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        But the destruction of the universe itself would begin. Not with small cracks but a large explosion. Taking the nearest four universes with it. That includes the Milky Way and Gallifreyian space, the k system that stretches for kilometers in many directions.What makes it worse the professor can feel their presence and unnerves her.

          Boone stands up. He is both the moderator and questioner. "But how would the Taelons know of the earth with out gaining the knowledge from a being who happens to know were earth is," Zo'or does not know what to say," I think you owe a lot more than a sorry to the professor. The council agrees with me. It's rightly so you stole the information from the professor," Da'an begins to see flashes of images of when he was a young one. He was hiding behind a column but still able to see what Zo'or was doing. Zo'or was hurting the professor with a mind probing. Da'an could know hear the professor saying, " No, what are you doing, you have no right", he could see her slowing falling to the floor. Da'an did not understand why he could now see images of his past when before he could not," about earth and how to get there. I have been told that you sent a probe to look for a similar planet like your own. You did not send a probe or the Gallifreyian government would of found it. I know you don't hold humanity in contempt. In fact, you have little regard for humanity. I have nothing more to say at this time." Said Boone. "I did not hate David or Dr James McCoy." Said Zo'or.  Da'an could not understand the images that he saw from his young days. Some how before it was something he could not remember. And what was the professor doing on the taelon homeworld at that time in taelon history. Thought Da'an.

         "David is from another dimension of earth. He is adult child of the woman who carried one hundred Taelons in separate pregnancies. As For Dr. James McCoy, she isn't completely human. Having Gallifreyian DNA does not make her all human!" Said the professor who sits down.  Zo'or knows why she did not mention that James has taelon DNA from Ma'el in front of Da'an. "You had no respect for me as a taelon. That does explain a lot Zo'or. You will not live to see the taelon council replacing the synod. I wish you were died. When I was threatening the Taelons at that time on earth. I meant it for you. I don't wish the death of the rest of the Taelons," Ro'ha shows his glowing hands at Zo'or the professor cries out no don't. Ro'ha stops," I would of killed you here and now but I won't for the sake of my friendship with the professor." Said Ro'ha who walks past the professor. He puts his left hand on her shoulder. Then removes it and finds his seat. The professor stands up and walk up to Zo'or's stand. Zo'or is now seated. The Juridian ship is closer and nears the new taelon homeworld. "I know about the virus that the Juridians had placed into the probe that they had sent. My doctor, Dr Eurbury Emessary told me that I could not return to earth. As a virus had be unleashed into the atmosphere. I could be in danger if I returned before it could be cured. The Australian companion did not get the virus. As he was taken to the Gallifreyian embassy which was sealed off. For the time, the virus was in the air. No lives were lost in Australia. I was told to stay on the new taelon homeworld. So, I did what I was told. But thing is I have the cure already in my DNA. I have been the virus and nothing happened. The key to the virus is my DNA," The professor turns to doors for a moment," I know about that virus you had stored. Yes, had. I got rid of it. You never needed it. As that strain would have killed me. I think you know why it would," The professor turns back to Zo'or. Doors seems understanding of what she said," You can say something now Zo'or." Said the professor. "It frightens you to have a human DNA strain let alone from Boone. Would it less of a worry if came from me?" Asked the professor. "I did not know you had the cure. Of course, I would have taken it from you. I still fear the fact the cure came from Commander Boone." Said Zo'or. This shocked the council and Da'an. It did not surprise Boone not what so ever. "Is that why you touched my hand to make up your humanoid appearance? I have nothing against humanity neither did Ma'el." Said the professor. "Yes. I despise humanity. For being a lower species." Said Zo'or.

        The Juridian ship was now above them. No one seemed to notice. The professor noticed her hands were fading in and out. The professor grabs her head with both of her hands. All the Taelons present can hear the sound wave. The professor screams no. She is still screaming but it the no's are silent. Da'an walks over to see what is wrong but Boone gets some Taelons and Gallifreyian workers to take him away for safety. Boone looks up at the sky and so does David. "Oh, my. How did they get here so fast? David what are we going to do?" Asked Boone. "I am not sure. I think I know what they are doing to her. They are using her to bring the guardians into physical reality. Doing that could really make the guardians angry." Said David. It was true the professor was being pulled into the world of the guardians.  Now, how did the Juridians know to do this? Da'an felt something slip in his life energy. He some how was going to where the guardians are. The professor was taken to an area, which looked taelon, the taelon of the new homeworld. Why would they be here on the new homeworld?

         She noticed that one of them looked like doors and another like Zo'or but the appearances are different to who they really are. Da'an could see them as well but no one seem to notice he was there. That was a good thing. A taelon never normally sees a guardian. Unless they have done something, wrong. The protective shielding around the new taelon homeworld was working. The professor's arms move to stay near her sides. From her eyes and mouth came light energy. It went straight for the Juridian ship through the shielding. It blew up and turned into nothingness but the professor did not return to her normal appearance. Something was wrong. Even Da'an and Zo'or could feel it.


          Earlier David and Boone gently moved the Professor to the soft ground. Some how David made sure that Eurbury arrived on the new taelon homeworld. She had noticed cracks in time. Since she lived in the future unless she was needed in this time. Cracks in time was not a good sign what so ever. She new something was wrong. Eurbury arrived via a time tunnel provided by the timelords. Just by looking at the new taelon homeworld from Gallifrey she new something had happened at the trial. As the professor in the future had collapsed as what ever was effecting the professor of the past effects the professor of the future. That was a left over part of her timelord DNA that linked all her lives together. The future Da'an was stronger than he was in the past. Eurbury was worried about the effect it would have on him. Even the future Da'an could not do anything for his friend. He had already sent the future old Liam to earth four years ago. There was nothing else that could be done. Frankly, the current Liam did not care. Because, he did know. Eurbury was taken in a small-modified shuttle to the new taelon homeworld. Boone is talking to one of the Gallifreyians on the other side of the moon with communications watch. "Is Da'an being effected at all?" Asked Boone. "No, he seems to be fine. I believe he is in a meditation state. Any news on the professor? We saw the Juridian ship destroyed." Said the female Gallifreyian. "No, news but we have gotten Dr. Emessary to see if she can help the professor. David believes that they were using the professor to get to the guardians some how."  Said Boone. "Oh, dear that is not good at all. No one can awaken the guardians unless it is important. Please let me know of any progress. I have seen the reading cracks through out time are appearing. If they Juridians use them, they could take over the earth far worse than what the Taelons have done. As these cracks act as time tunnels. Bringing them closer to earth. " She said. "They must have been travelling for a few hundreds of years to have found the new homeworld. Dr Emessary is here I must go."  Said Boone and he turned off the communications watch.

         Dr. Eurbury Emessary looked like Dr. Bellman and Dr. Parks combined. But with brown and blonde hair. But she was nozt like them in any other way. "How is my patient?" Asked Eurbury. Instead of telling her, Boone took her to the professor. Zo'or was just staring at her and was beginning to realize there was something more to the professor. Why did she mention the guardians? Though Zo'or but it really disturbed him. "OH, my. What have they done to you?" Asked Eurbury but it was a rhetorical question. "I believe it's worse this time, Eurbury. According To David, she has been pulled into another dimension where the guardians exist on the new homeworld. Can you see if she has survived going there?" Said Boone. Eurbury bends down to kneel on the soft taelon ground of the new homeworld. She places her hand on the professor's forehead. Eurbury herself was one of the later generations of the taelon-humans. They had evolved but very few of them became fully taelon. They just had gifts to heal and live long lives.
Eurbury could see the trial area; it was surrounded by mountainside. She looked around a 360 degree angle it was mountainside with the trial area in the middle.

        The guardians had made a replica of the new taelon homeworld and mountainside where Beckett had being put on trial by the guardians. It was not the CVI breaking down. That was an after effect. They were punishing for taking more than a CVI. They gave her a peaceful death, as she was the mother of the new kimera people. The guardians had made sure Ha'gel lived longer enough to make sure the kimera would return. And not is one of the millions that could not return. There was only one timelord that had joined the guardians many eons ago but he grew restless and they returned his life to him. So, that place would be finally given to the professor. But what were they going to do her? Thought the professor. Only six were sitting there, the rest must be somewhere else. Something inside her told her that she was not alone. The professor was right, Da'an was in close proximity to her. She did not know how she was going to return to the surface. Those who awaken the guardians sometimes never return. To there, own reality. The professor's only defense was the fact the it was the Juridians were the ones who awaken the guardians. It's difficult to awaken them unless you have a being that has not just there own strain of Taelon DNA but at least two or more.

      The professor had more than two strains. If the guardians have some idea, it was the Juridians than no more than 6 guardians would appear. The professor had only known fear once it was the time Zo'or probed her mind and found out the existence of earth was real. Not some children's make believe story. "Oh, my. Boone, the professor is fine for the time being, but I am not sure what the guardians will do. The good news is that there are only six of them. Any more you will also loose Da'an in the process." Said Eurbury. "Is there anyway we can bring her back. As I am getting reports from the Gallifreyian embassy on earth that people who had long died are turning up, then disappearing again. Former presidents of Gallifrey are turning up out of know where. We have to tell Da'an now and let him bring her into the commonality. Some way that will help." Said Boone. "No, you can't it is not the right time. It has to be Da'an to find out. If you will tell him, things can only get worse. The taelon synod is unstable and so is their empire. The professor is holding both together on a fine thread. The balance some how must be fixed by someone who sought the end of the professor." Said Eurbury who was implying Zo'or. Zo'or was still standing there just starring. He was unable to be moved. Until Boone tapped him on the shoulder. "I want you to bring her back, using the technique that almost destroyed her the first time. I don't care what you think about me. You know and I know that if she is left we will be all dead soon. As the Juridians are beginning to use the cracks in time to get to earth." Said Boone who turned away to face the professor. Zo'or was speechless. It fears him that she will always be there but it fears him more to the being that keeps the balance. Zo'or finally speaks. "I will do this, as I know what will happen if I don't." Said Zo'or.

        Zo'or looks into the professor's mind. A lot of closed doors. He is only looking for one. He opens it. From the look on Eurbury's face she knows it will take a while, a long while. The guardian who took the appearance of doors begins to speak. He moves towards her and stops. "State your purpose at this time in history." He said. Da'an moves closer to see but is still unseen by the guardians or the professor. Zo'or is now able to see what the professor can see. He is to out of sight.

          "I am a Gallifreyian citizen and citizen of the universe. I have been a signed as universal protector of Da'an and joint protector of the Australian companion. I was a signed by the taelon council. On earth, I act as Gallifreyian ambassador and companion protector. There is more to me than meets the eye. I am more than just a timelord." Said the professor. The guardian who looks like doors continues. "Why are you the universal protector of Da'an and why do you except the master plan of the Taelons on earth?" He asks. "I was a signed as universal protector of Da'an as the reports of Zo'or arranging for his death has been going on for more than couple hundred years. I don't except all of the master plan. As they used the earth as a cannon. Which is wrong. I have over a million fleets to protect earth and the Taelon Empire." Said the professor who was beginning to think her life was on trial. "We know and knowingly except your role on earth." he said. The guardian who had taken the appearance of Zo'or moved forward and the one who looked like doors sat back down. "Why do you think they ignored your offer and protection at first?" he asked. "Zo'or, thought the earth was a better breading ground. He called humans breeders and fighters for the cause. I don't think all humans need to be breeders or fighters. Before I could offer the protection of the taelon empire I was taken away and I did not see him or the rest of the Taelons for a couple of hundred years. 550 timelord years to be exact. I helped them with the arrival. Then one day of the blue three years later after the arrival. I was called up to the mothership when hardly any of the Taelons were on board. Zo'or asked for my help, in protecting the taelon empire and have a small back up fleet for earth. I have a strong hold over the Juridians but it does not stop them from attacking me. I have a larger fleet for earth. A small group were used to give back freedom to the Northern Hemisphere of earth." Said the professor.

         "What did you exactly offer, Zo'or?" He asked. "Alien beings perfect to carry the taelon race out of extinction. Then again, they aren't completely extinct. Then what am I if they are extinct." Said the professor. "Exactly. I hear that you have those beings on the new taelon homeworld and the taelon race is on its way to being in existence again." He said. "That is true. After I saved the taelon council. Those Gallifreyian females that were interested in saving a dying species the section who were chosen where the ones with human descendants. With in 12 generations the taelon race will be back. The young are like Gallifreyian young once they reach 60 years of age they slowly evolve into a taelon. Before that. They must have two young. To continue the taelon race. I have made it possible for diversity by using the taelon DNA I have. Which is of every taelon that had existed, are existing and will exist." Said the professor.

         The guardian that looked like Zo'or went back to his seat and a guardian that looked like Lili got up and stood in front of the professor. She said nothing but expected the professor to continue. "If the Taelons wanted to invade. They would have done this back in 2003. Then the Washington dc embassy was attacked by a virus, which was implanted by a resistance member. I was glad I made the right decision not to have any taelon technology except for the portal inside the taelon embassy. Which is surprising as the building is completely normal on the out and in sides. Except for the four floors, which the Australian companion uses. I need to know what is the motivation of this tribunal? As sometime, you would need to see me before I evolve. Was it brought forward because of the Juridian attack?" Said the professor. The guardian who looks like Lili begins to speak. "It is to determine whether Da'an won't be accountable or not. Or whether Zo'or should be charged and brought here for the crimes against humanity. You were right; it was brought forward because the Juridians had awaken us. It was going to happen regardless. Don't worry we won't harm you. You are the balance. But this tribunal must happen, we will release you eventually." She said. "But there are cracks happening all of time itself." Said the professor. "We are aware of this. We will stabilize it shortly." She said.

         "Very few of the projects Zo'or sent information on, I approved but reluctantly. I told him that the selected humans must be told of what was happening to them after the surprise pregnancy. That's why I started up happy families. Those who were interested carried Taelons in pregnancy choose to. But Zo'or continued to use the portal system. He comment that those in America are breeders and those in the circle of nations is not. They are better human beings. In reality they don't protest and are more worried about a dalek invasion than the Taelons. I know now that it was a ploy to get me to earth. Those timelords knew all the time. Why they sent me. So much brain washing of Da'an accrued of the last hundreds of years. I would not know if our friendship would return. Without knowingly he is supporting humanity. I know why, he got compassion from his human DNA. The fact he does not know this. Makes me sure that he will fight for them regardless. Some humans think what some Taelons do is harsh. Different species act differently. CVI's weren't that necessary. But I know," the professor puts her head down a little," now that it is necessary for some. The Australian companion band it for James and since skrills weren't available to him she did not get one. She doesn't need it thanks to her Gallifreyian DNA. I selected specially trained unit workers to solely work for Da'an on the mothership. Zo'or had no problem with that. No, drones for Da'an. At least he could talk to his workers. I believe they got the name Da'an's army from an ad that a friend of mine did to advertise unit." Said the professor. "Was it a personal reason, that you created a replica of the taelon homeworld?" she said. "Yes and no. I had lost a world that I had loved. I thought visiting Taelons would like to see a little bit of home." Said the professor. "Why were sent to earth?" She asked. The professor did not understand why the question was asked.

          "I came to earth because there was a position at unit. I thought I might as well take it up. As it would be good grounds to gain influences to eventually, get humanity ready for the dalek invasion in 2001. I arrived in the 1980's. Convincing unit was hard. Things changed after I was there for 6 years. I was called back to Gallifrey and to go to the past. I was told that the taelon council needed my help. I had a few hundred years before created the replica of the homeworld. I thought I better take the council there. I had not known what the Juridians had done. The council was apparently left behind. I set them up on there. So, they could live peacefully. Then something unexpected happened. The mothership pushed the dalek ships out of the way. I informed the council and they agreed with what I said. The mothership arrived a year before the official date. I had talked to the real leaders and prepared then for things to come. The council said it was important to protect Da'an from Zo'or. And since their arrival I have foiled to the best of my ability Zo'or's attempts on Da'an's life." Said the professor.

       "We know the events that will happen later this year. Bringing you into the commonality and your friendship returning. You seem to be the key. We know of the union of Ronald Sandoval and Jamie McCoy. His first wife was killed in a car accident the resistance didn't look after her that well." she said. Da'an was passed shock but was surprised. Zo'or finally leaves his spot and grabs the professor by the arm gently. They both disappear. Da'an comes out of the meditation state. "All the professor could hear was the guardian who appeared as Lili saying we will return for you to complete the tribunal but not at this time. We will reawaken but now we return to our long sleep." She said and it stopped. Da'an could not remember what he heard let alone saw. But Zo'or could remember and so did the professor. The guardians vowed to return.


       The professor hadn't returned completely. But she was free of the guardians. Boone talks to Zo'or. "Something is not right, here. I want you to go back to my funeral on earth two years ago. What could you hear? What is missing from this picture? Did you notice someone else but in the back ground?". Asked an angry Boone. "Da'an, Qu'on, Lili Marquette, Sandoval, a few agents and my self. As well as major Kincaid." Said Zo'or. "I want you to think harder , who else was there but very few people could hear this other being." Said Boone. Zo'or remembers back to that day. He clearly sees a blue box. A hooded figure with what appears to be Dr. Eurbury Emessary. Zo'or at first can't recognize the person. The clones can now be seen the figure removes the hood. The clone seems to be heading for Da'an. But Kincaid moves Da'an out of the way. Qu'on gets killed. Zo'or can here the scream. It's the professor screaming no. But Eurbury holds her back. The professor continues squirming. "Let me get go. I want to destroy that thing." she says. "No, you can't. You can't be seen at this time." Said Eurbury who gently pulls the professor into the blue box. "Do, you know recognize that hooded figure. I want you to bring her back, NOW!" Said Boone. Zo'or looks up at Boone."It was the professor there at the funeral." Said Zo'or in quiet voice. Finally, he brings her out of the sound attack. The professor opens her eyes. She begins to stand and until finally standing.

         "The trial must continue." Said the professor who would prefer to not remember the guardians it was almost like being in Zo'or's mind. Zo'or new she would take the third place and there was nothing he could do to stop her from being one of the three. He had lost that control when he had asked the professor for her help four years ago. No, other taelon knew except for Qu'on and Ro'ha. Qu'on was long dead and well technically Ro'ha was dead. Tho'rn must be a taelon from the future to know to bring Ro'ha back. Ro'ha was alive and his death meant nothing. He did his time. Ro'ha only cared for the future of the taelon race and the professor. Zo'or did not understand Ro'ha's somewhat devotion to this alien. Ro'ha new something Zo'or did not and it was something they would never share. That secret was that the professor could sustain life of a dead being for at least a week. What Tho'rn did was an act of kindness. The rest of the council and Da'an were brought back to the trial area. Da'an sensed something was wrong. What it was , he did not know. But the professor knew something was going to happen. She knew it would not be long before Da'an would find out who she was. Running away from the issue would not help. Now going into the time portal that could make it worse.

        It would make old Liam up set. He wants to do his job he was sent to do. To protect the professor. He knew that he should have gone with her to the new taelon homeworld. But she refused and said she would be fine. What was distracting for the professor she could see the advancing Juridian fleets in her mind. After the trial, she would have to send another thousand fleets to make sure the Juridians did not cross over the space border. This time she would have to take action. The earth must be protected. The professor gave Boone a look that he understood, he knew that he would have to send more peacekeepers to the border of the unknown universe. To prevent the Juridians heading for earth. And so must be the taelon new homeworld as it has the future of the taelon race on it.


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