I will be back. " Said the professor. "Why, is it urgent?" Asked Boone. "Qu'on my friend and Synod leader has been assassinated by a Juridian probe and I must say my good-byes. Its a little late but I thought you life was import so I looked after you. One, more thing you work for your pay and me well, anything you don't have will be gotten for you. Feel free to visit the Taelon council down below. David will go down there with you at first. They won't harm you. They are friendly and kind like Daan. In fact they didn't want the Taelons on earth until 2014 so you have something in common with them." Said the professor who left for her shuttle. Boone faces David. "Is she always like that?" Asked Boone. "Kind and always ticked off with Zo'or yes." Said David. "As for the Taelons on the other moon are they safe?" Asked Boone.

"Quite safe. Safer than those under the control of Zo'or. They were actually concerned for your life and visited here why you were recovering. They helped to heal you with the professor. If you thought that the Taelons above the earth were powerful, Fergurson is more powerful. In fact she continually goes and visits the Juridians leaders to stop them coming to earth. But some of them like conflicting pain through a certain sound wave and completely reduces the professor to her energy form and she encircles her body until the sound stops." Said David. So, your saying that the council support her and keep her from turning into energy what does she does in return?' Asked Boone. "Stop them from becoming an ativas a dangerous creature. They help her to keep part of the commonality and not part of it. It's something that can't be explained." Said David. Sarah comes into the room and David leaves returning to the control room to look out for anymore probes or sound waves directed to the professor.

The Professor returns a week later to see Boone who had completely recovered.

"I see your feeling back to your old self. As for the CVI, I fixed that you will still retain the ability to gather and learn new information. Sandoval will be next I just have to convince Zo'or." Said the professor.

"Thank you. I have met them down below. Not what I expected quite the opposite. The are actually concerned about me while I had the injuries and continually be concerned for my welfare and yours. What's with the 16,000 ships. According to David they are to protect earth and more will be joining them." Said Boone.

"Let me just say I am taking it personally. I have already had one planet that I love be destroyed. I am not going to let my grandfathers and great grandfather's home is destroyed. In a few year my great grandfather father is about to be born and I don't want the Juridians to ruin that. In the time of my creation, if they were favor with my government I would have had is given Juridian DNA. My compassion comes from my human background. Very few timelords actually care. If they did there would be one million ships protecting earth right now. Instead, I have access to all the Gallifreyians in the peacekeepers. I would like you to train them. Since earth will become a battle ground thanks to Zo'ors ego I need them know how to fight on earth terrain." Said the professor turning slightly. "No, I understand. But it's true that Australia and the circle of nations have freedom and the American and the Northern Hemisphere don't." Said Boone.

"Yes, I can't deny it. I was apart of the agreement. Every day, I do go to the mothership I fight for earth's freedom. I warned them about Zo'or did they listen no they didn't. While Zo'or is synod humans are being lead to the slaughter house like lambs it's only the Australians and the circle of nations who aren't. It's nearly 500 years well, almost exact to the day since I was made to say goodbye to Da'an. I didn't know they were going to be at war with Juridians. I believe with Zo'ors influence as Da'an grew up was brain washed. The taelon council believe that Zo'or was the cause of the war. I would like to think that was the cause. I really wish it was. If it's true let the Juridians have Zo'or and leave the rest of the Taelons alone. I wasn't even allowed to go to the first appearance of Daan. The excuse was that they didn't want to alarm the American people that another alien was on the planet. I am harmless. The Australian people have known for years that I am not human. I only remember to little taelon that was Da'an. I promised him that I would see him one day. That day has not dawned ." Said the professor.

"I suppose you would look forward to seeing Da'an. From the reports, you two were close. I saw a rare image of you and a really young Da'an he almost looked like a human child." Said Boone. "Will, they used to. But the path to perfection was to strong and any Taelon-human beings are unable to in the early years. They appear human for the first five years of course they will blush like a Taelon. Then over two months they will turn into a fully-grown taelon in appearance. I have been studying them for a long time. It's the timelord in me to studying other alien races. I was never interested in studying humans since my father is half-human. But I did learn about human nature. I also know how to treat sick or injured Taelons. It was something that a young taelon synod leader Qu'on approved I even got to know the Taelon who started it all. Ma'el." Said the professor with a little smile. "So he had a family." Said Boone raising an eyebrow. "Yes, in the last 100 years of his life. James if you met her is his direct human descendent with all powers that were his. I can't ignore her timelord gifts being telepathic is one of them." Said the professor.

"I don't think anyone else knows that, I know that you were a medical doctor for humans. Not Taelons this is new for me." Said Boone still surprised.

"I am full of many surprises. As many as I have all the DNA of all alien races except Juridian. I know I will evolve into a taelon. I went to learn taelon studies, I taught the young Taelons. The thing was no timelords were allowed on the taelon homeworld unless they were visiting. So, my mother snuck me in. She was unrecognizable a taelon with hair. I am the only one with all the DNA of all Taelons ignoring the human half-breeds. Why do you think Zo'or would want me dead?" Said the professor.

"What about the information about the Taelon-Juridian war? I mean there are the reports that your Gallifreyian staff file about your constant visits to the Juridian home world and destroying the their outer colonies for punishment for not hearing out." Said Boone.

"That keeps Zo'or's ego at arms length. He was the one who contacted me . In not so many words, he wants me to save the taelons from the jaridains. He thinks he knows a lot about me of course, I use that for a bargaining chip. He said that If I protect the taelon race, I get to Da'an again. That is just a bargaining tactic. The thing is Zo'or doesn't really know why I am on earth at this time since the dalek war would of been over. Two years ago." Said the professor.

So, how do the rest of the world get their freedom?" Asked Boone.

"Freedom, will only be granted when Zo'or is put on trial for his crimes against humanity, few Taelons and me. Zo'or saw that Australians were intelligent and they don't take things for granted like most Americans. It was taken away because those who at are signed your lives away. I did not do that to the people who were glad that they were not alone any more. They were quite glad to have an alien living in their country. Zo'or said I was to take control over Australia and the circle of nations. I didn't it only appears that I did. I have matters as in trade with Gallifrey and nothing more. I have no interest in power. I have Gallifrey for that. But I don't want it for a long time. I have known the Taelons for more than 500 years it is my destiny to become one of them. It's in my DNA and my Gallifreyian imperative to evolve by any means possible." Said the professor sadly.

"I hope you don't, mind I read some of the history books, especially the earth history books since I don't live there any more. I do agree with the fact that they were early. But what's with the energy coming out of you with nearly every taelon in a circle around you in 2010? From what I can tell its a kindred soul thing about Da'an and yourself." Said Boone.

"Yes and no. That's how we destroyed the Juridian homeworld and ended the war." Said the professor who turned to face the new taelon homeworld.

"What would happen if you added Juridian DNA to you DNA stream? Asked Boone.

"In less than two thousand years not earth years it would be less in earth years. It would make me evolve into a taelon with hair and my timelord DNA would not play apart of my DNA make up it would be dormant. The future has already happened and I can't change it even if I am for tense and purposes a timelord. I am not sure what Da'an would think after the both hand thing and knowing what the future will bring. You cannot change your future or where it goes." Said the professor.

"Why, do I have a feeling that you're right about the destiny thing." Said Boone hoping that she would turn to face him again.

"You control your destiny and you can change the future but be careful in how you choose your life after the taelon war. I wish I could change my future but alas it has already happened." Said the professor and she turned around.

The professor's hair and hands seem to be blushing abed one the professor's arms seemed to be burning. It was not normal to have her arm bare even with the taelon writing on it. Boone rushes towards to the professor to see what is wrong.

"Are you alright?" Asked Boone.

"This is normal I assure you. Zo'or is being smug and talking with Doors. Its another links to the commonality. It won't last long. They won't get that what they want." Said the professor.

"What's with the writing?" Asked Boone.

The professor pulled down her sleeve to hide the writing.

"Something I was born with. It means that the one and the hope are meant to be as a form of destiny. Every few generations they try to find each other. Sometimes they don't even know who they are looking for. My name means the one. As Fergurson is my public name, my father gave it to me. My real name is a taelon name that no one has ever said. Da'an name means hope." Said the professor.

"I think I understand. Zo'or is trying to stop a legion becoming real." Said Boone.

"Most of the synod want it to happen. But the power of Zo'or can be dangerous. As for the burning. The old saying you scratches my back and I'll scratch yours. Zo'or is offering support in the election and doors wants nothing to do with it. I know they are discussing the bio-engineered humans. Only 500 need. I know he needs more. I had after they arrived and before they did offer Gallifreyians who want to continue the taelon race and then become taelon. But the offer was rejected." Said the professor.

"I think you should tell Da'an, the synod those who support you and have you told Doors?" Asked Boone.

"He didn't believe me. "Said the professor.

"Come, on Fergurson that doesn't sound like doors to me." Said Boone.

"He doesn't trust me because I am not human but an alien. I work for everybody. I don't think he liked the fact that I work for the Taelons and the Australian government." Says the professor.

"You don't work wholly for the Taelons well not the ones on the mothership. Youre a free agent." Said Boone with a smile.

"Don't give me that rubbish. I get enough for Zo'or." Said the professor.

"But your grandfather and great grandfather is human. Don't worry I'll send a message to door." Said Boone.

"But your officially dead not like door is suppose to be dead. Only offworld that youre officially alive. The thing is Doors is my great times 4 father. I will have a bad enough time convincing him to start another family with an Australian female let alone convince him your not dead. What an American politician?" Said the professor.

"Don't worry I'll make sure he gets the signal bounced off the Australian satellites. So, he will know that there are more timelords and that I am alive and working for you. So doing this on my free will." Said Boone.

"I'm sure he'll like that. I better see Augur soon, I promised to visit him." said the professor who went from being sarcastic to calm.

One hour later

Boone walks into the professors office.

"What's so amusing?" Asked the professor.

"Change of plans, I did send the message but now he wants to visit the embassy and here on your moon base." Said Boone.

"And this will make him trust me?" asked the professor.

"Between the Taelons and you. He has choose you over the Taelons." Said Boone.

"Why doesn't that surprise me and why doesn't that fill me with hope. What doesn't he see that I am alien." Said the professor.

"That doesn't bother me or the Australian people. You know what's going on and youre an asset for the up and coming war. You even put Zo'or in his place. I did try and explain to him that your trying all your best to remove the strangle hold on America. I mean Doors just doesn't know that Australia and the circle of nations aren't under the control of the Taelons. In fact that they are free. Which may surprise him." Said Boone.

"Like doors is going to believe me. He want to be president now but not for another 6 years I know he isn't going to like that." Said the professor now smiling.

"Don't worry, about doors I will deal with him. He's fine." Said Boone.

The professor looks down at the computer.

"Looks like Augur has a day off from his hacking. I don't want to tell doors about my DNA. It didn't bother Augur. No, wait he's coming later with my American shuttle pilot, he's being a citizen of Australia since the mid 90's." Said the professor.

The pilots image appears on the screen next to Augur's.

"Doesn't he look like the guy who acted in the show with a submarine? Asked Boone.

"I wouldn't know he was recruited into unit while I was away fighting Daleks. I shouldn't worry that much should, I? Boone about Doors." said the professor

"I doubt it. You live half the time on earth promoting freedom for humanity and the other half here." Said Boone.

"That's because, my position on Gallifrey is always in jeopardy. But I discuss things with the taelon council and plan the next invasion of a Juridian outpost." Said the professor.

"It may be a good idea for doors to meet the real leaders of the Taelons." Said Boone smiling.

"Like Doors wants to talk to more Taelons at this time." said the professor sarcastically.

"For one thing, they have never offered him a bribe or harmed any humans. Or their lack of interest of humans other than trade relations, ambassadors and being friends with us. That would only make ten Taelons on earth. Making them as a species harmless." Said Boone.

"Since they left the homeworld the synod and the colony have been brain washed excluding Qu'on who was always kept in the dark about taelon activities on earth. So the knowledge of the council no longer exists in the commonality." Said the professor.

"I have a feeling once Da'an knows might accuse Zo'or of many crimes and lies. But tell what you need to tell. I do agree with what you said ages ago." Said Boone.

"I don't want all the synod side with me at this stage it must appear if all of them are supporting Zo'or. They will know the day when the commonality will remove him. Let doors know that I am ready for him. 3 hours and 3 only. I don't want to miss my meeting with Zo'or but I would rather it be with Da'an. Could you see if the taelon-orientated items and information remove and bring out all the timelord things? Thanks." Said the professor.

"Since I have been here I have learnt about other alien races, but I have the time to learn about it. But I doubt it if it's necessary to alarm him that other alien races are around. For all tense and purposes the earth thinks youre a timelord." Said Boone.

"I have many different alien DNA inside me." Said the professor.

"Some how, I don't think he needs to know that." Said Boone.

"Fine". Said the professor.

Boone sends a message to the resistance head quarters via the Australian satellites.

Liam seems to have a day off or finally get himself sometime away from Da'an to go and pick up Doors to take him to the Gallifreyian embassy and unit headquarters.

Doors runs from the church in a curly hair wig and dark sunglasses hoping no one would recognize him and gets into Liam's shuttle.

Liam goes into dimensional. Doors removed the wig, glasses, and trench coat.

"I am actually looking forward to this to seeing both bases." Said A happy Doors is not that often.

"Are you aware that the professor isn't human?" Said Liam.

"I know, I don't even know how a timelord acts." Said Doors.

"All, I have heard that the embassy has been there before the taelon arrival and that her government is supporting humanity and the Taelons because of some kind of balance. I think the support for the Taelons is political not out of kindness as for humanity." Said Liam.

"Apparently the Taelons have stop experimenting. But they will start up again. I believe the professor did not like their methods. From speaking with her human friend David there is a terra formed moon I believe it's called the new taelon home world. It's very long way from earth." Said Liam.

"I have read her website the idea of leaving the ambassadors here and putting the Taelons on their own world sounds great. I then could not hate them but dislike them. I will even dislike Zo'or, I think hate is the world for him." Said Doors.

The professor leaves for earth in her own shuttle that unlike the taelon shuttles it takes only five minutes for her to arrive back on earth. To get things ready as not everything can be shown like some of the exhibits which are similar to those know been showed northern America.

The professor sets up the communications with her moon to continue and finish the conversation with Boone.

"I barely approved the chances program were the elderly sick people and make them like they were when they were in their 30's. When I found out that their minds had been altered. I put my foot down. My adjustments would have returned them to there 40's so they could see their family in later life." Said the professor.

"You know something about the program more than you are saying." Said Boone smiling.

"Youre beginning to read my face very, perceptive. It was Zo'or who ordered the programming of false memories and previously people who didnt support the Taelons strangely supporting them after they are helped. The programming is not necessary. That is one of the many programs I disapprove of, as they are wrong and against all nature. Even the timelords don't approve as they stopped doing that centuries ago. The alliance are not pleased with Zo'or who actually planned the mission. The council approved the original visit and nothing else. But of course he changed it." Said the professor.

"I would not mention this to doors." Said Boone.

The old man (Liam) walks into the professor's office.

"Excuse me, professor they are four minutes away and David said that he would bring them in." Said the old man and then he left.

"I have to go, doors is on his way." Said the professor and the screen go blank. "Thank you."

David walks into the professors office.

"Mr. Doors and Liam Kincaid are here." Said David.

"I thought it was best to arrive before they did and I am glad that I did." Said David.

"Let them in and bring them to my office but through the embassy's museum and slow them down by talking about some of the items." Said the professor.

The professor flips a switch and an image appears on the screen on the wall. Liam lands the shuttle. Exits with doors. David is there to greet them.

Meanwhile Zo'or enraged attacks some of his volunteers or drones as the professor calls them. A Da'ans army member (unit worker) arranges the meeting with Zo'or and the professor be brought up two hours earlier. As the professor seems to be the only one strong enough to control his temper.

Facing a Da'an's army worker Zo'or begins to speak.

"Bring me the professor with in the hour." Shouted Zo'or.

"She's not available for another two hours." Said the worker as Zo'or begins to slap the worker" If you hit me you will suffer the consequences of the professor." But stops knowing how powerful she is.

Instead, hits the nearest volunteer instead. It is a good thing that Da'an does not see Zo'or this way or hell could break loose on the mothership.

David walks back into the embassy followed by Liam and doors. With the camera following. While the old man (Liam) gets word of Zo'ors uncontrollable behavior.

"Did you think I should go? Asked James.

"No, the professor is the best person to be sent. I am not sure how she is going to react. I have been told they have lost another part of the taelon empire and Zo'or is acting really badly to the loss." Said the old man (Liam)

James sends the message to the professor's computer hoping that she is able to stop things from breaking apart on the mothership.

The professor quickly reads the message.

"This wasn't suppose to happen. Damn." Said the professor hitting her hand on the desk." I will have to clean up the mess as usual and deal with Zo'or I am not looking forward to this."

Another fleet is sent to take back the planet.

This way, please. The professor is expecting you. The General public doesn't go through on Mondays to look around the embassy." Said David as they were leaving the corridor.

The three of them were walking through the museum section of the embassy. Some things looked familiar to Liam and he did not know why but only two things could be easily been found in the museum showing of the Taelon exhibit.

Liam noticed at the ancient portal it was similar to the one he had went through but a glowing dark essence was in the centre.

"Excuse me, David. What is a Taelon portal doing here?" Asked Liam who had stopped in front of it.

Both Doors and David stopped.

David did not want to tell the truth it was something that was left for Ma'els decedents to be able to be controlled. The legend was that he had taken it with him as he was fascinated by the fact he saw his future and the future of his descendents.

It was not something he wanted handed over to the Taelons especially Zo'or that portal would be just giving him the keys to history to change things and be absolute ruler over time and space. That was something that could not be. So instead David lied.

"It is a left over relic of the age of the ancient ones who later became timelords. They still exist on the planet, which used to be in a twin orbit with the Taelon homeworld. The elders and the leaders of both worlds did not know what to do with it. So, they sent it to Gallifrey and left for someone who would be unable to control it. Time passed and it was passed on to the professor who has had it ever since, I believe since she was 70 when she left the living house. They ancient ones and the ancient Taelons thought it was best that the one and the hope were the best ones to know what to do with. The professor's real name means the one. Fergurson is just a rough translation of it." Said David calming hoping that the ancient ones and the Taelon council would forgive him.

"Who?" said Doors whom no idea what David was talking about at least it wasn't boring.

"The people who are translating the markings on the professor's body are still working out but I think hope is Da'an. Da'an's name means hope thats right I was talking to the Australian companion he mentioned what some of the Taelon names meant. That helped the researchers find out who was hope." Said David nervously.

Liam was realizing where he had heard the professor mentioned it was Zo'or talking to Taelon he had never seen before. He was slowly putting the clues together but what would be when he pieced them together.

"The story of the one and the hope has been going around before the ancient ones existed. Recently the professor turned up on one of the Juridian bases some recognized her as the one as that planet was originally part of the Taelon Empire. They stopped fighting and left. The peacekeepers were brought in to help rebuild the planet and helped the Taelons there. That sort of thing doesn't happen. All the time there are casualties on both sides. If the synod members who support the professor new what was really going on they would be asking Zo'or a lot of questions. Like why do we need earth when there a millions of Gallifreyians fighting our battle." Said David and realized what he was saying.

"What about Zo'or? From what youre saying the other Taelons respect the professor and want no harm to her. As I said what about Zoor? Asked Doors who was beginning to understand that this was a bigger game than he thought it wasn't just earth involved.

"The assassins have been sent over the centuries but by the time they have caught up with the professor they just can't kill her as one of the laws of the universe is not to harm the one. I have found recently that Zo'or would rather trust someone he dislikes over a human. I know I should no say this many people will not be happy that its talked about this early. Some people could get hurt. If you must know the Taelon council has send the professor to protect Da'an from Zo'or as the many attempts on Da'ans life is to numerous. The council is the true leaders of the Taelons. The synod is like a parliament or congress of representatives of different points of views of Taelons. They have asked her to reduce Zo'or to nothingness as he once was. Thus ending the evil rain of terror which has at this time been unleashed. The timelords have no interest in this war in fact they don't care. It's the Gallifreyians who are fighting for earth and the Taelon Empire more than 16,000 ships will be here when the Juridians arrive. Plenty more will join them. Its just the professor is taking this personally. When the war begins our American pilot and James will go and get Da'an and the Australian companion. Then take them to the new taelon homeworld of course a certain number of the synod will be going. Those who did crimes against humanity will be left behind all shuttles will be handed over to the American resistance leaving those Taelons stranded to be handed over to the Juridians. Who I am sure will glad to have them. Zo'or will not be with those Taelons he will be tried by the council for his crimes against humanity, few fellow Taelons and one disgruntled timelord. The professor is that timelord. After the war, new ambassadors will be placed on earth but they will be accountable to the country governments, which they are in and to the Taelon council. They will not be above the law. In space no one is. As much as, American loves Da'an he will be permanently living on the new homeworld as member of the council. Someone else will have the North America ambassadorship. Liam I would not repeat this if I were you. It is not the time or place to be doing so." Said David who then took a deep breath.

"Am I able to see this homeworld or is it restricted to humans?" Asked Doors.

"The place Da'an will reside one day is free to humans to visit I go there myself so do unit workers. As your fighting for earths freedom which the council agrees with it won't be an issue for you to go there." Said David who was slowly beginning to relax.

"That's good." Said Doors whom was also beginning to relax.

"The time is almost out of hand. Time is of the essence. We must hurry if you are to see unit headquarters. You might call the only resistance group excepted by Zo'or who hardly know what goes on here. The synod has 60 members which 50 support the professor. More are pleading their support. Only a few will publics admit it. Knowing Zo'or who crush and resistance on the mothership to his leadership. When time is right they will no longer support him and close him out of the commonality. Which is dangerous but as an ativas his behavior will improve." Said David with a smile.

Liam was beginning to realize this professor was not all that she seemed. According to some people in the resistance, it was rumor that she had kimera power like him so he thought he would test the waters. He had noticed that David was lying about that portal.

"Does the professor have this?" Said Liam slowly trying to trick out David.

David realized that Liam new he was lying you can't lie to someone who is kimera and has Taelon DNA. So, he has to tell the truth sometime.

"Yes, she does. When a Taelon talks about Daan, the professor blushes in the hand and in her hair. But be aware that if Zo'or is angry the writing on her body which is in Taelon will glow red and cause pain to the professor. Do you know think your self-lucky. Liam. Why do you think we have air-conditioning here all year round. As for the little experiment augur did by removing Da'an from the commonality effected the professor. She still hasn't forgiven her friend. It stopped both of her hearts and turned to her non-solid appearance. She turned Taelon blue. The Juridian probe did the same thing." Said David.

They reach the professor's office.

"That must be the professor's office." Pointed Doors.

The door opens by itself and the camera outside that were following them turn off. The professor was standing near the doorway.

"Come in, please." Said the professor who was unusually cheerful.

Liam noticed that the professor smiled like Da'an who he once smiled. There was something about her that was Taelon. Da'an had not mentioned that his homeworld had orbited the ancient timelords planet.

But over hearing the other, Taelons could explain why there is a ban of talking about that time. Or before they had left for earth. There had been a lot meetings arranged for Zo'or with the professor it had been in the ships computer.

Liam thought had better keep this to himself. What worried him that the old man they had passed looked like an older version of himself. A flicker of a memory had floated from the old man to himself.

It was confusing it was about the future Da'an was sitting with a council of sorts and the professor sitting on his right. Da'an was saying something to him and he saw himself going from the future to the past before he was born.

Why would he be sent back to the past for? If that old man was he what was he doing hanging around a timelord. If the professor was actually fully a timelord, he now doubted that. The image he saw that she was a Taelon with hair. The fact was what was a timelord doing with kimera power.

All three come into the office and sit down. A dalek warrior comes into the office fires a weapon. The professor fights back using her kimera power. This knocks down the warrior.

The professor flicks a switch which makes emergency bells rings. The professor walks over to the dalek warrior. Who is alive but unable to move but can hear.

"How many times, have I told them it's pointless sending you dalek warriors. There's already an alien presence on earth. Do I have to go and teach you leaders a lesson? I doubt your head dalek would appreciate you coming here. Well, answer me. You know it's against the law to come kill me. It would be different if it were my cousin. Come on who sent you? I doubt you would of come on your on shortly?" Said the professor talking to the dalek warrior as if he was a baby.

"I know, I should not be here. But my orders where to kill the alien working for Unit." said the Dalek warrior.

"Really. Did you send an operative to find out that alien was I. Really, you lot are getting slack since the taelon ship pushed your planet invader ship was pushed aside. Do you want me to go and complain to the creator of the daleks do you..." The professor stopped she could see that he was breaking down.

"No, nnnnno, no." Said the Dalek warrior.

"Then be a good warrior and be taken to Gallifrey and be placed in prison. Or I could send you off to see the Taelon Leader. I'm sure he could do something terrible you can't imagine take your choice or I will make it for you." Said the professor.

Two unit workers with some Gallifreyian guards where now waiting at the door.

"Prison, please." Said the Dalek warrior.

Good, choice. I don't think Taelon mothership would be a good place for you. But if you escape. I will find you and hand you over to the Taelon leader. He will make you talk. But I think you would want a chancellery guard to take you back. Take him and send a message to his superiors. To stop bugging me. It's great practice but not in front of the American." Said the professor.

They took the warrior away and the professor closed the door.

"I'm sorry about that. It's a general accordance. I think Mr. Doors you would have preferred fighting Daleks than Taelons. The victory would have been quick. Now where were we? You were about to say something Doors." Said the professor who was now sitting at her desk.

"Why isn't there a resistance group, in Australia? Asked Doors.

"Yes, we do. What do you think unit is a front for? We only have one Taelon here and only one portal, which is in the Taelon embassy unlike the other ones around the world, is a normal building. It was his choice. Being Gallifreyian ambassador is not my day job. I am the companion protector and so is James. But because of the lack of violence towards him. No one wants to harm him. He opens schools, buildings, and dedications. Every body has to participate in the free society and so he does and so do I. No security needed. Timelord technology is used for the embassy. But every Australian gets to see the ambassador at least once a year. Some of them he has become a friend with. When they recalled the Taelons back to the mothership, he was not. He's sort of a relative of mine. Mr. Doors why do you think we have freedom here and you dont? We now have a space program you don't. Have any idea why there is no Taelon control here?" Said the professor.

"I know why Mr. Doors. I fear a dalek invasion than the Taelon-Juridian war. "David flicks the switch and a hologram image appears. It's a dalek." This is what I fear. I was the first human allowed on the mothership a year before the world founded out that they were not alone anymore. Australians and people in the U.K. since the 1960's new about alien about 45% did. In fact, the arrival of the Taelons improved our resistance base. There is a name which Zo'or gave us. EPADI, Earth Protectors Against Dalek Invasion. This base only a third of the people here are dedicated to stopping them invades. The rest of the staff are divided those who work for the professor in saving humanity and the rest who don't know what we do out side of stopping the invasion of them." Said David.

"David, don't give the game away. I have a large fleet ready to protect earth. Full of Gallifreyians. I hear that you want to see my moon. There you will be able to see some of the ships that will protect earth. From the surface of the moon you can see how large Gallifrey is." Said the professor.

"If you follow the hall on the left you will see my shuttle could you please wait there. Thanks." Said the professor.

Liam and doors leave the room and walk to the shuttle, which does not take them long. They reach a door and open it. It looks like a shuttle but with black and purple stripes.

"I don't think this is a commissioned shuttle." Said Liam. As they both get in and sit down.

"Professor, did you read the message." Said David.

"I have, do you know how this is been going on?" Asked the professor.

"For a few days. Zo'or nearly slapped a unit worker she warned him who she was working for and instead slapped a volunteer. Is this his worse? " Said David.

"No, and it could be. Once I finish showing them around. I have to go to the mothership. If I have any appointments cancel them." Said the professor.

"James has been getting messages from the mothership all day about this. At least Da'an is still at the embassy. I would hate to think he would witness that." Said David.

"I would hope not. Get our American pilot to take them back from my moon base as I will go straight to the mothership from there." Said the professor worried what Zo'or will do next.

They both head for the shuttle and enter it, the professor sits in the pilots chair, and David sits at the back. Liam and doors is behind the professor.

"It won't take long as this is no ordinary shuttle." Said the professor.

The professor puts the shuttle into extreme dimensional drive.

"Why are you taking this personally?" Asked Doors.

"Because my grandfather is human, my great-grandfather is human. That's where I get my compassion. I would not exist if Ma'el did not come to earth. You think it's tough being human. Doors. When you have 25 strains of DNA and more being related to every alien race you suddenly realize there are lot more things at risk. I'm glad my government wasn't in favor with the Juridians that day. " Said the professor who was getting a little agitated.

"I don't normally trust an alien but some reason I believe you." Said Doors

"The other reason why Australia and the circle of nations are free. The Taelons want to species a Taelon-human hybrid and a human one. Because we have in Australia and in the circle of nations all races and creeds in one place. I'm still surprised that the church of the Taelons is still going. I want to close it down." Said the professor smugly.

"I thought they wanted to take over the whole of the planet." Said Doors.

"Nope, just most of the Northern Hemisphere bar two countries. If I was you and you value your freedom find an Australian wife and lay low. But if you want to be forever tracked down by, assassins then go ahead live in the Northern Hemisphere. There is no one to charge you in Australia. I have made sure so far that you haven't been killed. Here." Passing Doors a piece of paper. " Your insurance policy something you may need one day in case of an emergency. A friend of yours and his wife signed one and they are still alive but officially on earth, they are dead. If you sign. All measures will be taken to keep you alive." Said the professor.

"It says here if I sign, clone will be sent in my place to be killed and stay free living offworld. What if I sign will I ever return to earth?" Said Doors.

"Of course once Zo'or is removed from power. All charges against you will be removed. As if nothing you did happened." Said the professor.

"Why would you want to save me?" Asked Doors.

"Well, Zo'or owes me a life times of favors and you would not believe me if I told your we are related. Only few people know of this. I had offered Zo'or many things like some Gallifreyians for his breeding program and a few fleets to protect them. They were pushed a side. If I gave you a list of Taelons who support me leave them alone. The rest you can attack publicly. I know Da'an visited your old headquarters. I wish I was there but its too soon. I loved what Augur did to the place. I must visit him again." Said the professor.

"What's too soon?" Asked Liam.

"I would doubt that you would understand. But you will soon." Said the professor.

"How did you know about that, and I didn't know Augur had an alien for a friend." Said a surprised Doors.

"I have people placed every where I find things out. Augur and I go way back. He was a child when we became friends." Said the professor.

Doors moves closer to the professor.

"How old are you?" Asked Doors.

"I'll be 750 years old soon. It's nearly more than 500 years since I came acquainted with the Taelons." Said the professor who sighed sadly.

Liam gets out of his seat and doors goes back to his.

"What couldn't I understand. You have proven nothing about having Taelon DNA and the rest that you claim to have!" Said Liam angrily as he was grabbing at her arm.

The professors arm was turning red and the pain was unbearable that a tear fell down her face.

"Please, remove you hand," The Taelon writing was glowing and the plan was all over her body. It was also bringing back the memory of the young Da'an's face when she left for good." Please, youre causing pain." Said the professor who lifted her right sleeve to reveal glowing Taelon writing Liam saw her tear running down her right check and let go.

He was wrong, she was no fraud.

"I would recommend, you don't do that again. Anything that happens to Da'an happens to the professor and visa versa." Said David.

My God, what does that say?" Asked Doors.

The professor becomes embarrassed about the writing. Her hair and hands turn blue just like a Taelon. Liam calms down.

"Could you tell me what it means. I have not seen anything like that. With the memory that I was given from my father" Said Liam is being kinder than he was before.

"Its all over my body. The same paragraph repeated over and over again. I have all my life leant how to translate it and other people have tried to help me. All it means it that the one and the hope are kindred souls and are meant to be by each others side. See on this arm the name of the person who is hope and the other one is in my Taelon name. Which I don't what it is. My middle name which I have been allowed to know is Na'ad it's Da'an backwards. As for Da'an my mother who has been fully Taelon for nearly a thousand years said it's a part of his DNA structure. He would have to be scanned for anyone to see it. My mother was once a Gallifreyian but the imperative in her like all Gallifreyians was to go to the next level evolves into something else and so she did. Perfect does stupid things to alien races. The Taelons bred to perfection. To think there are only 3 female Taelons. There would have been two if my mother didn't take the whole transformation to a Taelon. I think Zo'or is aware of who I am. But not sure. If I add Juridian DNA, I will be genetically complete. But it will bring my evolving closer than it was. It was the ancient ones who thought the Taelons were the highest level of perfection and so they evolved and those didn't later on bred with the local population because now timelords are at the highest of perfection but corruption is at all levels. If I take Juridian DNA and it's the only way to end the war I will." Said the professor.

"I think that is something you need to discuss with Da'an." Said Liam.

"What is his he talking about? Asked Doors.

"It could be the only way to stop the Juridian - Taelon war." Said Liam.

Doors mouths Oh.

"Believe Zo'or is more like a Juridian than he is Taelon. Anger is not a Taelon trait. Why do you think he wants you dead? That's just malicious. The death or removal of Da'an is number three on his list." Said the professor who pulled down her sleeve.

"What is the first number? Asked Doors.

"1 start a breeding program with only humans in the Northern Hemisphere. But my techniques are better they don't de-evolve. Gallifreyians are better for the continuing of the Taelons. Zo'or made a bad judgement call that day.", the professor has a sarcastic laugh", If only your father were more successful there would be 10 of you for me to look after. I had made a promise to Ha'gel to watch over his children. In exchange, I gained more kimera DNA. Because at first he thought, I was able to reproduce. I doubt that. No, timelord has." Said the professor who was relax enough to show the kimera power following from her hands.

Liam and doors noticed this.

"From what you have said. Your full of contradictions but your concern and help for humanity is noted." Said Doors.

"Not all Taelons are bad, just Zo'or." Said David.

"You will met the real leaders of the Taelons today. As much as, I don't want to bring you to them. I must, as I want you to trust me. Those Taelons can't lie. Being telepathic stops them from doing that. On earth, I switch it off. All of Zo'ors programs got terminated when Qu'on was killed and I got sick from the Juridian probe. Only very few of my human friend know what really happened that day to me. Don't generalize all Taelons please, doors." Said the professor.

Liam thinks about what the professor is saying.

"I heard that Australians are working on the mothership is the term Danas army correct? And they have free will and no CVI." Asked Liam.

"They as you called them Da'an's army are those unit workers I choice to work on the mothership for Da'an. It's my job as his protector in space. The council suggested it. When I was told of a teaching program on the Taelon homeworld there was a call for Gallifreyians I went. The Gallifreyians didn't say anything about me except that I was the top of my class at the academy. I paired up with Da'an and the occasional teaching of Zo'or who was much older than Da'an who appeared in height that of a two year old. Over time, I became friends with the young taelon. On the other hand Zo'or was getting jealous. Then one day he did something no taelon has ever done. He probes my mind. I found out he was telepathic. Not know though. I had been telling Da'an a story about earth an old myth that sort of thing. I only thought Juridians had the ability to probe a mind. He found out that the myth was true. I was forbidden to see Da'an again. I said goodbye but he ran after me it was now the height of an 8-year-old. He gave me a hug; I told him he would be all right. I he had a tear coming down his left side of his face. I told him Taelons don't cry. Before I got into the shuttle back to Gallifrey, he called me his kin. I did not think he knew." Said the professor.

"I have never seen a shuttle like this before?" Asked Doors.

"It's based on two technologies taelon and timelord. I made more improvements. Just about to enter the Kabrois system." Said the professor.

"That only took ten minutes, it took longer to get to the mothership." Said Doors.

"It's a different kind of dimensional drive system. We will be landing in second. Brace yourselves." Said the professor.

The shuttle lands.

A Gallifreyian walks up to the shuttle.

The shuttle hatches opens and all four leave the shuttle.

"Professor, welcome dear guests. David, Mr. B wants to discuss project earth. Professor, they wish to discuss something with you before their meeting with Mr. Doors. Gentlemen, this way to the base." Said the Gallifreyian

"Thank you." Said the professor as she waves her hand over a panel an unusual portal appears." Excuse me, Doors, Liam, David let me know how far we are in the project."

The professor enters a code into the panel and jumps into the space in the middle. The portal disappears.

They enter the base.

"Excuse me, what planet is that and what is that large one?" Asked Doors.

"You see the large planet, that is Gallifrey and that isn't a small planet but a moon. It was terra formed 500 years ago. It's the new taelon home planet. They were the ones who wanted to arrive in 2014. There are actually two lots of aliens down there. Gallifreyian females who wanted to help the Taelon race and the Taelon council. "A beeping sound is coming from the professors control board" The professor has returned." Said the Gallifreyian.

Minutes later.

The professor arrives and goes into her base.

"Excuse, me doors and Liam could you come with me please. I have something to show you. That you would not expect from the only other alien on earth." They walk to the side of the building. The professor waves her hand over another panel and the fleet reappear," See that fleet on your left that is heading out to protect the Taelons and to the right are the fleet that is going to protect earth. In space doors the lines between good and evil sometimes can't be drawn. I have seen what Juridians are capable and I know what the Taelons are capable of doing. As I am, sick and tired of being the one to break up their petty disputes. Even the Taelons below on the moon have said to end the war. That means I get a Juridians DNA and evolve a lot earlier. To think one day that timelords could evolve into what Taelons look like now. I am what the timelords the alternate timelord who is perfect. Believe me we are all not perfect," The professor stands in front of the screen which shows DNA strains and which race they belong to which surprises Liam and doors," I was not lying. My direct taelon ancestor is Ma'el without him going to earth I would not exist neither would James. To make matters worse my mother had more than slight alterations to carry a taelon child that child was the last female taelon and Da'an's mother. Da'an got the compassion and kindness from my mother's human DNA strain. Apart from being a genetic relative to all Taelons I am directly genetically related to Da'an and the Australian companion. In fact, I became the timelords and Taelons, dirty little secret. I don't even know what my name is and it's a taelon name. I have been told it's best not to know. I had noticed when I was first on the mothership in a long time before the earth new of their existence most of the Taelons were brain washed only very few remembered me. Ro'ha, Qu'on and two others remember me. I think it was there positions of power that stopped them being targeted for brain washing. To think daleks make Zo'or appear nicest being you have ever met." Said the professor.

"I'm surprised that the Taelons don't know about the fleets." Said Liam.

"They will but not yet." Said the professor who noticed that Doors had been recording the visit. It did not bother her.

"I'm going to have to trust you on that." Said Doors.

"If I start a program, Zo'or can't stop me. I'll support you at election but when I start the program not matter what it's about I will have the finance to support your campaign in if the future." Said the professor with a smile as she walked from the screen.

"I will do that." Said Doors.

"If I get a call from the mothership to do what is really a babysitting job, protecting it for Zo'or and all the Taelons are not on the mothership. That is the time the resistance in a small group can gather information. Those Taelons who stay behind will be in their blue state and will not leave stasis until Zo'or returns. From the ship records Da'an will be at an opening for my happy families program besides on that day regardless of his position on the synod will be able to come aboard. If I were Liam all the times that you are on the mothership keep Da'an away from Zo'or as he is very controlling. I should know I suffered from his early power." Said the professor trying to keep the memory of Zo'or probing her mind which is something no timelord wants to happen. It sometimes turns a timelord into a raving lunatic, go mad, or like the master turn pure evil.

"I will do my best and you will let the resistance know when it is the time." Said Liam who was beginning to understand that you could be taelon but not appear to be one.

"Here", handing Liam a small humming device," This will sound when the time is right it's sound is the 1812 overture. I don't know when it will happen but you have to ready them regardless. All the volunteers will be sent back to earth during that time and unit workers will replace them." Said the professor.

David walks into the room from the look on his face things weren't going well on the mothership.

"Zo'or wants you look after the mothership, I think Sandoval isn't someone he doesn't trust that well. He wants to discuss something with you. Shall I program the palm corder to be able to send images of the new homeworld to the mothership?" Said David.

"Well, Doors you wanted to see the moon bellow and you shall but hide when I am talking to Zo'or I don't want to agitate him any further. The same with you Liam." Said the professor who waved her hand over a panel a portal appears.

The professor goes first followed by doors, Liam, David, and Boone following.

The Taelons and their families prepare for the communication with the mothership.

"Someone get Zo'or, Zo'or's child." Said the professor.

Boone walks up to the professor to the surprise of doors who thought Boone was long dead.

"I told you doors, would believe you. I hear that you have to go to the mothership." Said Boone.

"Yes, another babysitting job. Apparently, he can't trust Sandoval with the mothership. But he can trust him with James the other Australian companion protector." Said the professor who smiled like Da'an.

"I have not seen that smile for a long time. You just now appear angelic like Da'an. You remind me so much of him in some ways." Said Boone.

"Don't like Zo'or hear you talking like that. He has already his suspicions about me. Once he accused me of smiling like Ma'el which really ticked him off." Said the professor.

The palm corder goes off.

"People into places." Said Boone who went off to the side so he would not be seen.

The professor turns on the global.

"I see you want me to baby-sit the mothership once again. I don't mind, but what's the urgency?" said the professor still smiling like Da'an which makes Zo'or agitated a little more.

Zo'or's baby is passed to the professor. The baby seemed happy to see her.

"Whose child is that?" Asked the agitated Zo'or.

"Yours, of course. You should know that I have your DNA and all Taelons present, past, and future. This child's mother was Gallifreyian with a strain of human DNA. Told you there would be problems just using a human. Zo'or is the name of your child. Quite be fitting really. She is the first taelon that did not devolve in fact is the same level Taelons were 1000 years ago." The professor turns the baby to show Zo'or," Pure taelon and if you had listened to me in the first place you would be able to hold her. I will be on the mothership shortly." Said the professor who could see Zo'or calm down.

"Where is that and that can't be the homeworld." Said Zo'or.

"It's the new taelon home world. I recreated it more than 500 years ago. One day when the council gives permission you can come here. I think you should know how I felt when the place of your birth was destroyed. That was the only day that the commonality felt my presence." Said the professor and handed the baby back.

Zo'or remembers the day the professor arrived it was only two days after the homeworld was destroyed. It was the scream that was unbearable. It was rumored that the professor went after the Juridians responsible. In fact she went and destroyed the planet with those responsible stills on it.

"I will see you shortly." Said Zo'or and wiped away the screen.

Liam walks up to the professor and Boone continues with his work.

"What makes you so sure by assuming his reaction of the wonderful thing you have done here." Said Liam.

"Don't assume, it makes an ass out of you and I," a few Gallifreyians, David and Doors laugh at the professor's joke," Zo'or knows that I can't lie to a taelon and the fact Zo'or feels annoyed enough with the fact that I will be apart of the commonality one day and able to distance myself. Not all Taelons are honest like the council. Those who support Zo'or are merely monkeys always saying yes sir, right away sir." Said the professor.

Doors walks up to the professor pleased.

"I have never seen Zo'or so embraced before, it's more that a hate relationship, he actually respects you but doesn't want to admit to it, not even to himself." Said Doors.

"I'm not sure it's respect but your close. Do you feel like a sheep being lead to the slaughter house Doors? These Taelons are friendly and kind they are not under the control of Zo'or. The council is very disappointed and angry with Zo'or in what he is doing. They were sad as I was when Qu'on was reduced to nothingness. When the probe killed him, I screamed like a part of me was removed. The council is taking my evidence seriously.

Poor Ro'ha Zo'or had convinced him to except the human DNA he was given. Unlike Zo'or Ro'ha was peaceful and kept mostly to himself. I felt Ro'ha's death it was not something I want to experience again. That is why I am careful around Zo'or anything could happen." said the Professor.

"I'm finding this hard to say but I agree these Taelons are harmless and well since Liam brought Da'an to the old headquarters I to think he's harmless. Your here to help even if America is put under martial law." said Doors.

The professor thought what did he mean by this.

"My peacekeepers are even ready for that possibility. I would even remove Thompson from power. I would choose a council to run the country. If your son continues to cause harm with your permission send him to fight daleks as punishment," This made doors smile the professor could tell he agreed with the punishment," At the worse I could send him to Zo'or for something appropriate." Said the professor.

"Professor, you better hurry. More complaints are coming from the mothership." Said David.

"I'll go to my moon for my shuttle. Doors feel free to talk to the council, a unit pilot will take you both back." Said the professor.

Meanwhile for a brief moment Da'an notices another energy source among the commonality but does not recognize it. The professor blushes in her hand and hands. The professor had sent happiness to Da'an who had no been happy since Boone was alive.

"Oh, Liam before I go there is something you must know. Zo'or was never meant to be synod leader you have no idea what has been unleashed. Be careful, never be alone with Zo'or. Another taelon or unit worker should be close by." Says the professor who then enters the portal and in flash, she was gone.

Liam walks up to David who was talking to a small child.

"David, what does it mean Zo'or was never meant to be synod leader and you have no idea what has been unleashed. I saw images that I could not understand and why would the professor would give me uneasiness?" Asked Liam.

"You don't know the extent of Zo'ors power and far his control is. The uneasiness, well youre lucky your part kimera you have no idea what the professor feels, it's something more. It's something that is evil. You will know more time. " Said David.

"The professor mentioned that there was someone working for her was there the day Da'an visited the old headquarters. I know who work for me, theyre either American or Canadian." Said Doors.

"It was simple, they were told not to talk a lot. She isn't working for you anymore. Dr James McCoy was working for you at the time. Augur was her last boyfriend and they had become friends so that's how she learnt the language. Here," handing doors a personal tour card for the embassy and Gallifrey," I would think Ma'el would be proud of his human descendent and of his alien descendant the professor. The professor was the last person Ma'el saw in his last days the last things he said to her were: Your way is the future of our people. Try to make them understand, don't let Zo'or come here or find out that your kin. I have completed the circle, which I began. There will be those who will support you that were once blinded by words that are not true. Zo'or must be stooped at all costs. You will know where you heart lies. If the earth is to survive, Zo'or is more of a threat than the Juridians they too will cause harm to you. Protect my family and the earth by all costs. Then he faded." Said David.

"What's so important about the fact Ma'el had a family, why would that make Zo'or angry?" Asked Doors.

"It would prove that the professor is part of the missing link and it would prove difficult to reclaim Ma'el's DNA. To put it in human terms Zo'or has an ego problem. The professor is the only one known to be able to call the powers of the universe as Ma'el according to legend was the only taelon and it was lost when he died. It was not lost." Said David.

"Like before. I saw energy coming out of the professor and from what I could see it was a combination of Da'an and Ma'els. So it is true that she will become a taelon." Said Liam.

"The process would speed up if the professor were to be given Juridian DNA." Said David.

The synod was preparing to go to the other mothership for the meeting Zo'or was waiting for the professor in a meeting room. Da'an of course was not on earth but waiting outside the meeting room.

The professor lands the shuttle. Thousands of shuttles were returning to earth and unit workers coming to replace them. The professor presses a button on her watch for David to know to come to the mothership shortly.

A taelon who recognizes her gestured the professor to follow him. Taking her to the meeting room where Zo'or was Da'an hid in the shadows making sure he was not seen.

"It is not depravity that afflicts the human race so much as the lack of general intelligence. I think Anges Repplier was wrong. Because Australians, Chinese and most of Asia is not like that. What went wrong that I had to be called away. I heard you nearly slapped one of my workers. What isn't been done enough? Said the professor.

Da'an turns to see what is going on but is unseen by Zo'or or the professor.

"We, lost an out post in the empire." Said Zo'or.

"Youre taking this to badly. If you had not contacted me, many more out posts and many taelon lives would have been lost with out my help. What more do you want. I go out my self with the peacekeepers defending the taelon race. This is how I feel," The professor throws a glass ball to the floor it smashes into millions of pieces," Now is the time I take my revenge for what you did to me," The professor delves into Zo'ors mind and shows him what she has gone through all this time before and after the arrival and how she felt when she found the homeworld destroyed. Zo'or begins to experience the memories the professor is sending him. All Da'an feels in pain from the professor and happiness that has not surfaced in a long time. Something strange happened a tear fell down the right side of Zo'or's face. Emotions were something that he never experienced before," Now do you know how I felt that day. It was one of the reasons why I said I would help." Said the professor.

In that moment Zo'or saw flashes of the professor's life. The first being told your mother has become a taelon. Next fighting in the peacekeepers and keeping a half human father living. Then to later in life at 100 being asked to tutor young Taelons and teaching Da'an.

For the first time Zo'or felt the pain that he caused the professor to probe her mind and the darkness that she saw coming from him. Years later coming face to face with the Juridians who caused the destruction of the homeworld.

Zo'or realized there was a lot more to the professor than meets the eye. There was one memory that the professor would not let him see. The one where she said good bye Ma'el and being asked to look after his family.

Zo'or looked up at the professor's eyes he could see a place in the commonality was waiting so did Da'an. This was something that Zo'or did not want to see. But the other members of the commonality seemed to be calling the professor to join them.

Zo'or was beginning to doubt that the professor was really a full timelord. The way she acted was like that of a taelon. So, he would ask something he does not normally need to know.

"Do you know your taelon name?" Asked Zo'or testing the waters.

"That has been forbidden to me. My mother gave it to me it was a name that an old taelon who suggested that was important for me. I do know my middle name is Na'ad. I use Fergurson as its a rough translation of my first name." Said the professor.

"But that's Da'an backwards. Timelord don't get names like that." Said Zo'or shocked.

"But was not the goal the timelord scientists had for me. To make me the perfect being but of course they were disappointed. I was not perfect like a taelon. I'm sure you have realized I have something that you can not take back. Ma'el's DNA." Said the professor.

"But that is not possible." Said Zo'or.

This was intriguing Da'an.

"But it is. Ma'el had a family in the last years of his life. Do you know why James a free human wants to carry 3 Taelons into the world? She is the direct human descendant of Ma'el and I am his direct alien one. I have every DNA of every taelon that has ever lived. Where do you think I would of gotten the DNA for little Zo'or. Not from you but me." Said the professor.

Zo'or grabs the professors arm.

"Harming me you only harm yourself." Said the professor whose hair and hands blushed.

Zo'or pushed up the professor's right sleeve to resave the taelon writing on her arm.

"Is it what you expected?" Asked the professor.

Da'an to saw the writing. Zo'or was pasted shocked.

"They saw it when I was born. Apparently, I confirmed a legend. The one had finally come into the world as the hope was born a 100 years earlier. I know you can read it." Said the professor smugly with a smile like Da'ans.

"This can not, it's not possible. This has Da'an's and what I recognize is your name you use now and the name you were given. Well, I have also this," Showing Zo'or the kimera power. It surprises both Da'an and Zo'or," I am not the only one who has this James does as well." Said the professor.

Zo'or tries to attack the professor who uses her power to push him to the other wall he is unharmed but shaken.

"I told you not to harm me. Your anger comes from your small section of Juridian DNA. The council new and I had a feeling that you were different from the beginning. For the last time stop trying to kill off Da'an when doesn't agree with you on issues. If you harm him again. I will come back stronger a lot stronger than I use when fighting Juridians." Said the professor.

The professor helps Zo'or up.

"I made the right decision choosing you to protect the mothership." Said Zo'or who was not angry that the professor had used her powers to throw him against the wall.

"I have thousands and thousand of ships protecting the homeworld while it's being rebuilt. As for earth I had 16,000 thousand ships and more will join them. I am taking this personally; I don't want the same thing to happen here. My great-great-great-great grandfather is yet to be born. My compassion comes from my father's human DNA." Said the professor.

"Who is the parent to be of this relative?" Asked Zo'or.

"You would not be happy if I told you. said the professor.

"Tell me." Said Zo'or nearly grabbing her arm again.

"The human you most hate Jonathan Doors. Whether you like it or not he is going to start another family. Two of his children will marry two of Jamess children. Thus passing down the Ma'el DNA and DNA of my father." Said the professor.

"From a human I hate, comes you. That is why you send back volunteers sent to kill him working for you. You have an option trust me and don't bother about doors. I will take him out of your way. As for supporting Thompson. He can only be in for two terms. Who is going to be your monkey then?" Said the professor.

"I will have to trust you, regardless and me?" Asked Zo'or.

"After years of assassins, what choice do I have. I will if you let me continue my friendship with Da'an or have you brain washed that part out of his brain to." Said the professor.

"I will let that part go but it will be up to Da'an to restart it. On another topic what was the reaction of the daleks when you told them we knocked them out of the way." Said Zo'or.

"Not, very happy. But their warriors will back my peacekeepers when the Juridians come. They had many problems with the Juridians. So, they wanted to join the fleet. How long will the meeting be for? Said the professor.

The professor noticed that Zo'or was getting bored but from the corner of her eye with the reflection of her glasses she noticed Da'an and in a flash she was gone and back in her shuttle.

Da'an walks into the room and startles Zo'or which is not an easy thing to do.

"Da'an your meant to be on earth at the happy families opening." Said Zo'or thinking he was caught out.

"Liam, has not returned from a trip and my shuttle is not ready." Said Da'an who noticed Zo'or's odd behavior.

"A volunteer will return you then." Said Zo'or.

"What about a unit worker, I would like to talk to a human that thinks for his or herself." Said Da'an.

"A free human of course." Said Zo'or relaxing.

Da'an is returned back to America to be taken to the opening of happy families by a unit worker. Zo'or was making preparations so that the computer would take the command of the professor.

The professor prepared to leave the shuttle again. She had received an email from David that he was on his way. To think this was now a forgotten technology in the Northern Hemisphere and still widely used in Australia and the circle of nations.

The professor left the shuttle once more there were no volunteers on the ship. She even asked one of the unit workers if Sandoval was still around and the answer was no. That means he has already met up with James at the flat planet and the CVI would not be on. This made her smile the work on his CVI was difficult but altering it so he could be his human self away from work as that had been his life since he left the FBI.

Meanwhile on earth, James is waiting for Sandoval in the flat planet cafe. She notices May is behind the bar how odd and thought she was placed into hiding ages ago may be not.

So, James walks up to the bar.

"Is Augur in today?" Asked James.

"I'm not sure he could be in his office, should I let him know you are here?" She asked.

"Tell Augur that his female friend from Australia is here." Said James

"The place where there is freedom. Of course I will tell him." She said and then disappears behind a door.

James decides to seat her at a table. The woman from behind the bar whispers to Augur something that Lili can not hear and the woman disappears.

Augur moves the camera to James who waves to Sandoval to join her.

"I dated her for three years. The first girlfriend I didn't stay over with and taught me there was more to life." Said Augur.

"Really, then her taste was all over the place. Then what is Sandoval doing with her?" Said Lili.

"The rumor is that his wife did a year ago and he just didn't care. Then six months ago his CVI was fixed." Said Augur.

"What do you mean by fixed no human doctor can do that." Said Lili.

"You right no human doctor, but the professor did and now away from the mothership and work hours Sandoval is human. But I can understand why he's seeing James. She's a companion protector without a CVI. The Australian companion was the only Taelon who did not want his agents drones." Said Augur. "Then there is more than Da'an being a kind Taelon. So how long have you known James and the professor?" Asked Lili. "I have known the professor since I was a teenager and James since she was 18." Said Augur still smiling. "A teenager, but I thought the professor was human." Said Lili.

"The many things you still don't know about me. When the Taelons arrived, I thought that makes to alien species. The professor is being the safer of the two. As for James the last time, I saw her when she went off and joined the peacekeepers the off world one. To fight Daleks I think that's what they were." Said Augur.

An hour later

"I think I better go and down and say hello and give James her favorite drink." Said Augur. "You two are still friends." Said Lili. Yes, since the day she asked me to hack into the FBI files to see what Sandoval looked like. Then I understood her quite well." Said Augur still happy, left his office, and headed for the bar.

Meanwhile at the table, Sandoval and James were in a deep conversation as if the outside world did not exist.

"So, what's it like fighting daleks and doing things with the peacekeepers compared to your day job as companion protector with no implant?" Asked Sandoval.

"Well, I like helping to rebuild planets for other beings and I still like my boring day job. I you know I have to go with the Australian companion to openings of schools and buildings. If I didn't know, better he could easily become an Australian politician. I thought they were giving you more time off because you were seeing another companion protector, Ronnie." Said James.

"Well, you should know things are getting more serious and stressful as the Juridians are getting closer. But I won't worry the professor will protect us all. Said Sandoval.

Augur grabs the drink and hears the professor mentioned. So, the improvements to the CVI are working well. He walks up to the table were James and Sandoval are.

"Who do we have here?" Said Augur.

James turns to see Augur.

"Augur, nice to see you. Have you met Ronald?" said James.

"No, I don't think so." Said Augur.

Sandoval turns to see Augur but does not recognize him.

"Ronald this is my long time friend Augur." Said James.

"Jamie, I didn't know you had an American friend, plenty of Canadian and friends all over the world." Said Sandoval concerned.

"Augur has been friends with the professor than I have." Said James.

"Oh, that's alright. Yes, I to know the professor." Said Sandoval.

"As much as I want to stay and chat I must run. Here's your drink. James, nice to see you and you must visit soon." Said Augur who headed for his office once more.

"I must go soon. It's my turn to give a tour of the Gallifreyian museum to a private group." Said James.

"No, that's alright I have to catch up on my reading. I'll e-mail you." Said Sandoval who got up and waves good bye.

The American pilot runs into the flat planet cafe and up to James.

"Just in time. The guests have arrived before you." He said.

"I'll pay up and then I will join you in the shuttle." Said James.

James pays and runs to the shuttle which does only takes two minutes to get to the embassy as it is not an ordinary issued shuttle. James runs to meet up with her guests and gathers the information sheet that is pasted to her by the old man.

Zo'or must be trusting me but then again of my actions before I may of proven a point that I was trust worthy enough to protect the ship and fight for the Taelons thought the professor.

A near by portal is activated and David appears and hurries to join the professor.

"I see the drones, err volunteers," The professor looks to see if one is still around but is reassured by the number of the unit workers," have been sent back to earth." Said the professor.

David finds this amusing and laughs out loud.

"I doubt Taelons know what humor is." Said David.

"Not all but definitely the Australian companion knows what humor is." Said the professor. "That's for sure." Said David.

They both laughed.

"Well, for a little while with having Da'an's army I think that is the term they have been given but not sure where it came from. At least our people think for themselves. I have nothing against Taelons well not the ones on the new homeworld, Da'an or the Australian companion." Said David.

"Have you seen the unit ad and I thought the volunteers ads were full of propaganda. I'm surprised how they got Augur advertising for the Australian born or citizen's to join unit's Da'an's army. I didn't want it to be called that but its the best do work for Da'an on the mothership. The rest go off with the peace keepers unit section fighting Daleks. I just let them fight the Juridians. That's what the Gallifreyian peacekeepers are for. Do you know why Zo'or would trust me?" Said the professor.

"You're not human, well not like me you just have human DNA. I hope Zo'or won't ask me to leave. It was Augur's idea to call them Da'an's army." Said David.

"Don't worry your not from this earth and your my friend which prevents him from hurting you in anyway. Besides your one human, he can't hate. In your reality, your mother carried 100 Taelons to term and she is highly regarded. That helped her to live long enough to have her own child you. Now she's taelon because she wanted to. You are her greatest achievement. I might have known it was Augur. That reminds me I have yet to pay him my monthly visit." Said the professor.

"How are you going to let the earth and the other synod members that Zo'or is a megalomaniac. You know how many times he has tried to get Da'an killed more than 10 times since they arrived on earth and Da'an assigned to as the northern American companion. Who's silly idea to make Zo'or United Nations representative?" David looking around they were almost near the bridge," I better stop were almost there." Said David.

"I'm still asking questions about that one but I think it was Qu'ons way of getting him out his hair so to speak. Apparently, he was moping around the mothership. I know, I know, Zo'or moping. That is hard to picture. I think I won't. I think it was jealously because he wanted to be Northern American companion." Said the professor.

David laughs," Northern American companion you must be joking."

The professor to laughs.

"Zo'or's gone, he must of left a few minutes ago to the other mothership for the meeting, I am not sure how long it will be." said the professor.

They turn the corner and the professor's chair was in the middle of the bridge.

"Your old wooden chair. The last time I saw it was in painting on Gallifrey in the house of Lungbarrow." Said David surprised to see it for real.

"The last time I saw of it was when I was on the Taelon homeworld. We were told we could bring a couple of items that were dear to us. Brought that and one other thing. I couldn't take it with me when I was asked to leave. I could only take a silver necklace with a Taelon tear stone on it. It was a gift from Ma'el. It has the only tear Da'an ever cried and since that day I can't open the stone. It's also a key to the mothership. I had left a blue Taelon stone it's very important it controls more than you know it makes Zo'or and no other taelon weak and unable to up keep his humanoid form." Said the professor.

"Wait, what's that?" Asked David.

"A panel, I had forgotten that was there." said the professor as she tried to open it and she did and the blue stone falls out and the professor picks it up.

"Don't you even think about that I know that look. Professor not know." Said David jokingly.

"No, I won't but when I attacked again by the Juridian's sound wave he will feel my pain." Said the professor.

"Everyone into position. You better contact Lili than Liam, he's at the Gallifreyian embassy's museum with Da'an." Said David

"I thought Da'an was suppose to be at an opening." Said the professor.

"It was cancelled because of anti-taelon protesters." Said David.

"If we had opened one in Australia there would be no protesters." Said the professor who sighed.

The professor nods. Then waves her right hand above in the air and types in Lili's global code.

"Yes, and who are you?" asked Lili.

"A friend of Doors & Augurs. Just to let you know the mothership is ready to be boarded, bring a small group of the resistance people but not to many. If you don't believe me ask Kincaid." Said the professor.

"Fine, I'll take to Kincaid." Said Lili but was not sure who this person was and was it a trick to capture resistance members.

Lili is no longer on the screen and types in Liam's code.

Liam's palm corder sounds.

"Yes, Kincaid here." Said Liam.

"Make sure you cover your palm corder as if your talking to Lili or doors as I don't want Da'an to know that I am here or your talking to me." Said the professor.

Liam turns away from Da'an who pretends not to listen in.

"Let Lili know that I was telling the truth. Well, I said some of the resistance members can come aboard the mothership to gather important information." Said the professor.

"I'll let her know soon as possible. How long will Zo'or be off the main mothership?" Said Liam.

"I'm not sure, their time is limited. I'm afraid. I'm not sure why Da'an was not asked let alone know about it. Don't let James show her palms to often or else the kimera power will show." Said the professor.

Da'an continues to look around the museum and listen in but not appear so.

"I understand your concerns. Talk soon." Said Liam.

The professor wipes away the image. Liam contacts Lili.

Lili's global sounds. She just knows its Liam.

"Liam, yes." Said Lili.

"The professor wasn't lying. Quickly assemble a small group She will let you gather the right useful information." Said Liam.

"Will, you be joining us?" Asked Lili.

"No, not this time." Said Liam who then closed his global

James finally slows down and walks into the section of the Gallifreyian Museum where Liam and Da'an are.

"I'm sorry that the professor could not be here because of other commitments. I have been asked to show you around. I am Dr. James McCoy you may call me James." Said James.

"You sound like you don't want to be here like you want to be somewhere else." Said Liam.

"I did something wrong, no wait I said something to soon. I would rather be doing something like my day job." Said James.

"Your day job?" Asked Liam who pretended in front of Da'an not know she was one of the Australian companion protectors.

"Being companion protector to the Australian companion," Said James as what appeared like miniature lightning bolts coming from her fingers realizing this she gained control again.

Da'an becomes interested in James and turns to face her.

"What was that? An effect of an implant?" Asked Da'an.

"No. I don't have one. I have no need for one. 'My' gift from the timelords that is one of my many gifts that I received. As to what you saw. I'm not exactly human. A travelling Gallifreyian or travelling alien depending on the interpretation many centuries ago met a distant relative of mine. So every random generation someone gets the DNA. Gallifreyian DNA is similar to human DNA but the difference is that I'll live past the age of 2000. It's part of my DNA which to improve myself beyond the basic human level. I have something like a CVI. Being trained as a peacekeeper my job or my main goal is to prevent the daleks invading the earth but I doubt that is going to happen any moment while you are here. I have been assigned to protect the professor who just happens to be my genetic relative from the future. Don't be surprised when the Juridians attack she will take it personally. From her father's side of the family is human. That is were her compassion for humanity comes from. That is why she is making sure that her father's family is not killed off before they are even born. I know she carries a great sadness with her," Liam remembers the images that he saw when he grabbed her arm especially the one when she was probed by Zo'or and the one where she found the homeworld destroyed, "I have been told it happened long time before I was born. Nearly 550 years ago. Then back near the mid to late 1990's something really set her off. It's nearly ten years since I have seen her smile." Said James

Near them is an interactive star chat, which has the Gallifreyian galaxy on view.

"What is that star system. I have not seen it before." Said Da'an curiously

"See that planet that's Gallifrey. Moving towards to the right a few thousand kilometers is the professor's moon. The other moon is a real replica of the taelon home world. By following this path on this 3d screen, you can see where the timelords originated. The ancient ones as they are called are still living strong today. I'm afraid this map is a little old but the other planet sharing it's a double planetary orbit is your homeworld, Da'an. I know not to bring it up around the professor as it's a sore spot .If I mention it she goes off world to her moon or goes to fight some Juridians with peacekeepers. That's the Gallifreyian peacekeepers. The human side of the peacekeepers are not allowed to fight them but the human peacekeepers are brought in to help rebuild planets. As for the ancient, ones their planet was 550 years ago pushed out of double planetary orbit. From what I am about to say I could be sent off to fight daleks, If I am caught? The taelon homeworld for the last three years or so under the professor's orders is being protected and being restored. When the time is right you will know why she does the things, she does. Not even Zo'or knows of the rebuilding of your planet." Said James.

This surprises Da'an no one had mentioned that there was another alien race called in to help with their fight. Da'an wanted to know more as why was the professor was talking to Zo'or on the mothership. And why would she disappear when she heard him coming in.

Liam and Da'an continued looking around and interacting with the displays another visit would be necessary as they could not see all of it in day unlike the taelon items in the states. Some of these items to be like deejay vu for Da'an as if he had seen some of these items before. James excused her self to return to Canberra where the Companion Head quarters was. It was like any ordinary building with no trace of taelon technology.

The time portal intrigued Da'an, it had a swirling blackness in the middle of it. He would have to ask the professor what it was and its purpose .It was similar in appearance to the one in the states but some how different.

The presence of Ma'el was some how coming out of this object and coming out to touch Da'an. What would a timelord be doing with a taelon device? There were many things he could no longer remember of the past.

Da'an went out and touched the side of the time portal. He felt the presence of Ma'el and someone he did not know. May be the current owners presence was there. He did not know. Images where coming from the time portal and at first was full of confusion.

The old man he seen seemed familiar and someone he knew. He saw himself sitting in a circle the old man by his left side and what seemed to be a taelon with hair. He did not know her. Even James was there. He saw himself sending off the old man who was not really an old man to the past to protect someone. Da'an did not know and he did not know that the old man was indeed Liam but much older wearing a wig and a mask as time had aged him.

It was time to send Liam to investigate this professor and Da'an was doubting that she really was a full timelord but in fact something else.


Take back of the earth.

"Please, confirm is Da'an is being tortured or harmed in anyway. As the pain seems to be effecting the professor." Said Tho'rn who was concerned.

Boone notices a blue stone on the ground, he picks it up and examines it.

"That's the professor's taelon blue stone, she must of dropped it when she collapsed a few days earlier." Said David.

Boone turned to face Tho'rn.

"Do you know when she will recover as they resistance needs her help and the peace keepers need to be sent to earth." Said Boone.

"We can only sustain her unit her joining to the commonality" Said Tho'rn.

"Can't you help her to join with the commonality?" Asked Boone.

"It's not that simple, the taelon who she shares an energy pattern is the only one who can bring her into the commonality. That Taelon, is Da'an. If it were that simple we would of done that a long time ago but that would of made Zo'or increase the assassins after her. We have almost restored the professor to her normal form." Said Tho'rn who went back to hold the professor's right hand.

A few hours later.

The Professor finally and slowly recovers. She opens her eyes, Tho'rn is smiling at her. The Professor sits up.

"What happened? I remember leaving the mothership and landing here," The professor stops for a moment," Oh," The professor sees images of Da'an lying on the floor of his cell and resistance members being taken randomly out of their cells. Tho'rn could see the commonality calling out to her, he could see this in her eyes," Something is calling me, I must go to earth." Said the professor who new exactly who was responsible.

David sees the professor has recovered but the look on the professor's face told him that she wanted more than to talk to Zo'or. Then the look was gone.

As the friendship or link that binds her to the taelon, council was unspoken. Tho'rn must of sensed what the professor was thinking and helped her to channel it some were else.

Boone had noticed that the professor was standing, so was Tho'rn and David the rest of the taelon council had gone to the main garden on the moon.

"I have readied the fleet for departure. Marshall law is in place in the Northern Hemisphere and must be removed. Resistance members have been arrested and been taken to the mothership and are been held captive. That means doors lost the election Thompson defrauded the country." Said Boone.

"I know but I never thought this day would come. Let alone the election. They voted away their freedom and I am giving it back to them on a silver platter. Let's go and take back the earth." Said the professor.

Tho'rn touches the professor's right palm as it is apart of what he is about to say.

"Use, this wisely, bring Da'an back to us safely," For that brief moment Tho'rn sounded like Ma'el but Ma'el was long gone lost in history," and bring to us that traitor Zo'or we will deal with him. Good luck, the future depends on it." Said Tho'rn who removed his hand from the professor's.

They both do the traditional hand greeting.

The professor heads for the shuttle, David is already theyre waiting in the shuttle. Arriving at shuttle is also Boone who was following the professor.

"Have Dr. Eurbery Emessary waiting for my return, I plan to bring back nearly every resistance member that I can." Said the professor.

"What will the council do with Zo'or?" Asked Boone.

"I'm not sure, I'll only be there for the final minutes. I have considered this from all angles am I doing the right thing here, Boone." Said the professor.

"Youre doing the right thing, the council has faith in you and so do I. Thing brings me one step closer to earth than ever before." Said Boone who was eager to get the professor to earth soon as possible.

"Look out for the shuttle which has units only American pilot she should have doors and Augur with him. I am not sure how long this will be. This is going to be treated as a practice for the big even. The Taelon-Juridian war." Said the professor.

"Good luck." Said Boone who knew that the professor would bring freedom back to the American people and one day to the earth to the nations who were under the control of the Taelons. He knew that the small group of free nations knows of the plight of the Northern Hemisphere.

"I'll need all the luck I can get." Said the professor as she entered the shuttle.

The professor set the co-ordinates for earth and lifted off the new taelon home world Boone was waving good bye, she new they would be back. Nothing goes wrong when she is at the helm. The professor goes into dimensional drive and the 16,000 fleets follow. This shuttle was different from the other standard issued from the Taelons. It had a portable data keyboard, which David was using.

"Are the fleets ready?" Asked the professor who seemed at the moment a captain ready for battle.

"Yes, they are awaiting your order." Said David.

"Good, get them to get into extreme dimensional drive. On my mark, Now!" Said the Professor.

All the fleets follow the shuttle went into extreme dimensional drive on the other side they arrive near the mothership still their presence undetected.

"Now, now, now, deploy to earth. Deploy to earth " Said the professor who could be heard by all those in the fleet.

Thousands and thousands of Gallifreyian peacekeepers were arriving via portal systems all over the Northern Hemisphere from the ships above. A small group waits behind in a shuttle for the professor to board the mothership.

One most of the groups of peacekeepers to remove and capture the volunteers who are to be taken to Australia to be held capture.

Another small group, arrive via a portal system near the Whitehorse. Their orders are to search for President Thompson and take him hostage.

The professor and the remaining peacekeepers land in the shuttle bay. They leave the four shuttles weapons ready. A taelon near by who supports the professor ignores the presence of the peacekeepers.

The professor puts her right hand on one of the walls of the mothership causing it shake for a few minutes which gets Zo'or's attention away from the bridge.

"Don't harm the Taelons who support me. If you see Zo'or surround him and make sure by any costs that not to let him go. I will catch up with you later. David, find Liam and Da'an. I'm going to disable to the cells. The rest of you find and help the resistance off the mothership. The time is at hand," The peacekeepers go off in all direct reactions following their orders. David looks for Liam and Da'an," Here me, Zo'or there is no where to hide. I will be after you shortly. Your lucky the council is not here. I'm not sure what they are capable of doing." Says the professor.

Zo'or indeed hears the professor.


A Volunteer walks up to Zo'or and whispers something in his ear. It alarms him. The mothership was nearly in the control of the professor's hands.

There was nowhere Zo'or could run to. All portals on the mothership were heavily protected by peacekeepers. The professor's watch beeps and flips it over to reveal a miniature communications device. On it's small screen was a peacekeeper.

"Yes." Said the Professor.

"We have secured the Whitehouse. All exists have been sealed and there is no way that Thompson can escape. Thompson is been guarded by six peacekeepers, we await you arrival." Said the peacekeeper.

"He can't call for Zo'or's help now. If he gets hungry feed him. I don't want him to cry wolf on me." Said the professor.

The image fades from the watch and the professor returns to deactivating the cells where the resistance is being held.

A group of peacekeepers with James in charge spot Zo'or trying to leave the mothership undetected.

"Stop him." Said one of the peacekeepers.

James stops Zo'or with the power which emanated from her palms which stops Zo'or in his tracks and he falls to the floor. James and the peacekeepers catch up with him. It is only James who helps him up and does not let go of his arm.

"Youre coming with us back to the bridge and your staying there until the professor comes to collect you from the bridge." Said James who was still calm but did not show her anger, if she did that would imply a challenge to Zo'or.

Zo'or could see the place the commonality have made for the professor it had started and there was nothing he could do and all of this he could see in her eyes.

He could sense something and normally he would not sense anything but the human soul. From James it was the presence of Ma'el protecting her unlike the professor who had Ma'el's light energy.

James could tell Zo'or was in sense reading her mind.

"Get out of my mind Zoor, I don't want a repeat of what you did to the professor happening to me. If you want to know something ask, theyre not human, nor do they live on earth." Said James.

They arrive back at the bridge James allows Zo'or to sit back down at his chair and let goes his arm.

"What does it feel to be Ma'els human descendent, does it make you any less human than other humans?" Asked Zo'or.

"I know I'm not alone, every time I meditate, I hear the words of wisdom from Ma'el. I even speak to him. I reach a different plane and travel to places in the past, future, and even other planets. You were a happy, when you were a young one and you had mixed feelings when Da'an the last to be born. Why do you have so much hate? It consumes you. My gift from Ma'el was the understanding of the taelon nature and human nature. The professor may know you but I understand who you really are. If I left you on a deserted planet you, instincts were to survive. Without the commonality or the synod, youre nothing but a sad, lonely,..... alien. Without an adversary like the professor, you would return to your moping. You moped for three years until Qu'on arranged you to be companion to the UN. It was not challenging enough for you? You bided your time well. Until you became Synod leader. It's not making you happy." Said James.

For once Zo'or had nothing to say in his life. What was happiness that was not an emotion he had experienced even before the professor was born.

The peacekeepers leave one near close by but out of sight. James stays behind as she can stop Zo'or from leaving.

Finally, Zo'or gains the courage to speak.

"What will the council do to me?" Asked Zo'or.

"I'm not sure. They would be less harsh if you allowed the professor to have helped Roha and not use the earth as a large cannon. If it were up to me, I would put you were you could be seen either by all humans or by the council. I don't want you dead nor do I want your death on my conscience. The death of an allegiant alien would dishearten the any taelonist or even the resistance. You know you thought by killing Boone you would destroy Da'an's spirit all you did was to crush it. It was slowly rebuilding. You didn't exactly kill Boone but a clone. Sarah Boone's killer killed a clone. Both William and Sarah Boone are alive and out of harms way and not on earth." Said James.

Zo'or was wondering why would some human, a human with one strain of taelon care.

"You seem to care for my life, why?" Asked Zo'or.

"Everyone has the right to life, even you. That's why I asked to carry the three-taelon young. I care that the taelon race continues and not ends." Said James.

"Why can't all humans be like you?" Asked Zo'or.

"Ma'el only had two children. The human female he chooses was the one as a young child taught him to speak the language of Ireland. Being so spiritually advanced convinced Ma'el that humans one could reach the same level. She was at that level 2000 years ago. Australian are more open-minded then those who are living in taelon controls areas of the world. They can't completely be like me. As my ability to know events thats to do with a meddling timelord 900 years ago. If you did not come when you did the wisdom of the Taelons would not of stopped conflicts all over the earth. Don't expect all humans to be the same, like Taelons we are all unique." Said James.

"May be I have a lot more to learn from humanity than I first thought." Said Zo'or.

The peacekeeper who was still on the bridge but out of sight walked up to James.

"Get Sandoval off this ship and taken to Australia. I'm sure unit can handle him." Said James.

"Right, away." Said the peacekeeper and he left the bridge in search of Sandoval.

Three hours later that same peacekeeper eventually finds Sandoval and over powers him to much of the surprise of the volunteers and a resistance member in the room.

He removes him from the room Sandoval continues to struggle but the peacekeeper reassures him and tells him to calm down.

"Get your hands off me. Do you know who I am?" Said Sandoval.

"Of course, I do, your Zo'or's lucky," The peacekeeper presses a button on a device in his hand which is pointed to Sandoval's CVI and Sandoval goes out cold," I told you to calm down. Well will soon get you back to your human self as much as we can." Said the peacekeeper.

The peacekeeper drags Sandoval to a shuttle and takes him to the Australian unit head quarters. One less issue to deal with.


"What are we going to do with him?" Asked a unit worker.

"Wait, till James returns from the mothership, meantime if I were you, I would not let Sandoval leave here. He would start to ask a lot of questions if I were to remain here. So I am going to wait in the professor's office." Said the old man (Liam from the future).

David finds Liam and proceeds to contact the professor on her palm corder. The professor's palm corder sounds and she opens it.

"David, you've found them?" Were are they?" Asked the professor who seemed to be anxious for some news.

"You know where Boone was kept in the tank, it's near there. The volunteers are few and far between here. I suggest you hurry because the ships defense systems will sound any time soon." Said David.

The professor closes her global and heads towards the cells a group of peacekeepers join her. At the end of the corridor were a group of resistance members.

On the other side of the ship, Lili tries to make the ship crash again but the American pilot grabs her hand.

"Please, don't try that again." He said.

Lili looks up at him.

"You, look like the that person from the show with the submarine from the early 90's." Said a shocked Lili.

"No, I'm not but I get that a lot. Please you better come with me, for your safety I have to take you to the professor's moon." He said.

"But not all the resistance members are here on the mothership the rest are on earth waiting for their turn." Said Lili.

"The professor is saving all the resistance members she can." He said.

"What about Liam?" Asked Lili.

"The professor is on her way to let him out of his cell as well as the other resistance members. This ship is nearly in peacekeeper control. So what you were about to do was pointless." He said.

So Lili followed the American pilot of the core of the mothership and headed for the shuttle bay.

The professor gets a small device from her jacket pocket and moves the device over the panel and the barrier to the cell is gone.

"You two," the professor points to two peacekeepers, "Take them to freedom and safety to the unit headquarters. Don't worry you will be protected and no will hurt you." Said the professor.

The resistance members were very happy that someone who doors approved of released them and they followed the two peacekeepers to the shuttle bay and then to earth, Australia.

The other peacekeepers go off and find other resistance members.

The professor turned a corner she could see David further up that corridor he was standing in front of Liams cell. She walks up to the cell door and first go opens it.

Liam walks out of the cell a little worse for wear but none the less, he was fine.

"Youre finally, here." Said Liam.

"I'm glad youre alright but looks like you could do with some sleep." Said the professor.

"I would not open the door next to Liams cell you may not like what you see." Said David warning the professor.

The professor ignores Davids warning and opened the cell door next to Liams cell. She walks in slowly the room, which has very low. Da'an was at the back of his cell his humanoid appearance was fading so was his life force.

The professor runs up to the unconscious Da'an.

David and Liam look into the room but do not enter. That is odd for Liam not to go and see what is wrong with Da'an after all he is Da'an's protector.

"What have they done to you?" Said the professor who's voice been full of sadness.

"Is there anyone who can help Da'an to recover at all?" Asked Liam.

"The professor is the only one I know who able to heal a taelon, even if they are nearly gone." Said David looking into the cell who could see part of Da'an's light energy floating away.

The professor rubs both of her hands then moving them above Da'ans body some of her light energy flows to Da'an to sustain him for the trip to the new taelon home world. The professor does the right thing by picking up Da'an and carry him to the shuttle bay.

Liam watches on, as the professor heads to the shuttle bay carrying Da'an.

"What's with the professor and caring for Da'an?" asked Liam

"They were friends before I was even born. It will continue through their lifetime. Have you noticed Da'an searching for something but not know who or what it is." Said David.

"Of course, many times. Since the visit to the Gallifreyian embassy, it has increased. There was that time portal with the black swirl in the centre of it. Da'an saw something in it. I felt something odd when I met the old man that seems very protective of the professor. It felt like I was meeting my future self." Said Liam.

"There are things in the universe that none of us will ever understand. Then there are times where I don't even understand or know the professor. If there are questions to be asked, ask your self first. There are some answers that are never given. The professor cares for humanity as much as she does for Da'an's safety and friendship. You are only torn between being human or kimera. The professor followed her Gallifreyian imperative and excepts becoming taelon. Your future is not set out, the destiny of the Taelons, the professor has been set, and nothing can change it. We must go and leave the mothership." said David.

They hurry to the shuttle bay.

The professor carefully puts Da'an in of the modified shuttles which has a soft bench in it. The American pilot comes into the shuttle, the professor nods. Lili sits down in one of seats in the shuttle.

Liam enters the same shuttle with David. And they sit down only the pilot's chair remains free.

"I won't be long, your going to the new taelon home world when I get their I will heal Da'an and Dr Eurbury Emessary will take over." Said the professor talking to both the pilot and Liam.

The pilot sits down and the professor backs out of the shuttle.

"Your getting Zo'or for the council, right," The professor nods." Said the American pilot who was going to say be careful but he knew she would regardless.

The shuttle takes off and heads for the new taelon homeworld. Other shuttles following with taelon synod members who support the professor.

Meanwhile the professor heads for the bridge for Zo'or. He knows there is no escaping from the professor, now. Zo'or was wondering what was the professor was going to do.

The same things he inflicted on her or was she just going to hand him over to the council who he left behind on the homeworld.

The professor enters the bridge, Zo'or knows she is there. The professor walks up to Zo'or, James on the other hand leaves and heads for a portal which will get her back to earth to the unit head quarters.

"Your coming with me as there is no where else for you to go." Says the professor.

"I have no other choice do I. Said Zo'or

"I'm afraid not." Said the professor who gently grabs Zo'ors right arm

The professor leads him to the shuttle bay and secures him into the shuttle. The remaining peacekeepers stay behind at protects the mothership. The professor enters the shuttle and heads for the new taelon homeworld.

Meanwhile on earth, the peacekeepers have given the American people their freedom back. As for President Thompson he is still heavily guarded by peacekeepers and questioned by unit leaders.

The professor lands on the new taelon home world. Gallifreyians quickly remove Zo'or from the shuttle. He is placed in cell near the taelon council. From the cell, he can see how beautiful the place really is.

Tho'rn walks up to Zo'or in his traditional robe.

"When all the council members have arrived your trial will begin." Said Tho'rn.

"I thought you were all dead. But can't believe she could create the home world this way." Said Zo'or.

"We nearly did, but the professor saved us. I see you like what the professor has done given us what was taken away by the Juridians. Enjoy the view as much as you can. As you may not see it again. " Said Tho'rn.

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