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The professor looks to the ground. The finally at Da'an."I am so , sorry this did not meant to happen in front of you ." Said the professor her soul had been open for that brief time Da'an was slowly begging to realize who this person was. The professor shimmers out of the room to the shuttle on the roof."I must go now. I am sorry also." said David who rushed to the shuttle on the roof.There was a report that Lili set the time portal to David's earth. David hands over the taelon tear stone and puts it around her neck again.

       "Lili, was sited entering the time portal, she has gone to my earth. We have been asked to go and get her." Said David and flew the shuttle back to the Australian Gallifreyian embassy. Back at the northern companion embassy. "We must follow them. I must know more about the professor." Said Da'an."Are you sure that is wise? Da'an. May be there is a reason why she doesn't want you to know." Said Liam. Both go to Lili's new shuttle and follow the flight path of the professor's shuttle, which was really faint.  David lands the shuttle. The professor grabs David's arm and they shimmer into the museum section of the embassy. The professor sets the co-ordinates on the side panel, which was pulled out. Liam and Da'an are not far behind in fact they are only on corridor away. "Ok, it's set. You first." Said the professor. David backs up and then runs jumping into the time portal. He is gone and travelling to his earth. The professor backs up and is about to run. Liam and Da'an can just see her. Then she runs then jumps into the swirling portal. Then she is gone. "I think you should follow." Said Liam. Da'an runs then jumps into the swirling time portal followed by Liam. Then it closes. David and the professor arrive to David's earth. It is the same in most ways to the earth of Liam and the resistance but also different. Taelons are every where but that is quite common place on this earth.

         A shuttle turns up from nowhere lands and they get into the shuttle. It takes them to the earth council headquarters in Brisbane. Da'an then Liam arrive in this different earth. Shuttles every where, even Taelons, other alien races but not as many. From what they can see, it looks like a large park. Then again, appearances are deceiving. A private shuttle lands and Da'an and Liam enter and sit down."Where would you like to go today? Visit the earth council headquarters, public gallery, or other places on earth. I guess you have seen the taelon museum it's been open since the 1977 four years after the Taelons arrived. I recognize you. Your the Northern American companion Da'an. You, sir I don't know. May be Lake Timberwolf knows you." said the pilot. "Take us to this Earth council headquarters." Said Da'an. "This is a free service since money is worthless know. There is no poverty. If you want to deal with money, you live on mars. They have a currency we don't here on earth." Said the shuttle pilot then she takes them to the earth council headquarters. It takes less than five minutes to get there. It was a combination taelon and Gallifreyian design to the building. Da'an and Liam leave the shuttle and the pilot continues her journey. They walk up the steps. Inside the building was unexplainable.

        Liam sits down at a learning console. While Da'an walks off. No one around seemed to worry with him walking around the place. Liam is shocked at what he sees. He can't find his double on this world. He looks up this lake Timberwolf. From what he gathers this lake Timberwolf could be his double but Lake is female. Liam is beyond shocked. "How may I help you? Would you like to know about history since the Taelons arrived. You look like you have spent your time with the peace keepers since the arrival." Said Lena. "Alright , please tell me." Said Liam who followed this Lena as that was the name on the badge she was wearing. "The Taelons arrived in 1973 there arrival was expected around 2003. We have had world peace since then. All religions have formed to one. We are about to call the helpers or protectors as they used to be known. To help us with the war with the Juridians. At the moment, the world president is Australia. But every third president must be Australian. The earth council agreed that some years before the earth president was chosen. Lake Timberwolf was part of the American resistance back in 1980 peace between the Taelons was finally reached in 1991 after ten years of fighting. Zo'or was removed at synod leader and replaced by Ko'sh who still acts as the Australian companion. " Said Lena.
"Lake Timberwolf?" asked Liam. "She was the head of the resistance after Jonathan Doors stepped down to campaign for the presidency of America. From what I have heard, that Lake and her family are quite happy on the new taelon home world. It's nice to see the kimera race going. As For Joshua Doors, he was the first president of earth because the person who was going to be was mysteriously disappeared. Corruption charges and other accounts were made. He was the last of the human supports of Zo'or. " Said Lena.  "He what. That's not possible he was against them." Said Liam."Officially as the representative of the American government. Then he became a puppet of Zo'or. Beside if you have not heard Jonathan Doors is here for the latest earth council meeting about contacting those beings who helped earth before the first taelon Ma'el arrived." Said Lena. "I think I will continue with the learning computer." Said Liam. "That's quite alright." Said Lena who walked away.

         Liam reads the new article. The Gallifreyian ambassador finally ends the battle that the resistance and Taelons have been in first the last ten years. Liam was beginning to realize the professor was on earth to do. Da'an was next to the door to the meeting room. Doors, Tho'rn and various others he knew from the earth he just came from. He continued to listen at the door and watch from the open part of the door.

          Meanwhile back on Liam's earth the Juridian advancement was getting closer.

          The Juridians on Liam's earth were still several light years away but even the professor was getting to the point in the earth of David's that she was nearing breaking point. Even the seekers were right to contact those who helped in earth's development before Ma'el's arrival. The room is dark apart from the over head projector's light which was showing an image from the computer. So Da'an slipped in with out being noticed.The professor is standing. "According to the seekers the time is now as we have racial equality, sexual equality and religious equality thanks to the Taelons. We beg to contact humanities benefactors. Because we can't stop the Juridian advancement towards earth in five years time. The peacekeepers can only do so much. We are waiting for the alignment for our first message. With timelord technology they will get the message within a second after of sending it." Said the professor. Among the round table apart from those who could be easily recognizable, like doors, Lena, David, alternate Tho'rn and Lake Timberwolf. What appears to be a unit worker brings Lili into the room and she is seated. The unit worker walks up to the professor and they move closer to the wall. "I found Lili near the foundation of peace." Said the unit worker. "Did you find my shuttle?" Asked the professor
"Yes, we did nothing was done to the shuttle." Said the unit worker. "Did you find out what she was doing as in finding someone or going to mars to the colony there ?" Asked the professor
"She said she was looking for a Liam Kincaid. There is no one of that name in this world or even on the Mars colony. Should I return and take her away later." Said the unit worker. "No, it will be alright. She isn't from this earth. Have you gotten word from all the technicians at every pyramid on earth and the ones on mars?" Asked the professor. "Yes, we have. The stars are nearly in alignment. They haven't been since 105000 BCE. You were around to see the alignment that time or you were not in the area." said the unit worker. "I wish I, was but I was helping a few planets rebuild after a server planetary attack by an unknown force. I don't even know if those beings have descendants or they have evolved into something else. I just hope it works and there is someone at the other end. Because the planetary systems can only do so much when the Juridians turn up." Said the professor. "What about James's earth don't you have a planetary defense system ready for the day ?" Asked the unit worker. "No, they are not that far advanced as humanity is here. I have something that will be put up a small version of the defense system. Only a planetary grid. Not all of them are going to like it. At least doors will be off earth and on one of my moons with his girlfriend soon to be wife. But only very few of the resistance members trust me. I think Augur and Lili trust me but the rest follow Liam and some how believe what he says is to be true. If he's not careful he will become a human version of Zo'or." Said the professor
The unit worker laughs but tries to make it sound like coughing. The professor taps him on the hand and he stops laughing. She is not aware Da'an is in the room at this stage. "Even with the timelord technology it will take two to three days to have them adjusted to the ancient technology we found there seven years ago. I mean we didn't know what or how to use it. Its so advanced for humanity but so basic for you." Said the unit worker. "I can't always turn up and help you with the connections for it. You have to learn how to use that technology. Humanity is ready to meet another friendly alien race at this stage. It's part of your evolution into......" Then professor stops she now senses Da'an in the room. "I know. May I bring one of the timelord technicians with me to the main pyramid in Egypt?" Asked the unit worker.

       "Is that the only one left to connect?" Asked the professor. "Yes, it is. That will bring the project four months ahead of schedule.  Since you should us the next step of joining the current technology with Theres. The Taelons are really supporting you on this one. Their future depends on it as well as humanities. I  must go . I will go via the Gallifreyian embassy to see if one of the technicians are able to help." Said the unit worker who hurried out of the room. The professor goes back to the side of the projector and clicks on the computer screen for the new image of the stars aligning and possible light coming from all the pyramids all over earth. "Good news, people. Only the largest pyramid in Egypt is left to connect. Not since the Taelons arrived and we found evidence that the beings who visited in 1050000 BCE. With the technology they left behind, we now have the ability to contact them and see if anyone of those beings have descendants left. In one weeks time we will make contact. Until then we will have a welcoming messages typed in all earth languages, taelon and in math. Because they could understand math over any language. I will see you a day before contact" Said the professor. Before the lights could be turned on Da'an slips out of the room again. The lights are turned on again. David follows the professor out of the room and closes the door.

       "Did you see Da'an in the meeting room David." Said the professor. "Yes, I did. Why would he follow you? Oh no , I know why. I think when he picked up your taelon tear stone it triggered something. You know he will remember every thing soon. Zo'or removed the block three weeks ago." Said David. "I know. I did not think it would be this quick." said the professor. "You should be glad it was this slow." said David. "Do you think it's a good idea to show Lili, unit headquarters and let Liam and Da'an follow ?"Asked the professor. "I think so. I mean it's common place to see Taelons walking on the street with humans. But I will let security know that they are following and let Liam and Da'an throw. By the way, our Liam needs to talk to you before you go to the station. I will go back into the room and get Lili." said David. David goes back into the meeting room and brings Lili outside. The other people and beings in the room have gone via another exit. "Let go of me David, I am not a child. I can walk out of a room by myself." Said Lili. "Lili, why did you have a need to come into this dimension?" Asked the professor. "I was bored and also curious about that time portal that you don't let anyone touch. I wanted to prove to myself that David was not from my earth." Said Lili. "You have gotten your answer. Now do you believe me?" Said the professor. "Of course I do. I mean I have a part human-kimera friend and I have you for a friend . Even doors speaks highly of you." Said Lili. "You're lucky that the American pilot, was on the mothership. Or you would have been either killed or something worse may have happened to you." Said the professor. "I want my job back. It really was a good one." Said Lili. "You will get your job back. As soon as the peace keepers and extra unit workers are installed in the mothership. Did you know Liam and Da'an followed David and I here." Said the professor. "Does that mean Da'an remembers you?" Asked Lili. "Not, yet. He will. You're going to see how things work on this world. You need to know the Taelons aren't the issue here. The Juridians are. Here," The professor hands over a book of earth history since 1973 `til 2008," I think this will be helpful. Now if you see a wondering Liam at the unit headquarters give it to him. I think he will appreciate it." Said the professor.

           A Gallifreyian walks up to the professor. "Excuse me ambassador." She said. "Yes." Said the professor who turned to face the Gallifreyian. "Lake Timberwolf will be at unit headquarters shortly." Said the Gallifreyian female. "Does she bare any news?" Asked the professor. "Yes, she does. Lake asked me to tell you instead. The guardians wish to see you. If you don't they will come for you forcefully." Said the female Gallifreyian. "How long do I have until I am summoned officially?" Asked the professor. "Six weeks to the day." Said the female Gallifreyian who simply walked away without saying any more. Da'an was not far, he was hiding behind the poster of the peace fountains. This was not the first time the guardians had been mentioned and what they had to the professor he did not know. "I will have to come back in a week for project Isis." Said the professor. For that brief moment Da'an remembered the professor's name her taelon name then it was gone the opportunity went like flames in a fire. The professor, David, and Lili walk out side of the building and enter the awaiting shuttle. Lake Timberwolf walked up to Da'an. She was supposed to be at unit headquarters. Da'an turned to face her. Something about her was familiar.
"You don't need to say it Da'an. You sense Liam but you don't see him. I am his double on this world. Shall I take you and Liam to the unit head quarters there is so much of this world you need to know to take back to your dimension." Said Lake.

         Both Da'an and lake walk to the area where Liam is. "You know the professor , well?" Asked Da'an. "Yes, I do. She was there at my birth and promised Ha'gel that she would watch over me. She did so much to bring the kimera out of extinction. The taelon race here is almost at the second-generation stage. The taelon home world is beautiful after the professor brought it back to like not many Taelons live there since the new taelon home world is so close now. Your destinies are linked. I can see it your eyes and I have seen it in hers and the commonality are almost ready for her." Said Lake. This surprised Da'an he knew this person was right.


           Da'an looks at Lake."The commonality is only for Taelons. I don't know who you are?" said Da'an. "My name is Lake Timberwolf. I am the Liam of this world. There are things about the professor you will remember and learn. It seems Liam is learning but not understanding this world." Said Lake. They both walk up to Liam who seemed confused about this earth's history. "Liam, there is a place you must see before you leave this earth." Said Lake. Liam turns around its like he is talking to himself and he does not know why. Until he sees Lake's eyes. The same history, the same things happening. Liam stands up. "Your me." Said Liam."And I am you. There is nothing to explain. I am your double on this earth." Said Lake. "But...." Said Liam as he stops. "Don't question on it. First, we are going past the peace fountains. Then to unit headquarters." Said Lake. Lake leaves the building with Da'an and Liam following. Finally, they arrive in front of the peace fountain. Lake read the sign out allowed for Da'an and Liam to hear. "This fountain was created after the Taelons and the resistance war ended with the help of the Gallifreyian ambassador. Without her help we would still be at war today." Said Lake. A shuttle lands beside them on the road. All three enter the shuttle. "Unit headquarters please." Said Lake. Shuttle pilot takes them to unit head quarters. The professor was looking at the new data that was gathered from the space boarder, which the peacekeepers were protecting for the Taelon Empire.

          Lili was given access to information that would help the resistance on her world. David was noticing that professor did not seem her normal self. She had stopped and the papers had fallen to the floor. David goes to pick up the papers. David gives the papers back to the professor. "Are, you alright?" Asked David. "Of course I am fine, "The professor just freezes for some reason she is remembering something she seems unable to remember when it was. The professor could see herself screaming and not knowing why," Sorry about that, a loss of time. I was here then I was some where else." Said the professor and she walked over to the room, which was painted especially of the taelon homeworld. Lena walks up to David. "Do you know what is wrong with the professor? There is something I can't put my finger on it. " Said David. "Oh, I can. I believe, it was something that happened after she was banned from the taelon homeworld. It was a repeat of something when she first lived as a ancient one so long ago. When she greeted me, I held her hand. What her conscious won't tell me, her subconscious told me. The Juridians took her. Bit, by bit, they are taking her. In this form and in her future taelon form. Haven't you noticed the time slips. I have to call in her timelord cousin. He is the only other person other than Da'an who can help. I would ask for Da'an's help but it's getting close to the joining. I don't want to jeopardize anything now." Said Lena. "I will use the old communications device and contact the Doctor. Is there a particular incarnation of his should I contact?" Said David. "The one with the Scottish accent and see if you can him when he had his friend Ace or when his friend Andrew was with him. Any later closer to regeneration you not going to be able to contact him." Said Lena. "I understand the time frame around timelords interfere with contacting them. Should, I also inform Dr. Eurbery Emessary?" Said David. "Yes, she knows more about the professor than I do. There are things even the professor won't tell me. She told me before going to the taelon homeworld, about the time on the taelon homeworld, after it she won't tell. Then 30 years after the after time she told me the rest up and `til now." Said Lena."When we entered my world today, she blushed on the way to the earth conference meeting. The more Da'an follows and begins to remember things the more she blushes into her taelon form. Which is making her venerable to the Juridians and there sound wave attack technology." Said David.

        A side panel of the building opens and the shuttle flies in. Without moving Da'an, Lake and Liam are shimmered into the unit headquarters main room's corridor. Da'an walks into the room when Lena and David are finishing their discussion. "I know they are getting better at it. Soon they will be able to attack Taelons one at a time until they can attack all of them," Lena knows Da'an has entered the room. Any taelon or a timelord didn't give her abilities to her. But the force among the guardians. So many generations ago in Japan. None of the generations of her family was suppose to know who gave them the gift but only Lena does. Lena does not need to turn around to know Da'an is in the room. Many years around the light footed professor has taught her that," Come, in Da'an." Said Lena who turned around. "How did you know I was in the room?" Asked Da'an. "There are more things important than in the universe or on earth. My gift was not given by Ma'el or timelords. I know things about you and the Taelons that the professor will never tell me. I know things about the professor that she won't tell anyone not even David her friend for over 20 years." Said Lena. Da'an walks up closer to Lena with Lake going off to see the professor and Liam sits down. "Do you disapprove what we are doing here or what we have done?" Asked Da'an. "No, you were meant to come to earth. Not as early as you did. I'm sorry I don't know where that came from. But the professor knows more than I do. I am a mere vessel. At least the generations to come will evolve into something better." Said Lena. This chilled both Da'an and Liam. Liam more so as what the professor says has merits to it.

         Da'an felt a part of himself was near to this room. The professor was in the taelon homeworld inspired room. The room was full of light as lake walked into the room and quickly closed it. Lake put her hand on the shoulder of the professor, which had turned into light.
The professor returns to her current timelord form and gently grabs lake's hand. Lake sits next to the professor. "Something is coming for me again. This time I may not able to come back. I escaped the first time." Said the professor who had fear in her voice for the first time. "Who's coming after you? I know it's not the guardians for sure." Said Lake. "I am no longer sure. You know I don't have a room like this in my dimension." Said the professor.


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