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          Da'an learned of the Earth tradition, which seemed prevalent in pretty much a lot of cultures, of celebrating birthdays. This concept perplexed him and discussed it in great detail with Liam.

           "Well, its a special day wouldn't you think so? I mean, especially coming from a species in which you are trying so hard to create births?"

           Da'an pondered the thought for a while. Liam had a good point. It is a special day. He still remembered the exact date Zo'or had finally entered the commonality, down to the very millisecond. It was a very special day indeed. The first Taelon child born unto them in a thousand years!!

            "Then the tradition of gift giving on the day of one's birth is to honor this special day?"

            "Well, yeah, of course. I mean, a lot of different cultures do so. Why do you ask?"

            "I was 'letting my mind wander' as you humans say it."

             <ok?> Liam was a little lost, but, this wasn't the first time.


           Zo'or had taken leave for a week. He just wanted to get away from Sandoval and his prying eyes and mask of loyalty he knew to be fake but had no way of disproving. Zo'or spent most of his time, in his chambers, or walking alone at night. Sometimes he'd find a remote place on Earth and secretly portal down and back without anyone knowing. He just wanted to be alone.

           It was a time of contemplation. He was thinking to himself. The worse of all days was coming up, the most hated day of his life. Day one. The day he was born. The anniversary of his first day was soon to come up and he was not thrilled about it. He hated the day; it was a cursed day for him. Above all things, he had wished it had never happened.

          Zo'or too was researching on Earth's cultures and found they too celebrated it as a time of great joy, holding feasts, giving presents, friends and family gathered around. And he frowned. He had no friends, really no family, save Da'an, but he did his best to hide that fact. Within the commonality, those who knew, moaned at the day's arrival and its reminders that its last hope was a failure, those who didn't, well, that didn't matter.


          The day had arrived. The anniversary of his Day one. And, all heck was breaking loose. One problem after another after another after another. It would not stop. Once one problem was fixed, up would pop another. There were meetings with other members of the Synodd, the Pres. of the U.S., Doors Inter., the mothership was having malfunctions of the most bewildering type, you name it, it was happening. <Figures, this day was cursed for me, that this would have to happen to me now all at once.> Then he got it, a page from Da'an, to please meet him at the shuttle bay, it was urgent. <Great, what does HE have in store for me now???> Zo'or was fuming, and very reluctant. However, it at least offered him an escape away from the bridge that did not intend on giving him a moments rest.


           Da'an was alone in the shuttle bay oddly. Not even Liam was there.

          "I am here now. You will explain to me the urgency of this meeting? You do not appear to be having a situation of emergency?"

          "Please, enter the shuttle and strap yourself in."

          Zo'or was definately confused. So, out of curiosity, he did. And to his amazement, he found that Da'an was crawling into the 'cockpit.' He was going to fly the shuttle??? Now he was REALLY confused.

         With slide of hand and Taelon grace, Da'an had the shuttle off and gone into ID space.

         "Will you explain yourself?"

         "No, I will not."

          Zo'or would have slapped Da'an silly for that response if he were human he thought to himself. His curiosity really peaked, he tried poking at Da'ans mind in the commonality. Like that was going to do any good at all.

         Da'an put the shuttle on autopilot and got up out of the seat. He walked over to Zo'or, and kindly laid his hands on his child's temples. Zo'or being dumfounded, allowed Da'an to proceed, and he fell right into a deep state of unconsciousness. A slight smile grew over Da'ans face.


           When Zo'or awoke finally, he was a little ticked off, but found the shuttle landed, and Da'an nowhere to be found. He was miffed, but, unstrapped himself and proceeded to crawl out of the shuttle and walk around. When he finally got outside, he found Da'an standing, staring back at him, with a slight smile on his face.

           Zo'or looked around, and found he was in a place of his youth, from long long ago, he had almost forgotten about as its memories seemed so insignificant. It was peaceful, resting, relaxing. They were alone, no constant pages, no constant complaints, no emergency meetings, no mothership malfunctions.

         They spent a long time together, alone, not speaking a word to each other. All was already spoken the moment they both knew and understood. Finally, Da'an stopped and turned to Zo'or, and quietly uttered the words, "Happy Birthday Zo'or."

         Zo'or's face had melted from one of sternness, to the one held in his youth of innocence. He gazed back at Da'an, looking eye to eye even more glossier as if filled with tears, never opening his mouth, "Thank you Da'an, my parent."