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         My child, oh my child. You have always been this way. I suppose you would not have survived your birth if you were so full of fire in your life. But at least listen to me, just this once. Why will you not listen? Fine, I will not bring shame to you in front of Liam; I must protect you at all costs.


        Zo'or...are you alright? What is this? Sister Margaret? OH NO!! Please tell me, that this isn't so. <looks at wall> Zo' are spilling energy all over. Why will you not listen to me? It appears, the exact opposite of your words you spoke to me in such fury earlier, has come to pass. Why with this woman Zo'or? What do you share in common?


       Now look what has happened Zo'or, what happens when you don't listen to me. This poor child lies in this tank, dead. I see your energy signature on her. But is it you? Why would you want to kill this poor girl? Wait...ah, I see now. Your signature is tainted, with this human you have bonded with. But ever slow slightly. Zo'or, do you realize, the tainting is not enough to register on their testing device? They will think it was you! <sigh> My child, my child....


       Zo'or please! Listen to me, and take the shuttle back to the mothership! You ARE ready! Please, order Sandoval to take you back. If you are gone and another murder is committed, they cannot point the blame on you since you are not here. I know what you are going through Zo'or, please, trust me. You are endangering yourself and others around you. I can feel your pain, the flashes, the inability to control your thoughts or your actions, please....


        You have left me no other choice. I will 'frame' myself, as the humans say it. They will never find out that Sister Margaret is responsible. They don't have the ability to understand how it is possible. And if by chance they do figure out, they will want to know why, and how this occurred, and our secret, your precious secret will be revealed and shame brought to you once again. I will leave my energy signature on the body. I will destroy the shuttle so that you cannot take it else where, and cause more problems while you are in such a sensitive state of mind.


        You are ever so lucky that they discovered it was Sister Margaret, in the act of killing Renee Palmer. She was not even part of the cloister. You should be so gratified. But are not. Why is it so hard for you to conceive the idea, that I care so deeply for you, my only child, I can never allow you to be harmed....

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