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Atonement Strastosphere II- Zo'or's Trial (Cont. of Season 3)

       I did not know the events would be so different why would my future self show the early death of Zo'or. When I knew full well it would not happen until I evolved. What I had fought for was a better future and finally Da'an was free from the block but my place in the commonality was waiting for me. The council was right I could no longer hide from Da'an. Let alone myself. Some how I could no longer kid myself Da'an is going to find out. I just the circumstances were better. If I had my way I would put Zo'or into a shuttle and let him drift in space for the Juridians to find him. In that hope, they would believe the Taelons had perished. Da'an's and my destiny were catching up with us. I was not ready for it. Let alone Zo'or's trial. I had only recently regained my strength after giving Da'an life energy we both share.  I had no idea when I saw Ma'el off to earth that he would be the one who would start off the chain of events. I was beginning what did I do my last life that I could not find Da'an. Were we all living through life's stage and we were merely the actors. In some ways Zo'or reacted differently when I told him that I was part of the missing link for the Taelons. In some ways, he acted out his anger for my existance by sending trained killers. I can't blame him for that it's part of his Juridian DNA. From rumors, I had heard that James was engaged to Sandoval. It could only mean two things, his new CVI was letting him be human for most of the time, and history is happening. There was nothing I could do. Even I a something more than a timelord could not change the future. I realized why I was sent to earth by the timelords. It was not to prepare earth for a dalek war. But a war that would involve not just humanity, the Taelons, the Juridians and herself.

         The impending war in someway unifies the earth. I am the key to make that happen. Then one day the earth will only remember the Taelons as beings who visit occasionally. Because there would be, two races on earth a Taelon-human and human.


         A week later had gone by Zo'or's trial was soon to begin. The professor on her moon and had the news from earth on display. "Former President Thompson has gone missing for a few days now. The rumors that he has been killed but at the moment they are just rumors. We will keep you posted. Meanwhile the new council set up by the Gallifreyian ambassador is working out successfully. The crimes charged against Jonathan Doors have been removed. His son Joshua doors has been arrested. Further details will be available later. As to the whereabouts of the Northern American companion Da'an and the Gallifreyian ambassador are unknown. A representative of the Taelons said they were dealing with an issue and will soon return to earth. The Vice-President Katherine-Brenda Varney has said that the resistance is a voice of a majority, which will no longer be ignored. As they shall have a voice in this new America. The nation sent letters to the Gallifreyian and northern American embassies but mostly to the Gallifreyian as to thank the ambassador to bringing back freedom to American and removing the Juridain ship that attacked our great capital. Greater news the Australian government in joint venture with remaining members of the closed American space agency to have some American astronauts train in the Australian space program. A launched shuttle with a human crew will start building on mars and eventually create an atmosphere. It is unknown when the American astronauts will be able to fly. To other news." Said the female news board caster. The professor wipes away the image. David walks into the room.

"Tho'rn wants you to come to the new homeworld. The trial is ready to begin. They're just waiting for you." Said David. The professor nod's. They leave the building for the only portal on the moon. The professor enters the code into the panel on the side of the portal. Both step into it and then they were gone. With an instant, they were on the new Taelon homeworld. But far from where the trial would be. So they head off to the direction of where Zo'or had been kept in the view of the council. It was day, the two suns had come out so had the other moon, which was the far edge of Gallifreyian space. "Do you know what they will do to Zo'or after the trial?" Asked David. "I'm not sure what they will do. In a human court he would be treated less harshly but keeping a taelon isolated is harmful. You're lucky that the guardians aren't here. They would instantly turn Zo'or either into an ativas then chase him and turn him into dust. Or just turn him into light energy for ever." Said the professor. David shudders he knows all to well about the guardians. They are Taelons who may appear as ancient Taelons. As there are two female Taelons he could tell they were female as they had hair. But the guardians are from the past and the future. They know all. He knows that the professor has already been made a guardian once two things happen. She is brought into the commonality and evolves into a taelon. If the resistance thought Zo'or was powerful, they were wrong. When it comes to the guardians. He is just as powerful as a cybermen hooked on power. As long as you do not cause harm to other races unless it is the purpose of the continuation of the taelon if it is not the guardians will find that taelon and deal with him. At that moment he looked at the professor to know all of what she has done just to save humanity and give Da'an his freedom. He doubted that the professor could see Zo'or reduced to light energy let alone ashes.

        "I think Zo'or should be lucky it's just you and the council. As only few Taelons fear the guardians even the Juridians fear the guardians...." Said David as the professor put her hand up "I know the path your going down. And the cybermen make Zo'or like a cuddly teddy bear. I don't even want that image in my mine at this stage. I am still trying to get out what he put in there when he probed my mine more than 550 years ago." Said the professor. David stopped that conversation from going too far. In the sun light he could see among the professor's red Irish looking hair what seemed to be blue hair but it was glowing then again he they weren't on earth. It was much easier to see the professor's taelon heritage with two Gallifreyian suns throw the new taelon home world sky.

         It could only mean that a taelon has registered that the professor has arrived. Zo'or knew the professor had returned, so did Da'an who had avoided Zo'or all this time on thenew homeworld. The only enjoyment Zo'or had was the beauty of the new homeworld. Da'an had only twice seen his child since his arrival here. Additional members to the council were temporary. Doors had been asked to represent one side of humanity and David the other. A small stage for Zo'or had been set up in the middle of the trial circle. A taelon chair was placed next to it. On the outside was a circle of chairs with names on paper for those beings to sit only two were in English one for doors and David. Instead of putting Da'an's name on his chair, hope the meaning of his name was in taelon. The taelon name of the professor's real name's meaning the one was written in taelon also. Her real name was still forbidden to the professor even in at this stage. A small group of seating was set up for visiting diplomats from Gallifrey, the rest of the taelon synod and the female Gallifreyians with their taelon young.

          Some how Tho'rn arranged for Ro'ha to be there. All known science said that was not possible but then again it is Zo'or's trial. Even Boone will be there. The professor turned to face David. "I must see Zo'or before the trial, it is I and Tho'rn who must bring him to the trial. It's the tradition." Said the professor. "That's fine. I'll take my place with the council, I'm glad it's only temporary for me." Said David who continued to where the area which had been prepared for the trial. Meanwhile the professor goes off towards where Zo'or is being kept. The professor finally finds Zo'or who is surprised not to see hate in her eyes for him. They were blank as if they were no emotion left in them. Why, are you here? You can't see me before the trial?" Said Zo'or. "I can and I will. I follow the old traditions started by the ancient Taelons and the guardians now follow. "Just the mention of the guardians made Zo'or feel fear." The ancient Taelons before the synod started the council. As part of the council, it is my duty to bring you to the trial. The close it gets, the more I don't want your end so soon. I would feel better if it were at the hands of the Juridian hunter in a thousand years time. I here you like what I have done to this moon." Said the professor.

         Zo'or is not sure what to say. What was the professor up to. Someone he had known since the days on the homeworld when Gallifreyian tutors taught the few young Taelons that were left. "You, captured the beauty of the homeworld, I am not but you seemed to have added something more." Said Zo'or he was actually being nice. That was something rare in Zo'or. "That something is a defence system. No pesky Juridians coming here and destroying something that I love." Said the professor for a moment felt the presence of Da'an when thinking of the new homeworld. "For a moment you seemed like James. Not wanting my death on her conciseness." Said Zo'or who seemed for once to loose his ego problem. "We are two separate beings. Sure we share the DNA of Ma'el. I may be compassionate and a one ticked off alien but I may have human DNA but I got that from my half-human father. It does not make me in a sense human." Said the professor. "Why is not James on the temporary place representing one view of humanity?" Asked Zo'or who was changing the subject. "She would of, but helping the soul of Sandoval is a little bit more important. I know she has become only one of the two humans you can't hate. I know she went to you to participate in the unofficial breeding program," The professor notices that it's a touchy subject for him," What do you think James could do? Bring back Ma'el. For that you would need, say get some of that DNA from me. Not that easy is it. It's all intertwined. And I am the only one in the known universe who can extract it from my own body. You should of have listened to me in the first place. You have seen for yourself. I have successfully brought back an extinct race." Said the professor who smiled like Da'an which does not please Zo'or none the less.


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