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From Resurrection

       So? You have gotten your wish after all my child. A chance to replace me and my position as North American Companion. To see my shame, and replace it with your glory.

       I am no longer needed, or wanted. My service to the Synod, soon coming to an end. Your service now required, to correct the errors I have caused. You must understand, I was there. I watched with my own eyes. His life did cease to exist. From all outward appearances. How such an illusion was pulled off before the eyes of your very own, Zo'or, should be proof enough to you that these humans are not to be taken lightly.

       You underestimate my child. If you do not tread carefully, you will suffer the very same fate I have and share my shame with me.

       Beware of these humans. As I am wary of this human William Boone. I question the operation of his CVI, if it is functioning correctly. However, he seems to have a rebuttal for every argument I put towards him and leaves me still with more questions. He has shown unusual compassion towards me in supporting me in my time of disgrace. Curious?

       My child, o my child. I tried to warn you and now you see. Be not too ashamed, I will not gloat over you as you did with me. This was only the first step into your future.

       You must take the time to study these humans more closely, as I take the time to understand how they view 'beauty' in such trivial things as gardens. The flowing of the water from the top of the water fountain trickling to the base in tiny droplets. The saying they have here on this planet, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." Brute force combined with your blind and ignorant arrogance is not the way.

       Perhaps now is not your time yet. But you now have a taste for things to come. Learn from this and remember for the future for your dealings with these humans, and their reactions. Wait my child. Wait. Your time will come.

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