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         I am the last of the Taelons to bare a child in a thousand years. And yet cursed am I, and cursed is this body, for I am not able to return what was given unto me, the gift of life.

          Night after night, I will now be plagued with nightmares. Why must I suffer so? I sit alone, with my thoughts, and the thoughts of the others. I hear them in my head, mocking me, for my acts of blasphemy, acts that I had total control over, but lost. I try so desperately to ignore them, but they only get louder the harder I try.

           My heart is full of such sorrow, shame, and anguish. I look and watch my child, his actions gone beyond my control as well as the Synodd's. His life, far more diminished now than before due to his recklessness. He no longer recognizes me as his parent, and refuses to do so under any circumstances no matter what my efforts. I have been rejected by him, as I will now be rejected by the commonality, my own kind, as my child has been. My 'family' I once shared with my child and with the commonality, gone.

           I know the pain my child feels even more so now, as I experience it even more so. I am at a loss, of what to do. I have tried in vain, to give myself in self-sacrifice to aid my own kind's survival. I failed, and was not successful. And now, this is how I am repaid for my efforts. I have tried to give of mine own life, to return that which has been taken from mine own kind.

            I have fought so hard, perhaps too hard. Now, I have chased away any hope of anyone understanding my motivations. They do not accept me anymore as now I am looked down upon in shame. I have been given more than a second chance at life. A chance all Taelons covet, as now I appear selfish in my acts, in gaining more life that I had bargained for, when I wanted this life to end. I wish I could give back this gift of life that was given me, for it is no longer a gift, but a curse.

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